Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 755

It’s All a Trick

While standing outside the office, Jayden and Shawn were frustrated and angry, but they could only
force themselves to endure the feeling because of Skyler and Shirley’s relationship.

Shawn raised his fist, wanting to knock on the door, but he was stopped by Jayden. “Let’s not bother
her anymore. What if we make her mad? She might get President Robins to acquire our company. We
won’t have anything left by then.”

“Fine. We’ll go with your idea.” Shawn’s face was as dark as storm clouds. However, he could not voice
his anger, so he left with Jayden.

The next morning, Shirley dialed Garrick’s number at 9.30AM sharp. Tut— Tut— Tut—

After a few rings, he answered the call. “President Brennan, good morning.” “Morning,” he calmly
responded to her greeting. “Did I bother you by calling so early in the morning?”

Back when she invited Garrick to have a tour of the company, both of them agreed that the date would
be today, which was why Shirley had prepared to call him at 9.30AM.

“I finished all my work.”

“Really? That’s great.”

It was not hard to hear the happiness in her voice. She continued, “Do you have any spare time to visit
our company for a tour today?”

“About that… I might not be able to make it today.” Garrick’s tone sounded hesitant.

However, Shirley merely brushed it off as his guilt for standing her up. As much as she felt resigned,
she had already mentally prepared herself for this answer and could only smile. “Since you’re not
available today, how about—”

“I’m really sorry,” he interrupted her. “There’s something wrong with my car, so it’s been sent in for
repair, and the company car is occupied, so… I’m sorry to stand you up.”

“What? Oh…” After being stunned for a moment, she finally regained her composure. “How about I
drive over to pick you up? I just happen to be free since there isn’t much to be done at the company.”

I thought he blew me off deliberately. Turns out he can’t come over because he doesn’t have any

“Would it be inappropriate?”

“No! There’s nothing inappropriate about it. You must be at the company, right? I’ll head over now to
get you.” Once Shirley was done informing Garrick, she hung up and left the company.

Half an hour later, she arrived at Cyberten Holdings and saw Garrick walking out of the company from
a distance, so she descended the car to greet him.

“Hello, President Brennan.” She went up to him.

“Shirley, I’m sorry for the trouble, I—”

While Garrick was talking, the phone in his pocket rang. He fished out his phone and excused himself.
“Excuse me while I take this call.” Then, he turned to the side and answered the call.

“Yes, Dad. I’ll head back now.”

Although Shirley did not know who was on the phone with him, the words he said next resembled a
bucket of cold water being splashed at her.

Turning to face her, Garrick shrugged his shoulders in defeat. “I’m so sorry. There’s something urgent
at home, so I have to leave. Can we have a raincheck for your company’s tour?” The elegant man in
the suit looked guilty and helpless.

“It’s alright. No worries.” Shirley waved her hand but suddenly recalled something. “President Brennan,
since your car is under repair, how about I send you home?”

With the respect and protection of her client in mind, she was respectful toward him because she
desperately needed someone’s support.

Garrick frowned as he scanned around. “Why isn’t there a cab at this hour?”

“Why do you need to hail one? I can send you there. Come on, President Brennan.” Shirley walked
toward her car and pulled the back door open before gesturing for him to get in.

“That’s…” Garrick shook his head in embarrassment and hooked his lips. “Too much trouble for you.”

“No worries, President Brennan. We’re friends.”

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