Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 790

Hayley Is Here Again

The Hidden Clan is a land of crisis. Nonetheless, they are full of benevolence and morality. They
seemed to be magnanimous and wanted to save those in the living hell, which is why they asked me to
return and compete for the position of head of the clan, but they didn’t even bother asking my opinion
about this matter. Veronica narrowed her eyes indifferently.

“I…” Hayley maintained the poise of a noblewoman as she sat on the sofa, looking as graceful and
elegant as ever. Still, there was a look of unconcealed sorrow in her eyes when she gazed at Veronica.
“Master Crayson told me that you went to the palace. I was worried, so I came to check on you.”

“I’m good.” Veronica spread her arms wide in response, and she almost did a little spin before them.
Then, she grumbled, “You can go home now. It’s getting late, and I’m sleepy.”

Others might hint to their guests that they overstayed their welcome, but she didn’t even bother with

“Watch your tongue, little brat!” Crayson’s face sank at her rudeness, and he angrily smacked the
sofa’s armrest. “She’s your mother! How can you treat her like that?!”

“My mother? Oh, I’m sorry. I have too many mothers. I might have forgotten them if you didn’t bring it
up.” Veronica curled her red lips upward and nodded earnestly.

Then, she deliberately corrected her posture, bowed slightly at Hayley, and said respectfully, “Madam
Hayley, thank you for your concern, but I am fine and have returned unharmed. But I’m a little
exhausted because I overindulged earlier. If you have anything to say, we’ll talk about it tomorrow,

This time, she ditched her aloof demeanor and talked pleasantly and gently. Yet, her feigned amicability
merely made them feel frustrated and exasperated.

Destiny was utterly annoyed by Veronica’s attitude as she self-righteously thought that she was an
ungrateful child. Therefore, she reprimanded Veronica harshly, “Hey, behave yourself! Do you know
how the sacrifices Master Crayson and Madam Hayley have made for you over the years?”

Veronica’s smile gradually faded at that reminder. She raised her head slightly, shot a sharp glare at
Destiny, and tilted her chin defiantly. “In your opinion, how should I behave?” These people are so
ridiculous and outrageous.

Veronica had chosen to hold back her anger all this while and tried her best not to get into an argument
with them, especially when it was about Matthew. She knew full well the despicable things Crayson and
Destiny had done, but she chose not to confront them head-on.

But here they were, constantly forcing her to be respectful and considerate to Hayley, saying that it
would be better for her to show Hayley the filial piety she deserved. Frankly, the term ‘tall order’ didn’t
even begin to cover their demands!

“She’s your mother! You—”

The agitated Destiny was about to say something when Hayley waved her off. She was dignified and
gracious as always when she remarked, “It’s okay. Veronica has a hard time accepting me for now. I
can understand that. She’s right. It’s getting late, so I’ll be taking my leave.”

“Madam Hayley, please stay here tonight. It’s quite chaotic these days, so we don’t want any harm to
come to you,” Mateo, who had been silent all this time, suddenly suggested.

“Yes, he’s right. There are so many people eyeing you and finding the right chance to strike. Nothing
can happen to you during this critical moment.” Crayson sighed and added, “Just stay here and make
do for the night.”

This establishment had three stories. Besides, one building was near the front and another in the back.
So, they had plenty of guest rooms available.

“Uh… I don’t think it’s a good idea.” Hayley hesitated, but she looked at Veronica when she spoke as if
seeking her opinion. Veronica ignored her, turned around, and stormed up the stairs without waiting for
their dismissal.

She was not in the mood to act as a loving daughter right now, but these people could dream on!

“Don’t be upset. Veronica is stubborn, but she’s kind and sensible. You guys rarely had time for one
another after she arrived at the Hidden Clan, so it’s going to be hard for her to accept you for the
moment. Please be patient.”

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