Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 775

Matthew Is Madly Jealous

“Yes, Prince Dominik.” The servant walked up to Tiffany. “Miss Larson, please come with me.”

The disheveled Tiffany was worried that others would discover that she peed her pants, so she hastily
left with the servant.

“You’re Veronica?” Eleanor Ledger walked up to Veronica and gave her a curious once over.

The Haians had prominent and distinctive facial features with thick eyebrows and big sparkly eyes.
Eleanor’s facial features were especially eye-catching. She had the stunning beauty of an exotic

Eleanor asked the question in English, but Veronica heard Eleanor and Dominik talking fluently with
Zac in Chinese, and she couldn’t help admiring Tanya, who had raised her children well.

Her three children were each proficient in at least three languages, and even the most untalented child,
Liam, was proficient in eight languages. Veronica deduced that she should never underestimate their
family’s capability. In fact, Tanya’s children were so outstanding that she quickly assumed that Tanya’s
subordinates were competent. Considering all these factors, could Hayley and Waylen even win in a
fight against Tanya?

“Yes.” Veronica nodded and donned a diplomatic smile.

“I know you. You are Hayley’s daughter. So, you want to steal the position of the clan’s leader from me,
don’t you?” Eleanor tilted her head slightly and quipped with a smile, but her eyes never left Victoria.
Her voice was crisp and pleasant to the ears, but her remarks made everyone’s expression change into
one of uneasiness.

Even Veronica, who was not easily shocked, was flabbergasted as well.

Everyone present knew that she was Hayley’s daughter, but no one would bring it up. Moreover, she
couldn’t tell if Eleanor was oblivious or feigning ignorance by airing that out in the open.

Or perhaps she wanted to intimidate her in public.

As though they were cued, everyone swiftly turned their gazes at Veronica with complicated
expressions on their faces. Some were observing the scene calmly; some were waiting to see whether
one would embarrass themselves, while others looked on worriedly.

“You should ask Hayley about this. She should be able to give you an accurate answer,” Veronica
replied calmly.

“Haha! Relax. I’m just asking off the top of my head. My mother has been the leader of the clan for
years. If you guys can steal it away from her easily, it will only mean that she is incapable of being a
leader.” She chuckled airily, and there was a hint of naivety in her laughter.

Her bizarre actions made Veronica blink at her dazedly.

“Come on. Please sit. My brother’s friends are also my friends. We don’t stand on ceremony here. Do
enjoy yourself.” Eleanor sat at the empty table across them, where the servants had already prepared
tableware, food, and wine.

Then, she raised her glass and stood up. “It’s my pleasure to know you all. Let me give you a toast.
Please tell me more about the outside world.”

“You’re too humble, Princess Eleanor.”

“You have such a delightful and bubbly personality. I have always loved to be friends with girls like you.”

“Please visit Castron when you’re free. I’ll show you around.”

“Princess Eleanor, you’re so funny and gorgeous.”

“I’ll give you a toast too.”

Veronica left Liam’s table. She went to the table where Tiffany had just sat and had the servants bring
two new sets of tableware over as she settled in with Matthew.

As they mingled, Matthew leaned in close to Veronica and whispered, “Eleanor is not as innocent as
she seems. Be careful.”

Veronica took a sip of wine and murmured under her breath, “You shouldn’t have fought with Hendrey.
What if your identity was exposed?”

“Don’t worry. If I could, I would like to expose my identity today, or else—” someone will steal my wife

He was frustrated enough with Mateo’s presence. Then, to make matters even worse, he was forced to
endure Xavier and Hendrey’s presence.

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