Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 849

Love Confession

“In the middle of the night, I packed my bag, took my dog with me, and left on a ‘runaway trip’.
However, the next day…” Just as Skyler was still talking about his childhood story, he suddenly noticed
that Shirley was falling to the side. When he held onto her, he realized that she was asleep.

She must have been exhausted from staying high alert all night. Thinking about it, Skyler carried her
and gently placed her on the bed. Then, he lay beside her quietly and covered her with the sheets.
Looking at her peaceful expression, he couldn’t help but feel butterflies in his stomach. He tucked her
hair behind her ear and saw the delicate skin beneath it. At that moment, Shirley looked lovely and

Ba-dump! Ba-dump! At that moment, Skyler could feel his heart racing, and he gulped hard. In the end,
he couldn’t suppress his urge anymore and leaned down to kiss her. When his lips touched hers, he
could feel a tint of sweetness, and her lips were as soft as jelly. In that split second, he was captivated
by her.

“Hmm….” While Shirley was asleep, she felt that someone was disturbing her, and she turned her face
to the side, along with her whole body. Then, she snuggled into a comfortable position before
continuing to sleep.

At that moment, Skyler was propping himself with both hands on the bed. While still in that position, he
looked at Shirley, who had her back facing him, and smiled as he shook his head.

“You are crazy, Skyler,” said Skyler to himself as he breathed out. Feeling the rising desire in his lower
abdomen, he headed toward that bathroom and took a cold shower.

As he stood under the shower head, he could feel his burning desire decreasing as the cold water fell
onto his body. After feeling that he was back to normal, he wore his pajamas and lay on the bed by her

side. However, he was in pain since such a beautiful woman was sleeping beside him, and he couldn’t
do anything. After tossing and turning a few times, he scooted toward the end of the bed and tried to
get some sleep.

At that moment, he had distanced himself more than 3 feet away from her on the bed.

As Skyler lay on his sides, his eyes were fixed on Shirley. Then, he couldn’t help but scoot closer to her
and pull her into his embrace.

If you keep scaring her, she will surely run away, Skyler.

Run? Where can she run to if she is unfamiliar with the hidden clan?

No, I have to be a gentleman. I can’t do her dirty!

Why can’t I, though? I had already forced myself into her when we were at Brennan Manor. It wouldn’t
hurt if I did it again. Plus, she was the one who seduced me.


At that moment, Skyler felt as if he was going crazy. He got out of bed and headed toward the living
room. Sitting in the living room, he grabbed a bottle of liquor and started drinking.

Drinking never made a man better, but it made many a man think he was better. Maybe the specialty
wine from the hidden clan was strong since Skyler felt tipsy after having two whole bottles of it. Then,
he decided to rest. When he returned to the room, he saw Shirley and walked toward her. He lay
beside her and wrapped his arms around her, smelling the refreshing scent on her. Then, he flipped her
over and had his hands beside her cheeks. Looking at the woman who had been on his mind for ages,
Skyler couldn’t help but kiss her.

At first, the kiss was light, but then it turned into a passion.

On the other hand, Shirley, who was sound asleep, thought she had a wet dream. Only when she woke
up in realization did she feel something thrust inside her continuously. When Shirley opened her eyes,
she saw Skyler’s handsome face close to her, and he was kissing her.

“Skyler…” Shirley called out to him and tried to push him away. However, Skyler hugged her tightly and
said, “Don’t push me away. N-No…”

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