Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 748

Treating Her

Veronica was still in the tea shop. She leaned on the back of her chair and looked outside the window
silently. It was not the time to leave, for she was waiting for someone.

“Since you’re here, I figured I should tell you that Xavier and his team are going to arrive tomorrow.”
Hendrey told her what he knew. “I assume Zac will be here too?”

Since Xavier would be coming, then so would Antheena. Zac had been eyeing the hidden clan’s
resources for a long time, and Veronica believed he would come as well. “Yes, along with Troy,” he

“Things are gonna get rowdy.” A smile curled her lips, and she chuckled. “You killed Matthew last time,
so who’s gonna die this time? Me?” She slowly turned around and stared at Hendrey.

He had no idea how to answer that question, and his face fell. His eyes glinted with guilt, and he hung
his head low. The cup of tea in his hand was the only thing assuaging his guilt. “I still hope you’ll work
with Tanya. At least she can keep you safe.”

“Or it could be wishful thinking on your side.” Then someone kicked the door open.

It slammed into the wall, stirring up a gust of wind. Veronica and Hendrey looked at the door, and it was
none other than Mateo standing outside. He directed his fierce glare at Hendrey. “You shouldn’t have
taken her away.”

It was unusual to see the soft-spoken Mateo so enraged. At least Veronica had never seen him act so
angry. He’s interesting.

Veronica wasn’t surprised he showed up. She had been waiting for him. It was a test to see how fast
they could find her after she went missing.

“She’s a grownup. She can go wherever she wants.” Hendrey stood up and adjusted his glasses out of

Mateo stepped into the room and looked at Veronica for a moment, and then he narrowed his eyes at
Hendrey. “Stay away from her, or I will beat you up.”

Hendrey was only three years older than Mateo, and his cool and collected demeanor made Mateo
look like an impetuous boy. Veronica wasn’t averse to that kind of personality, however.

“Your rash attitude isn’t a good trait.” Hendrey was smiling, but there was scorn and disdain in his eyes.

“You have no right to criticize me. She’s on our side now, and you’re a threat to her. Stay away.”

Just then, someone opened the door again, and it creaked. Everyone turned around only to see Liam
standing outside.

Liam looked at Mateo and ignored him. Then, he approached Veronica and lied, “I believe this is our
first meeting, Miss Murphy, but I think we can be good friends. May I treat you to dinner?”

Hendrey and Mateo were surprised and flabbergasted.

Veronica was surprised for a moment as well, but she resumed her usual self quickly.

“What do you want with her, Liam?” Mateo changed the subject, but he was talking in hidden clan

“None of your business, kid. The adults are talking here.” Liam cocked his eyebrow arrogantly.

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