Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 856

Mateo’s Confession

“Of course, I feel bad for you.” “Here, have more of this.” Veronica placed a hard-boiled egg into
Mateo’s bowl. “Roni’s the best.” Veronica easily brushed Mateo off with just an egg.

Crayson, on the other hand, was having his breakfast solemnly. After finishing his porridge, he asked,
“Have you all heard of Zac’s incident?” He first glanced over at Veronica before looking over at
Matthew, as if he was implying something.

Hearing that, Destiny sighed, “This is a serious matter since Zac is the prince of Castron and Xavier
dared to provoke him. I’m afraid that he is done for.”

At the same time, Veronica lowered her gaze as she had her porridge absent-mindedly before giving a
half-hearted reply, stating, “Yes, I’ve heard about it.”

“The death of Roni’s husband must have something to do with Xavier. Therefore, it serves him right to
be captured.” Mateo, who was unaware of the fact, added, “This is karma.”

“Although we are within the hidden clan’s territory, Zac is the high-born prince of Castron. All of you
better stay away from him and not get yourselves into trouble.” Crayson emphasized his last phrase to
warn and remind them about the severity of the issue.

Matthew was quiet, and Veronica merely nodded after hearing Crayson’s warning. Mateo, who was still
kept in the dark, chuckled mysteriously. “We can just watch from the side and reap the spoils when
both sides suffer. Isn’t that the best?”

“Stop talking nonsense and eat your food!” Crayson glared at him with a piercing gaze. “You’re still
acting frivolously even though you’re an adult.” Everyone around the table kept quiet as they had their

After the servants cleared the table when everyone was done with their meal, Veronica called out to
Matthew, “Iron Pillar. Please accompany me down the mountains to buy something.”

“Roni, let me go with you.” Mateo rushed over to Veronica and added, “Iron Pillar must be busy. It’s
better not to trouble him.”

“I’m not busy.” Matthew’s words had shattered Mateo’s hopes of having some alone time with Veronica.
“Miss Veronica, let’s go.” Matthew walked toward her.

“Please bring me along,” Mateo pleaded. Since he couldn’t get rid of Iron Pillar, he chose to join them
so that he could spend more time with Veronica.

“Alright, let’s go.” She had no choice but to let Mateo tag along.

As they descended the mountain, Matthew was walking next to Veronica, making Mateo upset and
jealous as he thought they had been too close to each other.

“Iron Pillar?” He stretched his hand and pulled him aside. “Can you please move over? I need to speak
to Roni.”

Matthew was displeased about it, but Veronica glared at him before he could say anything. Left with no
choice, he nodded with acknowledgment and took a step back.

“Roni, there’s a theater around here. Would you like to watch a musical?” Mateo suggested as he
walked next to her.

“I’m not into that,” she replied.

“Or we can go watch a movie?” he suggested.

“I don’t like watching movies either,” she answered.

“You don’t like that too? A large-scale concert will be held in two weeks at the neighboring Sloan City.
Would you be interested?”

“How would I be interested when I can’t understand your language?” Veronica replied.

“True that.” Mateo nodded. After giving it some thought, he suggested again, “Why not have a bonfire
party, or let’s go hiking?”

That instant, Veronica suddenly felt cold on her back, and she subconsciously turned around to find
Matthew staring into her soul.

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