Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 826

A Married Man

“You…” Mateo intended to say something else but noticed that Veronica had already gone up the
stairs. He lifted a hand and scratched his head before heading directly into Crayson’s bedroom to seek
Crayson’s approval.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Veronica went back into her room and entered the bathroom to freshen herself.
However, Matthew was still nowhere to be seen in her bedroom after coming out of the bathroom. She
couldn’t help muttering, “Is he not coming over today? Whatever. I’ll read before bed.”

She walked past the screen separating the bedroom from the study room and was about to head to her
desk when suddenly, she felt a tug on her elbow. Subsequently, she was taken into a pair of waiting

At that moment, she was hit by a waft of the refreshing scent of body wash. She leaned against the
man’s well-built chest and wrapped her arms around his waist quite naturally. “I thought that you…”

As she lifted her head to speak, she saw an aloof but handsome face in front of her eyes.

Ever since she joined the hidden clan, Matthew had been in full disguise with makeup on. However, he
had removed his makeup right now and revealed his actual looks. It was also the same face that
Veronica missed dearly.

However, Veronica frowned and placed her fingers over his cheeks before gently caressing his supple
face with the tip of her fingers. She couldn’t contain her sympathy as she said, “Your skin is fairer than
before because of the thick layer of makeup you apply every day.”

It was fortunate that his skin condition was great, and even when he applied makeup daily, the pores
on his face were not enlarged. On the contrary, his face appeared fairer than ever, but that was exactly

what pained Veronica.

After all, constantly having makeup on one’s face would ultimately damage their skin. Perhaps there
might not be any issues for the time being, but over time, Matthew’s skin would be affected.

Veronica cupped his face with both hands and lifted her head to look at the man right in front of her.
Her eyes looked misty, and the pain in them shone through.

“Silly girl.”

He revealed a smile on his handsome face and wrapped his arms around her waist. Subsequently, he
said affectionately, “I’m a married man, so I wouldn’t mind as long as you don’t find it hard to accept.”

He spoke gently, and despite the warm, fuzzy feeling that welled up within her, she felt quite awful as
the guilt in her intensified. “Matt, I’m so lucky to have you.”

After saying that, she stood on her tiptoes and shut her eyes gradually before making a move to plant a
kiss on his lips. Naturally, Matthew found her irresistible when she made the first move.

Perhaps her skin felt cool to the touch because she was born with a naturally cooler body temperature.
As for Matthew, he felt something raging inside him, and his skin was warm to the touch. Their lips
touched, and the clash between ice and fire felt like a zap of energy running through them. There was
romance in the air.

Matthew kept one hand tightly around her waist while lifting her bottom with his other hand to carry her.
Next, he turned around and put her on the desk as he plundered ferociously.

“Mmph… N-Not here.” Veronica shoved Matthew back, and she seemed to find it hard to get used to
the current situation. “I don’t care. I want to do it here.” He pressed his forehead against hers, and the
tips of their noses touched slightly as he spoke in a hoarse voice.

Despite the two of them being married and in cohabitation for quite some time now, each time she was
next to him, she couldn’t help feeling her heart race. The sense of excitement and tension she felt was
exactly what she experienced when they became intimate for the first time.

She smiled, feeling resigned. “I can’t talk sense into you, huh?”

“Is that a yes, dear wife?” “What do you think… Mmph…” Veronica wanted to say something, but her
words were smothered by his kiss. After a flurry of movements, the world seemed to spin out of control
for them as they lost themselves in the crazed, passionate moment.

Outside the window, the moon shone brightly, accompanied by an entire night sky filled with stars. The
room was utterly dark, and the only light that came from the moonlight streamed through the window.
The room was filled with a dim silvery light that looked like a thin veil, and it felt quite romantic and

It was late at night when Matthew finally swept her into his arms and helped her into the bathroom to
take a shower. He couldn’t resist her voluptuous figure and had another go due to his unrestrained

Finally, he took her into his arms and led her into bed. At that point, she was exhausted beyond words,
so she leaned back and remained limp in his arms. She looked as meek as a kitten.

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