Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 839

Xavier’s Rescue

Zac gloated while unbuttoning his shirt. As he took off his clothes, Veronica soon lost the strength to
even scream, overwhelmed and suffocated by disappointment and hopelessness. Not long after Zac
took off his blazer and t-shirt, Veronica suddenly heard a loud thump that sounded like someone
kicking the door. “Matt…”

Veronica tried to get the intruder’s attention, but her voice was so soft that Zac couldn’t even hear her.
When the duo turned their attention to the door, they saw a silhouette in a black t-shirt and a pair of
loose camo trousers. It turned out that Xavier had walked right through the door and was heading
toward the bedroom.

“What brings you here—” Zac was stunned, but before he could finish his sentence, he was greeted by
a powerful right hook into the face from Xavier. “What the f*ck! Are you asking for trouble?!”

Zac, who took a punch in the face, staggered backward and ramped onto the camera and his tripod
stand before he fell onto the ground. On the other hand, Xavier was furious when he saw the camera,
even the veins on his forehead were popping. As he radiated a strong murderous aura, he clenched his
fists like an angry beast. Sensing Xavier’s rage, Zac appeared a little panicky as he had never seen
Xavier like that. “What do you think you’re doing? You’d better stay out of my business, Xavier. Don’t
forget, even your father-in-law has respect for me, so you—”

Before Zac could complete his words, Xavier charged at him and landed a kick on the former’s face as
hard as he could. The next moment, Zac was seen bleeding from his nose as he found himself on the
verge of losing consciousness. Soon, he continued to take a beating from Xavier, who wouldn’t stop
lecturing and cursing him at the same time. Nevertheless, Zac, who was weakened and exhausted by
his injury, was simply too dizzy to hear what Xavier was saying.

Meanwhile, Veronica didn’t expect that it was Xavier who had come to her rescue, wondering what had
brought him to her. Where is Matthew? Why did Xavier come instead of Matthew? Her mind was filled
with questions that she wanted answers to, but to her dismay, she was too weak to even utter a word.

After roughing up Zac, Xavier approached the bed and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Veronica
still clad. “Don’t worry. I’m going to get you out of here.” Although the man acted like a merciless fighter
a few minutes ago, he turned into a tender and sentimental gentleman when talking to Veronica.
Carrying her in his arms, he made his way out of the room.

At the same time, when Xavier turned around, Veronica glimpsed Zac and realized he was knocked
out. At the sight of that, she couldn’t help but worry that Xavier might find himself in trouble.

“I know you’re curious why I showed up,” Xavier added. “I saw you and Iron Pillar when I was strolling
around in the street earlier. So, I decided to follow the two of you out of curiosity, only to see him lured
away by someone else to the backdoor. When I saw him surrounded by several skilled fighters, my
intuition told me that you were probably in danger, which was why I decided to continue following you.”

“Thank you.” Veronica expressed her gratitude. However, she was still barely able to talk as the drug’s
effect had not completely worn off, but that also made her worry about Xavier. After all, she had no idea
what Zac used to drug her, and Xavier was likely exposed to it as well when he arrived in time to save
her. Nevertheless, she was quickly relieved when she recalled the fact that Xavier was only there for a
short period. Besides, he went straight into the bedroom as soon as he opened the door, so she
believed he was likely safe.

“Alright, say no more. You should probably take some rest now. I’m right here, so you’re going to be
fine.” With Veronica in his arms, Xavier took her and left Elysium Hotel. In the meantime, Skyler arrived
and rushed to room 507 less than 30 seconds after they left. On the other hand, Xavier took a cab with
Veronica and took her to a nearby hotel, where he rented a room for her to rest.

Also, he approached a doctor to examine Veronica’s condition, whereupon he made her a cup of tea.
“Here. Take your medication.” He sat her up in bed.

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