Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 769

Taking Care of Shirley

Splash! Water splattered everywhere and even wet Skyler’s clothes. While hugging the woman’s waist,
he gently tapped on her cheek. “Shir—”

“Huh?” The woman in his arms groaned as her long, curly eyelashes batted before she lazily opened
her eyes. Then, she saw Skyler with her blurry vision and could not help but feel bothered. “How
annoying. You’re even pestering me in my dreams.”

That left him speechless. Damn it! Does she hate me that much?

Skyler had always been someone women sought after, and Shirley’s words were like a huge blow to
him, testing his urge to drop her back into the cold bathtub. However, he felt her skin gradually warming
up and used his hand to touch her forehead. Just as he expected, she had a fever.

Since she was previously soaking in cold water, her skin felt cold, but now that she was out of it, her
skin had become burning hot.

“What do I do with you?”

After bringing Shirley back to her bedroom, Skyler looked around her apartment and found some
medication. Then, he poured her a cup of water and sat on the edge of the bed, ready to feed her the
medication. However, she was feeling dizzy and had her eyes closed, so she would not open her
mouth, which caused him to fall into a difficult situation.

Having no other choice, he pinched her cheeks to force her mouth open and force-fed her the
medication. Later, he thoughtfully helped her cool down.

Filling a wash basin with water, he dipped a towel into it before twisting the towel to get out the excess
water. Subsequently, he removed the blanket on her to wipe her body. However, he felt his throat run

dry when he saw her moist and fair skin, which looked like she had just taken a bath in milk.

“F*ck!” While frowning, he threw the towel right into the wash basin and stormed out of the bedroom.


He closed the bedroom door and stood outside the bathroom door for a while. His fists tightly clenched
by his sides, feeling a wave of desire raging inside him. Picking up his coat, he was about to leave
when he thought about how Shirley still had a fever, so he stayed and accompanied her.

When he returned to the bedroom and saw the passed-out woman in bed, he could only patiently dry
the towel again to help wipe down her body…

“Ahh! What are you doing?”

A sudden scream sounded in the room, and before Skyler could react, he had been kicked off the bed.
Coincidentally, he fell into the wash basin, splattering water everywhere. “Ugh… What the heck!”

At that instant, he swore that this moment was the biggest humiliation in his lifetime.

Shirley, who had awoken, wrapped herself in her covers and stared horrified at him. “Y-Y-You b*stard.
Get out! Scram!”

Since she had taken some fever-reducing medication, she regained consciousness when Skyler was
lifting her covers and touching her body…

She was terrified of him after the incident at Brennan Manor, which was why it triggered her fight-or-
flight response.

At this moment, she could see the towel in his hand and the wash basin under him. It was then that she
realized what had happened…

“Have you gone mad? How could you kick me?” Skyler was in a pathetic state as he rose to his feet
from the wash basin. Looking down at his wet pants, he immediately turned gloomy while tightening his
grip on the towel to the point that his joints were cracking.

“I…” Shirley was so afraid of him that she was trembling and did not dare to look into his eyes. “I don’t
want to see you.”

“This is outrageous. I must have gone bonkers to be worried about you!”

Not having experienced such humiliation like this before, Skyler was so enraged that he threw the towel
onto the floor before leaving with a slam of the door. With a loud bang, the door slammed shut so
harshly that even the window glass panels shook.

As for Shirley, she was so scared that she was trembling and did not even dare to breathe loudly. She
glanced at the towel and wash basin on the floor and suddenly felt that she might have misunderstood

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