Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 773

So Scared She Peed Her Pants

After all, Tiffany only existed because of Veronica’s genes. Of course, she could be considered a clone.
Still, if there were studies on whether clones would like the original copy, Veronica was confident that
people would pay good money to confirm that there wasn’t an instant bond and that clones are entirely
different individuals. Nevertheless, Tiffany didn’t appreciate Veronica’s involvement in giving her a
chance to live; it was quite the opposite, in fact.

“Veronica! H-How dare you! You have the cheek to kill me in the royal palace of the Hidden Clan! This
is blatant contempt to the head of the clan!” Tiffany held her left hand, which was trembling in pain as
the fork was still stabbed clean through her palm. Crimson blood flowed down the fork, and her pale
face twisted into a painful grimace.

Resentment surged in her heart, and she raised her head to glare daggers at Veronica. She
desperately wanted to lunge at Veronica, cut her open, and drain her blood to dispel the hatred
festering within her. Unfortunately, they were at the Hidden Clan, and she had to be on her best

“You’re about to die, yet you still care about the location of your death.” Veronica grinned sinisterly.
“But… at least you will die knowing where you’ll be buried.”

With that, Veronica advanced on Tiffany…

The atmosphere suddenly turned intense and hostile. Xavier, Antheena, Zac, Liam, Troy, and the rest
watched their fight from the ramparts. Although Zac had a secret alliance with Tiffany, he could not
blatantly take sides to avoid suspicion.

“Over my dead body.” Hendrey stood in front of Tiffany and guarded her.

Veronica stared at the man before her. His face was as gentle and elegant as usual, and this face
overlapped with the one she remembered from several years ago. Everything seemed to have
remained the same, yet everything seemed to have changed.

She curled her lips into a mirthless smile and defiantly said, “Then, over your head, be it.”

As she spoke, she leaned down slightly and clutched another fork on the low table while she attacked
him with a powerful kick…

Hendrey didn’t expect her to attack him. Still, he had to protect Tiffany even though he felt that she
deserved it for offending Veronica. So, he nimbly sidestepped Veronica’s attack and retreated hastily as
she lunged at his face with the fork in her hand. Then, Veronica abruptly turned her stance and took the
opportunity to switch her target to Tiffany.

“Argh! Hendrey, help me!” Tiffany howled in terror. Although she had practiced martial arts when she
disappeared, her skills were nothing compared to Veronica’s. They weren’t even close in terms of skills.
It also didn’t help matters that she was injured, so she couldn’t respond fast enough to counter
Veronica’s attack.

Liam lounged on his seat and watched Veronica while sipping on his wine languidly. He couldn’t help
but feel that she was full of surprises. He had always had a preference for women who were
outstanding regardless of their physical appearance. So, his attraction for Veronica was merely a
shallow thing. It mainly was derided from his sexual needs as a man.

“Look, Sebastian. She does love her dead husband, after all,” Antheena leaned over and whispered to
Xavier while enjoying the fight. She wanted to hammer in the fact that Veronica loved Matthew from the
moon and back. That way, Xavier would know that he would never have a chance to win Veronica’s
heart, even if Matthew was dead!

“Tiffany deserves everything that’s coming for her!” Xavier finished the remaining half glass of wine in
one gulp, heavily slammed the glass on the table, and wanted to get up to deal with Hendrey. However,
at this moment, Iron Pillar had already stepped forward before him and charged at Hendrey.

Frankly, Matthew was far more skilled than Hendrey, but to hide his identity, he deliberately slowed his
response and tried to look as clumsy as possible. Nonetheless, he still succeeded in holding Hendrey
at bay.

Veronica was touched when she saw Matthew lending her a hand. Then, she glared coldly at Tiffany
and spun the fork skillfully around her fingers. “You reap what you sow, Tiffany. I have given you plenty
of chances.”

“V-Veronica, you can’t kill me. We’re at the Hidden Clan. Y-You can’t kill me!”

Tiffany was so terrified that her face was stark white. She clambered backward in fear as she
stammered, “H-Hendrey, help me! She’s going to kill me!” Regrettably, despite her desperate cries,
Hendrey was busy with Iron Pillar, so he couldn’t step in to protect her.

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