Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 784

Marry Her

“You’re the Young Lord of the Hidden Clan. You should be happy to see her die. Why—”

Matthew was skeptical of Eleanor’s promise because it didn’t make any sense.

“Haha! That’s because you don’t know me.” She turned around, placed the photo back on the table,
and sat on the table’s edge. “I appreciate talent and competence. However, even if I become the head
of the clan, I will not simply kill someone capable.”

For some reason, Matthew instinctively felt that Eleanor was a woman of her word. Human intuition
was truly amazing yet mystifying.

“Come with me.” Eleanor waved at him. She led him to the bathroom, stood by the sink, and handed
him a potion bottle. “Use this to remove your makeup. It’s very convenient.”

He rolled up his sleeves, took the potion, leaned over, and began to remove his makeup. Eleanor stood
beside him during the whole process and gazed at him with interest and amazement.

Five minutes later, Matthew removed all the makeup on his face and neck, revealing a clear face. His
complexion was slightly tanned, but because he had recently applied thick makeup on his face, the
layers of makeup caused his skin to turn fair.

He took a towel and wiped the water from his face. Then, he turned sideways to face Eleanor. “Are you
happy now?”

When she stood face-to-face with him, she stared at him curiously. A soft light enshrouded him due to
the dim glow in the bathroom, which made his facial features more prominent.

His eyebrows and eyes were sharp and domineering, and his eyelashes were naturally curled and
long. After he removed his contact lenses, his eyes were like a pair of obsidians. He had an aquiline
nose, and his lips were just right. His cheekbones and jaws were well-defined and looked so sharp they
could cut. Frankly, he was an incredibly handsome specimen.

His lips were slightly hooked as if he was born with a natural smile. It softened his cold demeanor and
heightened his gentleness. All in all, his features exuded a certain elegance with a hint of unreachable

Thump! Thump!

Eleanor could feel her heart beating wildly. She stared at Matthew in absolute awe and astonishment,
and it felt as if everything around her at this moment had disappeared, leaving only this man before her.

Because of her status as the Young Lord of the Hidden Clan, she had seen several handsome men
over the years. These men would constantly fawn and flatter her like a litter of puppies begging for

Meanwhile, Matthew gave her the cold shoulder, but he was so charismatic and had a distinguished
face. His appearance superimposed the image of Prince Charming in her imagination, which made her
yearn for him to be hers.

“I’m a married man, Young Lord. Please behave yourself,” Matthew reminded her firmly and walked out
of the bathroom.

Eleanor licked her lips and swallowed dryly. She followed him out of the bathroom and touched her
face. It was the first time she became a blushing damsel after seeing an attractive man.

She slowly walked to the desk and sat down. Matthew’s photo was still on the table. “It seems you are
not photogenic.” The image of him was handsome, but he was even more outstanding in person. He
possessed a certain quality that one couldn’t describe with words.

“That’s not important.”

“No? Okay, let’s talk about Veronica. Why do you love her so dearly?” Eleanor was genuinely curious.

He casually shoved his hands in his trouser pockets, stood in front of her, and intoned deeply,
“Curiosity killed a cat. Princess Eleanor, please don’t pry into businesses that aren’t yours.”

“Fair enough.” She nodded, leaned back on the wicker chair, propped her elbow on the armrest, and
cupped her chin. “Your trip to the Hidden Clan is dangerous and risky. Do you want to consider
marrying me? Then, I can appoint you as my official husband and ensure that Veronica can leave this
place alive.”

Although men and women were equal in the Hidden Clan, women still held more power and influence
here. Besides, to produce more heirs, the royal family of the Hidden Clan allowed polyandry marriages.

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