Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 840

Just in Time

With Xavier’s help, Veronica was able to sit up straight, but since she was still weak, she could only
lean on the man as the duo’s interaction appeared a little too intimate. Holding Veronica’s medication,
the man carefully fed it to her mouth just when she opened it slowly and took a sip bit by bit.

Having the woman whom he loved right in his arms, Xavier felt the strong temptation to kill Zac for what
he did back there when he saw Veronica’s pitiful look. Somehow, that brought him back to the moment
he kidnapped Veronica because of his selfish possessiveness, but as he had grown wiser and matured
over the years, he recalled the incident in hindsight and felt like hitting himself in the face with the
unforgivable deed he did back then.

Nevertheless, it was precisely the mistake he made out of his impulse that brought him closer to
Veronica, but even so, he couldn’t stop regretting his action. In spite of that, he was grateful that
Crayson made it here in time, or he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself for the rest of his life.

“I’m done.” Despite the unpleasant bitterness, Veronica forced herself to swallow the medicine. After
that, she noticed Xavier’s absent-minded expression and said, “Hey, Xavier.”

Upon snapping out of his trance, Xavier slowly helped Veronica lie back down and placed the empty
spoon on the table. Then, he grabbed a piece of napkin and wiped her mouth. “Have some rest. The
doctor said you’ll be up and around again in no more than ten minutes.”

“Sure,” Veronica responded with an affirmative hum, gazing at Xavier while thanking him gratefully.
“Thank you so much, Xavier.” Having been saved by Xavier twice, Veronica felt indebted to him as she
was overwhelmed with mixed emotions.

“What’s Iron Pillar’s number?” Xavier asked.

Worried that Matthew could get his identity exposed, Veronica was afraid a fight between the two men
would ensue. Thus, she decided not to tell Xavier about Matthew’s number. “Don’t bother calling him.
He’ll be fine.” Although she had only just taken her medication not long ago, she was already feeling a
lot better as she was at least able to speak more clearly.

“Alright.” Xavier didn’t press on with his question. Instead, he grabbed himself a chair and sat right
beside the bed. “Why were you in Zac’s room?”

“I ran into Zac in the palace earlier today. He told me that something had happened to my children and
wanted to meet up with me later, which led me to the point where you found me. I did my best to take
all necessary precautions against him, but I guess I was still no match for his guile.” Although she
thought she would be safe with Matthew around, she didn’t expect him to be lured away by Zac’s men.

Suddenly, Veronica knitted her eyebrows. “Xavier, can you bring me my phone? It’s in my pocket. I’d
like to make a call.” While she had absolutely no doubts about Matthew’s combat skills, she couldn’t
help but wonder what was taking him so long to come to her. Is he in danger or something? Worried
and anxious, she immediately contacted Mateo to request his help in searching for Matthew. As soon
as she finished her words, she heard someone knocking on the door outside the room. At that moment,
her eyes brightened up as she wondered whether it could be Matthew.

“I’ll get the door.” Xavier rose from his seat and stepped outside the bedroom. Is it Iron Pillar? Or could
it be Zac’s men who have come for retaliation? Xavier wondered to himself while approaching the door.
As the knock on the door grew more and more rapidly, he quickly grabbed the door handle and turned
it, only to realize their visitor was none other than Skyler. “What’re you doing here?” Xavier was taken
aback by Skyler’s sudden appearance.

However, Skyler was not in the mood to answer Xavier’s question; he shoved him aside and walked
further into the room. “Where is Roni? Xavier, I’m warning you. If you ever lay a finger on Veronica, I

swear I’m going to make you regret it!”

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