Novel Name : Crystal's One Night of Love

Chapter 314 Alfred And Melora 2

Never in Melora’s wildest dreams did she know she’d run into Alfred again soon, and in such an
awkward situation too.

The next day, Melora enjoyed coffee with a companion in a cafe located on the first floor of a luxurious
five-star hotel.

Her closest friend, Lynette Leitz, sat across from her. “Are you okay now? Why would you take three
sleeping pills for a b*stard like him?” she asked worriedly.

Melora responded quietly, “I had no clue he used to date Crystal. He’s truly a deceitful man. Whenever
I think about how he lied to her for years, I get the urge to stab him to death.”

She sniffled and added, “Fortunately, Crystal didn’t lose her virginity to him!”

Lynette burst out laughing in anger.

Is she a fool?

They were engrossed in their conversation, completely unaware that a few well-dressed individuals
were seated at a table just two away from them. Among them were Alfred, Leslie, and several of their

Leslie was the first to discover them.

He lowered his voice and reported, “Mr. Lodge, that’s the daughter of the Miller family.”

Alfred sipped on his coffee nonchalantly.

He had spotted her earlier and had overheard the conversation between the young women, which
made him realize Melora was quite naive.

Alfred was a busy man, and women would often flock to him.

He hadn’t planned on talking to her and made to stand up. At once, his subordinates rose to their feet


Without warning, a handsome man appeared out of nowhere and gripped Melora’s wrist.

It was none other than Robert.

When his affair became public knowledge, Melora steadfastly ignored his calls and chose not to
entertain his explanations.

She even took pills, and he only got to meet her today.

Melora flung his hand away and frowned. “That hurts!”

Robert wanted to win her back.

His mistress might be compliant, but he was merely using her to have fun. Melora, with her influential
background and innocence, remained his ideal wife.

He adopted a more humble stance. “Can we talk?”

Lynette burst out, “What’s left to discuss? You do have a mistress, don’t you? Now that it’s out in the
open, do you expect Melora to simply forgive you since she’s a good-tempered person?”

Even though they were in a high-end cafe, Lynette gave him the middle finger.

Alfred had been on the verge of departing, but he decided to stay and observe the unfolding scene,
finding it interesting. He even commented to Leslie, “Take a look at the younger generation these


Leslie, skilled in the art of flattering his employer, quickly feigned offense upon hearing the comment.
“You’re only in your early forties. You’re still quite youthful!”

Alfred merely flashed a smile.

Right then, a physical confrontation broke out, likely stemming from their disagreement.

Melora was fine, but her bag had fallen to the ground from the chair, causing its contents to be strewn
across the floor.

Among the items scattered on the floor were approximately eight lipsticks and a collection of charming
accessories, including a cute lamb keychain.

Most importantly, there was a small milk bottle.

The atmosphere instantly grew a little awkward.

Alfred was pretty surprised.

He was aware that Melora was two years older than Crystal, so it was surprising to see her carrying a
milk bottle and cute accessories with her.

Is she still drinking milk?

Leslie had the privilege of witnessing the faint smile that appeared on Alfred’s lips, an unusual
occurrence. It was evident that Alfred found the situation quite amusing.

Tears had welled up in Melora’s eyes.

Feeling humiliated, she bit her lip and declared, “Robert, our engagement has been called. off!”

Robert was about to protest when Alfred spoke up. “Pick up her stuff for her!”

Her milk bottle couldn’t be seen by everyone else.

Leslie agreed cheerfully and began gathering Melora’s belongings, carefully placing them back inside
her bag before zipping it shut.

Melora stared at Alfred, clearly surprised to see him there.

Even Lynette couldn’t help but gawk at him. Who is this? He’s so handsome and has a temperament
unlike others! Despite his fair skin and gentlemanly looks, he is giving off an intimidating vibe.

A long silence later, Melora greeted, “Mr. Alfred!”

Alfred remained seated in his chair, initially reluctant to rise.

However, when she addressed him as “Mr. Alfred,” he inexplicably stood up and approached her. She
raised her head, looking at him with eyes filled with tears.

She looked like a lost puppy waiting to be collected.

Alfred had the urge to pat her head, but he tamped down that feeling and asked calmly, “Feeling well
enough to be up and about today, are we?”

A faint noise escaped Melora’s throat as she continued gazing at him.

Lynette was about to faint from excitement. This man might be handsome, but please control yourself,
Melora. Be more dignified!

However, Alfred didn’t mind her staring.

It had been a long time since he last saw someone gazing at him innocently, like a little rabbit.

She looked like one, too.

Despite her height, she possessed stunning curves.

When their eyes locked, Robert couldn’t bear it any longer. He could feel the intimidating presence
exuding from the man. He demanded, “Who is he? Is he your new lover? Melora, didn’t you try to kill
yourself because of your feelings for me?”

Clearly, he felt resentful.

Robert was an arrogant man. When he dated Melora, he always held the upper hand,

knowing that she was deeply in love with him. Consequently, when news of his affair became. public,
he didn’t consider it a significant issue.

He assumed he could simply end things with his mistress and persuade Melora to return to him.

He had no inkling that one day, she would look at another man with such infatuation.

Yes, indeed. It was infatuation.

Alfred paid Robert no heed. To him, Robert was just like Joshua.

Raising his hand, he ordered calmly, “Bring this man out!”

Robert was stunned.

Immediately, a group of eight imposing bodyguards approached them. They were clad in professional
attire, complete with wireless earpieces. The leader addressed Robert politely, “Mr. Lodge requests that
you depart.”

Mr. Lodge?

Robert couldn’t figure out who Alfred was, but he found the latter quite familiar.

Nonetheless, he was a tactful individual. He patted his suit jacket and said to Melora, “We’ll have our
conversation another time!”

Melora averted her gaze.

She had no intention of speaking to him. There was nothing left to discuss, as she had made up her
mind to move on and forget about him.

The corner of her eyes turned red.

After all, he used to be the man she loved.

Alfred noticed her eyes turning red, though he merely smiled and got ready to leave.

Suddenly, someone tugged at his shirt.

It was Melora, staring at him earnestly as she spoke softly. “Mr. Alfred, I need to talk to you. Can I treat
you to a meal?”

Alfred frowned slightly.

He wasn’t actually free as he had to meet a few people a while later.

Yet, perhaps he had been alone for too long, for he didn’t decline the charming young lady’s invitation.
“Let’s go,” he said to her before leaving the cafe.

His subordinates went after him. He might be wearing casual clothes, and with his fair skin, he looked
like a gentleman. However, it was obvious he was a big shot.

Melora grabbed her bag and hurried after him.

Lynette immediately pulled her back. “Are you nuts? How dare you get involved with. someone like

Melora licked her lips. “He’s Crystal’s uncle. Don’t you know Alfred Lodge from Coldbridge? He often
appears in the news.”

She took off like lightning after saying that.

Lynette was dumbstruck.

Mr. Lodge? He’s a major player in the southern region, overseeing the most cutting-edge technology in
the country. He’s a prominent figure even among prominent figures! I can’t believe I had the chance to
see him today!

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