Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 767

Roni Is a Vixen

Hugging Veronica’s waist, Matthew let her sit across his lap and used his fingers to hook her chin while
gently running the pads of his fingers across her skin. He sincerely confessed, “If I reveal my identity,
will I be able to drive away all your secret admirers?”

“Hey, don’t say that as if you don’t have any.” His words amused her.

However, she could not deny that the way Matthew behaved when he was jealous made him look
inexplicably cute and… a tiny bit pitiful.

“Don’t change the subject.” He pinched her chin a little harder with a trace of punishment in them.

“Gosh, Matt. What were you thinking?”

Meanwhile, Veronica was amused by the jealous Matthew. She wrapped her arms around his neck
before angling her head to lean against his collarbones, rubbing her face against him. “I only have you
in my heart. I don’t care if it’s Liam or Mateo, even if a hundred naked men were standing before me,
nobody compares to my charming husband.”

“Are you for real?”

“Of course, I am.”

While straightening her body, she repeatedly nodded at him. She looked into his eyes and felt the
concern he had for her on his worried face. Feeling distressed, she leaned in and took the initiative to
kiss him. However, the moment she started the kiss, they could not stop.

With his large hand cupping the back of her head, Matthew gently bit and sucked on her lips, getting a
good taste of her sweet and soft lips. As if he had taken a drug, he sank into the kiss in one fell swoop.

It was not until both of them were breathing heavily that Veronica patted Matthew’s chest, wanting him
to let go. However, he would not let go of her, so she could only let him kiss her unrestrainedly while
muttering incoherently, “Matt, stop it. Someone might see us.”

The man’s excitement and biological reaction had exposed his thoughts, but she was embarrassed and
nervously looked around, afraid that he might lose control of his emotions and do something that would
get them discovered by others.

“No, we won’t. There’s rarely anyone who comes here. Also, the people around here listen to me,” he
replied in his deep, hoarse voice while shutting his eyes and leaning his forehead against hers.

Now, Veronica had no reason to reject him even if she wanted to, but…

“I… Matt, I’m scared.”

“Silly girl, don’t be scared. I’m here.”

“That’s precisely why I’m scared. I’m afraid that you’ll get overexcited and we’ll get discovered. I won’t
be able to face the public then.” She was blushing so madly that even the bases of her ears were
slightly rosy.

It was then Matthew abruptly stopped his movements and hugged her close before leaning into her ear
and whispered, “But… I want it.”

That left her speechless. She felt a pang in her heart that was so painful that it felt like her heart was
about to shatter. From the moment my secret identity was revealed until now, Matthew has selflessly
contributed and sacrificed so much for me that I might not be able to return the ‘debts’ I owe him, even
if I have three lifetimes. If I reject his request, which is a reasonable one between a married couple, it

will be too cruel for him. More importantly, I can’t stand seeing him upset. How can I stand to see a
man who is willing to give up his life for me be sad?

“H-How about we make it… quick?” She gently bit her red lips while her snow-white skin appeared rosy
and delicate like a flower.

It was exactly this innocent appearance that tickled his heart like a light feather, arousing his desire so
much that he felt like he was about to explode. “Roni, you’re such a seductive little vixen.”

Matthew, who always had good self-control, was powerless against Veronica.

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