Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 776

Confession, Busted

Matthew was not worried about Liam since the man only coveted Veronica for her beauty, but Mateo,
Xavier, and Hendrey were different. They sincerely adored Veronica, which had placed him under
tremendous pressure. Therefore, he truly wanted to expose his identity so he could be with her openly.

Veronica knew the implication behind his words, although he didn’t finish his sentence. She shook her
head with a weak smile.

Zac sat right next to Eleanor as he vividly illustrated Castron’s beauty and prosperity while Eleanor
listened with gusto.

“I need to use the restroom,” Veronica said to Liam, who was staring at her and promptly left.

That was a rather flimsy excuse. She actually wanted to take a breather at the hillside. As she stood
alone on the hillside, she felt the evening breeze blowing on her skin and looked up at the starry night
sky. The fireflies embellished the breathtaking night view, which made for an extraordinarily beautiful
yet serene picture.

“Are you thinking of him?” A male voice suddenly sounded behind her. She turned around and found
that it was Xavier.

She relaxed her tense shoulders and shook her head in denial. Xavier was obviously referring to the
“deceased” Matthew. Veronica felt a little suffocated inside as she stood on the hillside and gazed at
the bustling city.

“You shouldn’t have brought Antheena here.” The Hidden Clan was in dire straits now, and danger
lurked at every corner.

Xavier shoved his hands in the pockets of his light gray jeans, stood beside her, and looked into the
distance. Then, he sighed. “He’s not here. Who else would protect you if I didn’t come?”

The evening breeze was quite chilly, but his words were filled with endless warmth wrapped around
her. She couldn’t deny that she felt touched by his care for her.

Immediately afterward, she felt a lump in her throat as she felt genuinely sorry for Xavier. He despised
Matthew. So, would he also hate her for the deception if he knew that Matthew was still alive?

“Will you hate me if you learned that I have been lying to you all along?” She couldn’t resist the need to
know and finally asked him the question that had been plaguing her for a while.

“No, I won’t,” Xavier answered resolutely.

“Why didn’t you ask me what the lie was?”

“I trust you. You wouldn’t lie to me unless you were forced to do so. Also, you wouldn’t have bothered
to lie.”

“Hah.” Veronica chuckled bitterly. “You’re far too trusting. Aren’t you worried that I would betray you one

He sighed heavily as he crossed his arms around his chest, raised his eyebrows, and smirked. “No,
you’re not that kind of person.”

Veronica pursed her lips. A sudden burst of sorrow surged within her, and she felt terrible for him.

“Actually, Antheena is a nice girl. She dearly loves you. You should cherish her.”

“She’s nice? She wants to kill you! Since you can call your killer a nice girl, doesn’t it mean that you’re
a better person than she will ever be?”

“You’re already married.”

“I can divorce her.”

“But—” Veronica lamented, “It’s not fair to her.”

“I’ll find a way to make up for it.” Then, in Xavier’s annoyance, he took out a cigarette from its case, lit
it, and took a deep drag. The cigarette flashed like a starburst in the darkness and flickered like a red

“Roni, d-do I still have a chance?”

He was confessing his feelings to her, but she didn’t answer him. He laughed bitterly. “I know you’re out
of my league. Although you have been married and have two kids, you’re the future Young Lord of the
Hidden Clan and wealthy. Meanwhile, I have nothing.”

The gap between the two of them was vast.

“You’re humble. Actually, you’re very nice.” Veronica didn’t want to hear him belittling himself.

“I’m nice? So, do I have a chance to be with you?”


Veronica tilted her head to look at Xavier. Suddenly, she spotted a man standing not far away from her
peripheral vision. It was a familiar figure. Although he stood in the shadows and remained silent, she
knew who he was.

Xavier sensed her wandering mind, so he turned around and took a peek.

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