Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 789

She Has No Choice

“I don’t know what she is up to, but she’s sly. You’d better be careful and watch out.” Matthew didn’t
want to go into detail about what happened in the royal palace, lest she should worry. “I’ll send you
back, so you can get some rest.”

“Okay.” The exhausted Veronica nodded and leaned against the car seat as she fell silent. The spiked
wine drained her of her strength and was tortuous to her as well. Although she had taken the antidote,
her body had consumed the drug, so she felt fatigued.

As soon as they returned to their current home and walked into the courtyard, a person suddenly
scurried towards them.

“Roni, what’s going on? What took you so long? What did you do?” Mateo was worried sick as he had
waited for them all night. Then, he pointed to the living room and whispered, “Grandpa is worried about
you guys too, and he has been waiting for you.”

It was already 11.30PM, according to the Hidden Clan’s time, which was very late.

“Nothing happened. I just had a lot of fun, so I forgot the time,” Veronica blurted an excuse off the top of
her head. Frankly, she didn’t want to talk about tonight’s events.

“Oh…” Mateo’s youthful face was tinged with a sense of disappointment when he heard this.
Regardless, he quickly turned his head and glared at Matthew. “Iron Pillar, return my money!”

“Money?” Matthew feigned ignorance. “What money?”

“You promised to let me go today, but I couldn’t make it. So, the agreement is null and void, so you
have to give me back my money!” Actually, it had nothing to do with money. Mateo just refused to allow

Iron Pillar to have the longer end of the stick. After all, he was genuinely upset that he couldn’t join
today’s festivities.

“I tried my best, but Miss insisted that I go. If you want your money back, you should get it from her.”

With that, Matthew turned to Veronica and winked at her before walking to the living room. She stood in
place and discretely bit down on her bottom lip in amusement. Nevertheless, she couldn’t express it so
as not to upset Mateo further.

“Ahem… I’m tired. I need to go to bed now. We’ll talk about this tomorrow.”

“What? No… The night’s still young.” Mateo tugged at Veronica’s sleeve piteously. “I’ll buy you a drink.
Tell me what you did today.” He was truly curious.

“Get your *ss over here, little brat!” Suddenly, Crayson yelled as Veronica still hadn’t entered the

“You heard him. I have to get going.” She shrugged her shoulders helplessly and entered the living
room, utterly disregarding Mateo’s disappointment.

To her surprise, Crayson and Destiny were not the only ones in the living room but also… Hayley. Why
is she here?

Matthew stood beside the sofa with his head down, looking exactly like a servant who had made a
mistake and was waiting for punishment. Veronica was genuinely impressed by his acting skill. It’s a
shame that he never thought about becoming an actor.

Veronica suppressed her amusement as she sauntered over. Then, she glanced coldly at Hayley and
asked flatly, without even greeting her, “Just say whatever you want to say. I’m tired and want to sleep.”

She had no intention of telling them what had occurred today.

Crayson frowned in displeasure. He glanced at Hayley and then snapped at Veronica, “Brat! Your
mother came all this way to see you. She waited all night.”

“Oh,” she responded indifferently. There was a bland sort of disdain in her demeanor. “What’s the
matter, Madam Hayley?” she asked in a faux earnest manner.

Her aloof tone indicated that she was wholly disgusted by their actions. Since she wouldn’t have come
to the Hidden Clan had it not been for her status and the fear that they would threaten her with Matthew
or their two children.

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