Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 770

Meeting Them Again

Back at the hidden clan, Liam arrived at the foot of the mountain and called Veronica, which
successfully woke her up from her slumber in Matthew’s embrace.

She picked up her phone and looked at the flashing chain of numbers and recognized it as Liam’s
phone number. They had just switched to a new phone yesterday, so besides him, no one else knew
her contact number.

After answering the call, she glanced at Matthew and put it on speaker. “Hello?”

“Miss Murphy, where are you?” he asked.

Veronica observed her surroundings and still had no idea where she was, so she answered,
“Something urgent came up, so I left home. Just send me the location of the place, and I’ll head over to
find you.”

Having come all the way here to pick her up but missed her, Liam was displeased, but he did not show
it and merely smiled. “Sure. I’ll send you the location.”

“Great. It’s settled then.”

After hanging up, she lazily leaned into Matthew’s embrace while wrapping her arms around his waist,
squinting her eyes. “They’ve all arrived. Is there going to be a huge change in the hidden clan?”

“We’ll act according to the situation. There’s nothing to be scared about,” he comforted her.

Although his words sounded reassuring, Veronica still felt a little restless.

Following that, the two tidied up their appearance before starting the car and heading toward the
location Liam had sent.

When they arrived at their destination, it was already half an hour after Liam’s call. It was now 6.30PM
and the sun was setting.

The place Liam had chosen for this campfire party was a lawn outside the hidden clan palace. There
was a mountain and creek on the north side of the lawn, which created a beautiful scene. As it was
almost dark, fireflies twinkled among the green grass, dazzling the air under the campfire’s light.

When they headed inside, they were stopped by two soldiers outside the palace and were only let in
after Veronica revealed her identity.

Right after entering the place, she saw Liam coming over to welcome her. “Hahaha. Miss Murphy, you
finally made it.” While greeting her, he glanced at the rustically clothed bodyguard behind her and could
not help but roll his eyes.

“My apologies. Something came up, so I’m a little late,” Veronica politely replied with a slight nod.

“It’s alright. Come on, let’s head over to the others.”

Smiling brightly, Liam led her to the spot beside the campfire and announced, “Everyone, come and
have a look at the distinguished guest I brought over.”

The few that were sitting beside the campfire gazed over. When they saw her, they each had different
expressions and thoughts.


The most excited of the bunch was, of course, Xavier. When he saw her, he immediately sprang to his
feet and walked over to ask concernedly, “I didn’t expect the distinguished guest Prince Liam invited to
be you. It’s been a while since we last met. How are you doing?” He completely neglected Antheena
and did not even notice her grim gaze that was filled with jealousy.

“Hey, isn’t this Veronica, my younger sister? What a coincidence meeting you here,” Tiffany spoke up
with a faint smile.

Meanwhile, Zac rose to his feet and walked over with his arms intertwined across his chest. “We’ve met

Hendrey also stood up and looked at her. Though he did not utter a word, his gaze was filled with
mixed emotions.

As for Troy, who was beside Zac, his expression remained as cold as ever while he silently stood to the
side. However, his dark eyes glanced at the man behind Veronica.

“Liam, you’re so mean. How can you invite Veronica without telling me?” Tiffany bit her red lips while
gently nudging Liam’s body with hers, voicing out her dissatisfaction.

Even though Tiffany and Veronica were twins, Liam could feel that Tiffany was overly frivolous, which
did not evoke his urge to conquer her.

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