Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 777


“The bodyguard Crayson assigned to you is quite skilled. The people around you are all talented and
powerful,” Xavier said with a sigh. Initially, he was unaware of Veronica’s identity, but he was not
surprised at all after learning about it because her temperament and aura had always been so
distinctive. That was what caught his eye in the first place.

“It’s not like I asked for it.” Veronica withdrew her gaze and sighed faintly. She wanted an ordinary and
simple life, but it seemed that fate had other plans.

She looked up at the sky and gazed at the shining stars. The frogs were croaking gently as though they
were singing under the moonlight. For a moment, it seemed as if she had gone back to the summer of
her childhood, where she would rest her head on Daniella’s knees, and Daniella would fan her with a
bushel fan. Back then, she would lie on her back as she looked up at the sky and count the stars.

“I can help you if you want to leave,” Xavier inched closer to her, lowered his voice, and whispered.

He was a man of his word, and she never doubted him. The problem was that the nicer he was to her,
the more regretful she felt.

It was especially so when Matthew was still alive and standing not far away from them. What would
happen if Xavier knew the truth? She couldn’t even imagine how furious he would be.

“Antheena is a nice woman. Don’t break her heart.” Veronica changed the subject and turned around.
“Let’s go. We’ve left for too long, and they might start gossiping about us if we don’t return soon.”

She walked straight to Matthew. Although it was dark, she could sense his intense glare, making her
feel awkward.

The three returned to the bonfire and took their seats. The crowd drank and chatted about everything,
but no one mentioned anything about the succession of the clan.

Therefore, the atmosphere remained cordial and harmonious. It also helped that everyone gradually
relaxed the more they drank.

All of a sudden, Liam rose to his feet, walked to Veronica with a glass of wine, and waved his hand at
Matthew, signaling him to stand aside. However, Matthew ignored him and continued to drink with his
head down.

“Miss Veronica, tell your bodyguard to get out of the way. He’s so annoying.” Liam pouted in

Veronica twitched her lips slightly and looked at Matthew. “Uh… Can you move aside a little?”

She couldn’t help but feel sheepish as she spoke. That feeling worsened when she met his cold and
profound eyes. Still, he frowned slightly as he rose to his feet reluctantly, walked to the vacant table at
the side, and sat there.

“You speak so gently to your bodyguard.” Liam chuckled and made himself comfortable in Matthew’s
original seat. “I heard that you could drink, so I wanted to have a couple of drinks with you.”

“Thank you for the compliment, Prince Liam, but you’ve misheard. I can’t hold my liquor.”

“My mom told me pretty women always lie, and you’re no exception. Haha! So, cheers!”

Liam clinked glasses with Veronica. Thus, she had no choice but to drink with him.

“Wonderful! Haha! I’ll pour you another.” Liam picked up the wine bottle only to find it empty. Hence, he
waved at the servant nearby. “Hey, bring a few more bottles of wine over.”

“Yes, Prince Liam.” The servant immediately acquiesced and did as he was instructed.

“So, Liam, it seems Veronica has caught your fancy, huh?” Eleanor teased him and said to Veronica,
“Fair warning, Liam is a playboy. He will date whomever he takes a fancy to as long as she is pretty.
Watch out for that.” She exposed Liam without a single shred of pity.

“Eleanor, how could you say that? Is this how you treat your brother? I’m hurt.” He shot her a glare.

The crowd was a little confused as they listened in on their conversation. Finally, Antheena couldn’t
help piping up with a smile, “Actually, which of you is older? Prince Liam, Princess Eleanor is supposed
to be your elder sister, right? But you seem to speak quite casually with her.”

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