Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 786

False Evidence

“How dare you? You committed a crime in our palace and poisoned my brother.” Dominik held the
coffee cup with his slender fingers, and his tone was so calm and light that Tiffany couldn’t figure out
his emotions. However, the domineering aura exuding from his body made her fear him.

“Please forgive me, Prince Dominik! I’m innocent. Please forgive me. As long as you pardon me, I-I’ll
tell you all of Prince Zac’s plans.”

During the evening bonfire feast, she happened to see a servant sending wine over after she had tidied
herself up, so she asked to whom

the wine was sent, and the servant answered it was to Liam.

So, she walked to the venue with the servant. Then, she saw Liam and Veronica standing side by side,
so she deliberately tripped the servant, and as the servant was about to fall, she grabbed the wine
bottle steadily and poured the drug she was carrying into the wine bottle.

Her original plan was to cause Liam to become hers using the drug, but she never thought that
Veronica would ruin her scheme yet again.

Nevertheless, Liam was too slow and clumsy to even rip Veronica’s clothes apart. Tiffany was
frustrated that her plan to humiliate Veronica failed, and she secretly harbored frustrations at Liam for
being so useless.

“Oh? Zac’s plan?” Dominik’s eyes gleamed with a dangerous light as he was intrigued by the topic.

“Prince Dominik, i-if I tell you his plan, h-he will kill me. P-Please…”

Tiffany was a good actress. She knelt on the ground and sobbed pitifully. Plus, it helped that she was a
gorgeous woman. Therefore, hardly any man could resist seeing her sorrowful expression. Regardless,
Dominik had always been of a keen mind, so he knew what she was implying.

“Okay. If you tell me Zac’s plan, I’ll forgive you and keep this conversation a secret.” As far as he was
concerned, Tiffany was a nobody, but she had some value if she could expose Zac’s plan to save

“R-Really?” Tiffany was thrilled, but she didn’t show it outwardly. She knew that he wanted to know all
about Zac’s plan. She also knew Dominik would come to her later to extract more information once she
told him helpful information. Besides, she had ample opportunity to hook up with him when they
exchanged information. Compared with Liam, Dominik was the better choice.

“I’m a man of my word.”

“Thank you, Prince Dominik.” She bowed as a teardrop rolled down her cheek. “Zac came here

Two hours later, everyone was summoned to the main hall. Eleanor and Dominik sat on the main seat,
which was in the main hall’s upper region. The rest sat on the chairs in the two rows of the hall. Since it
was already rather late, the servants served tea to the guests.

Since Tanya was present today, Eleanor was the acting regent of this meeting, and Dominik was her

“We’re sorry for the inconvenience.” Dominik rose to his feet and announced, “I’ve investigated the
matter clearly. It’s a misunderstanding, to say the least. Liam is sick, so he took traditional medicine

today, and the lamb he ate tonight had several spices. The Cleistogenes in the spices superimposed
the effect of the medicine and produced an aphrodisiac effect, which was why he acted that way toward
Miss Veronica. I’ve also sent my men to bring Liam’s medicine over. A traditional doctor will explain the
matter in detail.”

Soon, a servant brought over a pile of herbal residue, and an old doctor entered the hall. He fiddled
with the herbal residue, retrieved some herbs, then showed everyone the roasted lamb recipe and
pointed to the seasoning spice. Next, he searched for the content in the medical book and explained
the situation to everyone present.

“So, this is what has occurred. Please return and consult the doctor yourself if you have any doubts or
confusion.” With that, the old doctor respectfully bowed to Dominik and Eleanor before departing.

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