Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 763

A Gathering

Veronica knew Crayson was afraid he could not keep her under control, but he knew even better that
she was uncontrollable.

Besides him, Destiny was also sitting on the couch. The two watched Veronica slowly disappear at the
end of the stairs and looked at each other, feeling frustrated.

“Mr. Crayson, are we being too lenient on her?” While tidying her bangs, Destiny sighed. “After
tomorrow, the hidden clan will gradually become livelier, and if she continues behaving this way, she’s
no different from a horse that escaped its reins.”

By then, keeping Veronica under control will be an exceptionally difficult task. “Sigh…”

Picking up the tobacco pipe, Crayson pinched out some tobacco from a pouch and packed it inside the
pipe before lighting it and taking a puff. Since he had been smoking like this all his life, it became an
etched habit in his bones. Veronica has always been very assertive since she was young, so how can
she easily yield to others?

“Her matters don’t concern you. What you should be concerned with is Mateo. Don’t let him cause any
more trouble.” He switched the topic.

Seeing that Crayson did not want to talk about Veronica, Destiny stayed out of it.

That night, Matthew appeared in Veronica’s bedroom like always. The couple enjoyed a pleasurable
and affectionate round of copulation. Though groans and pants sounded inside the room, they
deliberately suppressed their voices to avoid being overheard.

After they were done, Veronica lay in Matthew’s embrace. “Matt, Zac, and the others will be coming to
the hidden clan tomorrow. W-What would happen if they found out about your identity?”

After all, he that touches pitch shall be defiled. No matter how well Matthew disguises himself, the truth
cannot be contained for long, and he will soon be discovered.

He turned to his side and hugged her waist while gently patting her back with his fingers. “There are
two more months till the coronation for the new head of the hidden clan. Even if they don’t discover my
identity now, I would still have to reveal myself then. It’s just a matter of time, and it doesn’t affect my
plan too much.”

“Two months is neither a long nor short time. We can’t be sure that there won’t be any accidents.”

“Silly girl, so what if they found out about me? I don’t want to show up before you in my current
appearance either. What if you find me ugly and decide to throw yourself into another man’s arms?
What will I do then?”

“Pfft… What kind of joke is that?”

Matthew had succeeded in making Veronica laugh.

Suddenly, she thought of something and asked, “By the way, have you seen the future head of the clan
since you came here?” The future head of the clan was Tanya’s daughter.

“Of course. She looks pretty but not as charming as my wifey.”

“Tsk! Just praise her if you want to. Why drag me into this? I won’t feel jealous.”

“Is that true?”

“Of course.”

“But I feel jealous because you don’t seem to care about me, so what should I do? Not only am I
jealous, but I’m also hungry…” Then, Matthew cupped the back of her head and leaned in for another


This time, it began gently and gradually became crazier until Veronica was lost in his deep breaths.

The following day.

Although the hidden clan looked flourishing and peaceful on the surface, there was chaos underneath.
Zac, Troy, Xavier, Antheena, and the others had quietly entered the borders of the hidden clan today
and settled down quickly.

Meanwhile, Veronica had been focusing on learning the hidden clan dialect and was not paying
attention to what was going on beyond her study. She buried herself in the classics until she received
an invitation from Liam one day.

“Hello, Goddess Veronica, what have you been busy with?” His unorthodox tone came from the other
side of the phone call.

While looking at the thick book before her that had its pages filled with vocabulary, Veronica felt her
hands were sore from all her writing, and her mind was buzzing. Shaking her hands, she then leaned
against her chair and looked outside, half-heartedly answering, “Is there something you need, Young
Master Liam?”

“Haha… Nothing much. It just so happens that Tiffany has arrived at the hidden clan, so as the host of
this land, I have planned and arranged a bonfire gathering. Come over and have some fun.” He
enthusiastically invited her.

Tiffany? Veronica could tell that Tiffany and Liam had met each other. At first, she wanted to refuse but
still nodded and agreed in the end. “Sure. When is it?”

Since they were bound to meet each other, there was no use in escaping it. Moreover, meeting them
could let her know more about the hidden clan’s latest movements, so it was advantageous.

“It’s tonight. Do you want me to pick you up?”

“Sure.” Veronica did not act pretentious and directly agreed to Liam’s offer.

Given her awkward situation, she should not be meeting with Liam, but she was born a rebel. The more
Crayson and the others wanted to control her, the more she wanted to go against them because… she
had her plans. Matthew said that I should trust no one but myself. So, I choose to head into the tiger’s

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