Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 771

The Prince Got Mad

“Don’t you get to meet her now? Hahaha…” While Liam stared fixedly at Veronica, his eyes were
shooting out a passionate light. It was a gaze that made Matthew feel especially displeased.

Ignoring Tiffany, Veronica smiled at Liam before approaching Xavier. “It has been a while since we last
met. I wasn’t able to attend you and Antheena’s wedding last time. Is it too late to wish you guys a
happy marriage?”

As she was talking to Xavier, she tilted her head to look at Antheena, who was approaching them from
behind, and a smile appeared on her red lips.

Antheena did not reject her sincere gaze and wishes, nor did she think Veronica was fake. That was
because she was clear that Veronica only had eyes for Matthew. Even if Xavier could not forget his
feelings for Veronica, his feelings were only one-sided. However, her jealousy was deeply rooted inside
her, which made it difficult to ignore.

Approaching her husband’s side, Antheena held his arm while affectionately saying, “Thank you.”

Neither of them mentioned the matter of being assassinated at Primrose Residence.

“Come on, why are you all standing there? Have a seat. Since we’re all acquaintances, let’s not be too
modest with each other,” Liam urged while instinctively wanting to pull Veronica’s arm and lead her to
sit down.

Still, no matter how quick he was, how could he compare to Matthew?

Quickly moving forward, Matthew pulled her to the side so quickly that Liam, who was looking in front,
did not notice that she was gone. Therefore, he reached and grabbed Matthew’s wrist instead.

At first, Liam thought that Veronica would struggle to break free once he grabbed ‘her’ wrist, according
to her personality. However, it had been quite a while, yet ‘she’ had not responded.

Feeling a little giddy, he even used the pad of his fingers to gently caress ‘her’ skin. He thought that
since Veronica looked as beautiful as a flower and had skin as fair as snow, her skin must feel delicate
and smooth like a peeled egg. Yet, who would have thought that not only was ‘her’ skin not smooth, it
even felt like a man’s skin?

Just as Liam was feeling confused, he discovered that the others were looking at him with strange
looks and quirky smiles.

Stunned, he turned his head to look over and found himself holding a big, burly man, whose face was
dirty with a big mole… You? Iron Pillar?!

“Prince Liam, your interests are indeed quite special.”

Since Veronica was trying so hard to hold back her laughter, she felt she was about to injure herself

Liam was Tracy’s youngest son, so he was indeed a young prince. Though Veronica could address him
as ‘Young Master Liam’ outside the palace, she had to address him as ‘Prince Liam’ within the vicinity.

“Pfft!” Zac’s eyes lit up as he burst out laughing while looking at Liam with a meaningful gaze.

“Scram!” The embarrassed Liam glared at Matthew with sharp eyes, wanting to strangle him to death.
“Who said you could come in here? Go away!”

Instead, Matthew lowered his head and stayed silent, trying his best to hide his existence. Since
everyone at the scene was people whom he was well-acquainted with, he would inevitably expose
himself if he spoke.

“He’s with me. Since he’s not welcomed here, we’ll leave.” When Veronica saw the man she loved
being humiliated, she naturally stood up and protected him. She looked at Matthew and added, “Iron
Pillar, since Prince Liam doesn’t welcome us, let’s leave.”

“Yes, Miss Veronica.” He complied with her and turned around, wanting to leave.

“I only asked him to move to the side. Don’t tell me you’re planning to let a mere bodyguard sit?” With a
darkened expression, Liam felt defeated and complained.

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