Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 753

Short Conversation with Iron Pillar

“Hey, where are you going?” Seeing him run away, Destiny was red with anger as she pointed at his
back while yelling, “And I thought you were reliable! Turns out you’re just a money-grubber.”

“Who doesn’t need money in this economy? There’s nothing wrong with loving money either. It’s
precisely people like him who know exactly what they want. In other words, as long as they’re paid well,
they can even give their life away for Veronica.”

Problems that can be solved by money aren’t problems, Crayson believed. “You’re right. What you say
makes sense.” After thinking about it, it does seem reasonable. Therefore, Destiny nodded in

Meanwhile, Matthew sprinted after Veronica below the mountain while waving the five thousand in cash
in his hand, explaining everything that had just happened.

When she heard everything, she burst out laughing while holding her stomach. “Hahahahaha… Oh,
my, Iron Pillar. Are you trying to make me laugh to death? I can almost imagine how angry Destiny
must’ve looked.”

She wanted to address him by the familiar nickname, Matt, but when the word lingered at the tip of her
tongue, she forced it back. Caution is the parent of safety. No matter the circumstances, I must be
careful to avoid anyone eavesdropping on us.

Seeing Veronica laugh so heartily, Matthew also curved his lips into a smile. Only the heavens know
how much I want to hold her hand at this moment, but… I can’t, and I’m afraid to do it.

“She was indeed quite pissed.” That was undeniable.

While raising her hand to cover her lips, Veronica was still in a fit of laughter as she turned to look at
Matthew and asked, “Why have I never discovered that you were so talented in acting and disguise?
How many secrets are you still hiding?”

“Do you want to know?”

“Yes, very much.”

“Sure. I’ll tell you everything once we leave the hidden clan.”

“We will definitely leave here very soon.”

At first, Veronica was not very confident when she said that. Right after she finished, she stopped in her
tracks and turned to face Matthew while looking at him with worry in her watery eyes. “It’s… It’s harmful
to your skin if you keep your makeup on for too long.”

Due to the special occasion, his makeup was created to be long-lasting, and taking it off would be a
hassle, which was why the makeup on his face became harmful to his skin.

“Don’t worry about it. Drew made it extremely breathable for me, so it doesn’t harm my skin.”

Although Skyler created all the makeup products Matthew used, they only helped in reducing the harm
on his skin and did not decrease the level of damage to zero percent. That was something Veronica
knew very well.

On the other hand, Matthew only said that in hopes that she would not feel bad for him.

“Let’s go…”

As she looked into his eyes with deep affection, a complicated emotion filled her clear eyes. As much
as she wanted to throw herself into his arms, she had to suppress her urge. She remembered

everything he had done for her.

Withdrawing her gaze, she looked down at the stairs to avoid his eyes. It was then she felt a soreness
in her nose and a warm feeling in her eyes as she went silent for a while.

“It feels good to be able to openly stay by your side.” Matthew played with the five thousand he
received from Crayson while looking into the distance, exclaiming sentimentally.

“Crayson gave these to you to buy clothes. Let’s do that now. I think the hidden clan’s traditional outfit
fits you well.”

The hidden clan’s traditional outfits were more conservative, so even the men’s summer clothing had
bracelet sleeves, which greatly covered their figures.

Since Matthew had put on makeup and changed his appearance, there was no way to hide the scars
on his body still. Therefore, it would be better if he changed into the hidden clan’s clothing.

“Let’s go. I do enjoy going shopping with my wifey.”

Since the road before them was empty, he boldly called her ‘wifey’.

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