Novel Name : Blind Date Turned Proposal

Chapter 774 Did We Have Sex

Morgan called again with another phone. “Josie, you’ll suffer being with either of them.”

Josie took a deep breath. “That’s none of your business.”

Then, she hung up again. This time, Morgan stopped calling.

Laura came into the room and said, “Hey, there’s a call for you?”

Josie became nervous, and her hand trembled slightly. “Who is it?”

“It’s from the hospital.”

Surprised, Josie answered the call to realize it was Andy. “Hi, Ms. Warren.”


“Mr. Carter is hospitalized.”

Josie’s hand trembled more intensely. “Wasn’t he in Rivodia? How did he come back?”

Andy remained silent briefly before saying, “He was badly injured when he returned.”

Thinking of how Arnold was tortured by Wayne in Rivodia, Josie had complicated feelings.

Finally, she asked, “Is he awake? Can you pass the phone him, please?”

“Give it to me.” Arnold’s voice emerged from the other end. After a hissing noise, she heard. Arnold’s
voice. “Stay where you are, and don’t come out. Don’t bother with the rumors.”

Josie was flustered. “Arnold, what exactly happened that day?”

Arnold fell silent momentarily before humming, “I have no idea either.”

Josie’s heart ached when she heard the response. It was embarrassing for her to ask the following
question, but she did. “Did we… have sex?”

There was a moment of silence before Arnold’s voice came forth, which was tinged with a hint of
apology. “Is that what you’re concerned about? Or, you’re concerned about what Dexter thinks?”


“Someone spiked my drink. I nearly lost consciousness, so I’m unsure if we had sex. Are you happy
with this answer?”


Arnold ended the call abruptly.

Josie walked out of Laura’s room and returned the phone to her. Laura poured her a cup of warm
water. “Jo, would you like to sleep for a while more?”

Josie shook her head. Laura uttered, “The rumors out there are very harsh.”

“I know.”

Josie saw some comments from the netizens just now. The incident caused a sensation in the city.
Some said that Dexter had summoned his lawyer and would divorce her soon, while others reckoned
for the sake of the Russell Group’s stock price and to prove their strong husband-wife relationship, they
wouldn’t divorce immediately.

All kinds of rumors were flying.

It was even rumored that this incident had unnerved the entire Russell family.

Sometime later, Arnold contacted Josie again and apologized as soon as the call was connected. “I
shouldn’t have gotten mad at you. I’m sorry. If we indeed had sex, I’ll take the responsibility.”

Josie didn’t answer. Arnold continued, “Dexter is admitted to the hospital.”

Josie was at a loss for words..

Everyone’s body had its limit. After prolonged exhaustion, Dexter had finally fallen sick.

When Josie arrived, Larry was outside the ward. The door was left ajar, so Josie could see

his hand. He seemed to have fallen asleep.

Dexter lying in the bed with a tube.

Larry was distressed to see the couple in such a state. His voice cracked. “Mrs. Russell, please tell me
who that man is.”

Josie retracted her gaze while Larry continued, “Mr. Russell has mobilized all our resources. in Wavery.
The man will suffer a dire consequence once caught.”

Sitting beside the ward bed, Josie carefully observed Dexter’s countenance. His obvious dark. circles
made him look even weaker. She involuntarily reached out her hand to touch his, but before their skin
came into contact, she cautiously pulled her hand back.

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