Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 746


Veronica sipped some tea and popped a piece of the dessert into her mouth. She pretended she had
no idea what they were talking about. The snack she picked up was pink and petal-shaped. It was soft,
sweet, and delicious. Huh. They make good desserts.

“Hayley must have told you a lot, Miss Murphy. You should know no good will come from making an
enemy out of me. I can give you two options.” Liam translated everything.

Veronica stayed silent for a moment to play along with them. She didn’t want them to know she
understood what they were talking about. “Tell me.”

“One, if you want to stay, then you’ll have to work with me. I can give you glory and fortune. Two, I’ll
pay you to leave. You’re set for life with that kind of money.” Tanya was a smart woman. If this was
something money could settle, she would be generous about the amount.

“Another tempting offer. So, how much are you paying?” Veronica sat up straighter and stared straight
at Tanya in anticipation.

“Forty-three million.” Tanya raised four fingers and made an offer she deemed was generous.

Veronica stopped shoving the dessert into her mouth, and she blinked. “Forty-three million?”

Amused, she looked at Hendrey. “Did you tell her about my husband’s net worth? Forty-million is
pocket change for me.” How stupid must she think I am to make that offer?

Hendrey held his forehead in frustration and said to Tanya in the clan language, “Remember her
husband, Matthew? His net worth is more than ten billion. Forty-three million is an insult.”

“If she’s already that rich, then there’s no reason to take the money. She wants to leave the clan safely.
That’s her priority,” Tanya rebutted darkly, but she had a point.

Hendrey mused over it and turned his attention to Veronica. “Things aren’t as simple as they look,
Veronica. Sending you away is the best offer she can make. You have two kids, and they can’t lose

He was speaking to her heart in hopes of convincing her.

But Veronica just kept eating the desserts and even licked her lips. For a moment, she looked like she
was mocking them. Once she was done eating her dessert, she continued, “How much did she pay you
for this?”

“A lot, and I won’t deny it, but you know we’re friends. I’ve never tried to hurt you, and leaving this place
is good for you. You overestimate the Elrods. They’re no match for the leader. You have no idea what’s
going to happen to them,” he explained patiently.

He spoke in Trilas. Liam knew what Hendrey was talking about, but he didn’t translate it for his mother.
Hurriedly, Tanya asked, “What are they talking about?”

“Hendrey’s convincing her to leave,” he answered curtly.

“150 million on top of my original offer. Best deal. Leave, and I’ll make sure your departure is a safe
one.” Compared to the potential chaos that would happen in the clan, 150 million was nothing. Tanya
leaned back and looked at Veronica coldly. “Stay, and you’ll lose more than you gain.”

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