Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 810


That said, Eleanor thoughtfully covered up the injuries on his face with concealer before they headed
out, saving the young prince from being ridiculed in public.

“Liam!” Dominik lectured. “No honest job is too lowly to deserve respect. Eleanor has always been
inquisitive about new things and is happy to learn from others. You should learn that from her.”

“I—Hmph!” Liam snorted upsettingly, then flumped back onto the couch as he mocked, “Well, you’re
the big brother. Whatever you say goes.”

“Hahaha, you brothers sure are close. You two remind me of my younger self. My temper was exactly
like Prince Liam’s.” Crayson thought out loud, then said, “You guys chat. I have to get something done
in the study.”

“Please go ahead, Master Waylen,” said Dominik deferentially as he got up, to which Crayson nodded,
then headed upstairs to the study.

Hayley was reading at the desk in the study when she heard the doorknob turning. At that, she looked
up to find Crayson approaching her. “Have they left?”

Crayson closed the door and sighed. “They want to have lunch here, and Eleanor actually made Iron
her cooking teacher. We can’t take the girl lightly.”

“Iron is just an average Joe. For her to reach her hands toward him… No doubt she wants to bribe him
and make him their spy.” Hayley analyzed the situation rationally.

“Now that you put it that way, we should use him well.” The elder, too, devised a few plans for ‘Iron’.

“No rush. Let’s observe first.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Crayson nodded, then added, “They’re eating downstairs, so I’m afraid you’ll have to
stay here all afternoon.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Hayley made nothing of the issue.

Matthew made a table full of Bloomstead’s specialties for lunch with Eleanor’s help.

Crayson, Mateo, Veronica, and the Ledger siblings took their seats at the dining table and got ready to
eat when Eleanor suddenly stood up. “Wait, my master made the lunch himself. He should join us at
the table.”

Oh, how Veronica wished for Matthew to join her at the table, but she had her concerns.

On the one hand, she worried Matthew’s cover would be blown, and on the other, she couldn’t find the
proper excuse to let him join them.

Her overconcern would undoubtedly blow his cover.

Now that Eleanor had made the request, Veronica echoed, “Yes. Princess Eleanor is right.”

“He’s just a cook, so how can he join us?” Liam disapproved, causing Eleanor to shoot a nasty glance
at him. “Are you saying a chef is lowly, Liam? Might I remind you he made everything that’s on this
table? Also, Iron is my master now. I won’t let you disrespect him!”

The princess was rather intimidating when she pulled a stern look and behaved like a true monarch.

At that, Liam quirked his lips and snorted disdainfully, saying no more. It then dawned on Veronica that
Liam had zero say in front of Dominik and Eleanor.

“Master Iron, come. Sit next to me.” With that, Eleanor patted Mateo’s shoulder. “Do you mind
scooching over so Master Iron can sit here?”

Dominik sat on Eleanor’s left, Mateo sat on her right, and Veronica sat right across from her.

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