Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 836

Don’t Worry, I’m Here

Veronica wasn’t in a good mood. She reached up and brushed Matthew away, then circled him to sit on
the rattan chair. She placed her elbow on the handle, then held her hand to her forehead as she said
gravely, “Matt, Crayson might have figured out your identity already.”

When she finished speaking, she looked up at Matthew, her eyes filled with worry. Seeing the gray
clouds over her face, Matthew walked up to her and took her hand. He pulled her up, then proceeded
to sit on the couch so that Veronica could sit on his lap.

“If he doesn’t even have observational skills of that level, it’d be kind of scary,” he said. Veronica sat
sideways on his thighs, frowning in confusion. “To put it simply, if Crayson can’t figure out your identity,
it would mean that his observational skills and alertness are subpar, and he’s probably not fit to bear
important responsibilities?”

“Smart.” The man rubbed the back of her hand with his right hand, then said, “Since he’s supporting
Hayley, he must be more skilled than the average person. It’s only a matter of time before he realizes
my identity, so it’s not a surprise.”

“But now that he’s found out, why hasn’t he exposed you?”

This was the real problem Veronica was troubled about.

“Perhaps he has other intentions, but we don’t know what they are. Of course, the easiest guess is that
he wants Zac, Xavier, and the others to underestimate their enemy. Then, he would work with me to
deal with them, catching them off guard.”

His analysis was logical and well-supported.

His extremely calm reaction humbled Veronica.

She was too invested and involved, and that was why she got too nervous.

After hearing Matthew’s analysis, Veronica instantly relaxed. Like a balloon that had run out of air, she
leaned weakly against his chest, mumbling, “They’re letting Tiffany attend the hunting event this time.
When that happens, Tiffany most probably won’t come out of it alive. Say, Crayson and the others have
raised this pawn for more than 20 years. Will they give up on her so easily?”

The man smiled faintly as he reached up to scratch the skin on her face. “You already know the answer
in your heart, so why would you ask me?”

“Before this, I found out that the hidden clan has another way, which is to seal memories. Crayson and
the others have suggested doing this to Tiffany, but they haven’t done anything like that so far. I don’t
quite understand what they’re thinking. Also, they’re wary of me.”

“You don’t have to overthink it; we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Moreover, the ascension
ceremony of the head of the clan is just around the corner. We just have to wait another month or two
before we can leave.” Matthew comforted Veronica, saying, “Don’t worry, I’m here.”

His words seemed to calm Veronica immediately, and her tense emotions gradually relaxed.

However, in the next second, she remembered their encounter with Zac and what he had said. In an
instant, she straightened up and stared right into Matthew’s eyes. “Do you have a way to contact the
outside world? I want to know how our children are right now.”

Having spent more than 20 days in the hidden clan, she was swamped with work every day. However,
in her spare time, her thoughts were occupied with her two children in Bloomstead, and she feared that
they would get into danger.

“Roni…” With both his hands, Matthew held her hands and gripped them tightly in his grasp as he
gazed at her with a firm look in his eyes. “If something is bound to happen, it will. If you worry too
much, you’ll only panic and lose your cool. Sometimes, you can learn to counter change with

“It’s easy to say…” Veronica made a droopy face, deflated. “But we’re weak and powerless in the
hidden clan. Every enemy we face is strong and powerful, and if we make a single wrong step, we’ll be
falling into the abyss before we know it.”

The tremendous stress was so overwhelming that Veronica felt a little suffocated. Her exhaustion was

She began to doubt herself again, feeling that she was too weak and had no right to be standing next
to Matthew. She felt like she couldn’t shoulder any great responsibility and that she was just dragging
him down.

“Zac wants to meet us at Elysium Hotel tonight, right? We’ll know more when we get there.”

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