Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 857

The Interrupted Confession

It was awkward for Veronica, but she tried to hide it. “Hey, Mateo. Listen, I know how you feel about
me.” As she spoke, she paused to turn around and face him before explaining solemnly, “I need to tell
you that I don’t see you that way.”

The sudden rejection came so unexpectedly that it caught Mateo off guard, and the smile on his face
froze. He looked at Veronica in a daze before replying, “No worries, although you don’t have feelings
for me now, you’ll eventually do. I know your husband just passed away, so you’re not ready to move
on yet. However, I believe that time will heal your heart. You’ll eventually put the relationship behind
you and move on. There’s still plenty of time, and I’m willing to wait for you and grow old with you.”

This time round, before Veronica could come up with a reply, Matthew directly pulled her into his arms
and held her face with his hand before planting a kiss on her lips.

“What the heck!?” Mateo was dumbfounded by what he saw. He was wide-eyed as he stared at the
couple kissing right in front of his eyes.

The next moment, his expression turned grave, and he yelled, “Yo, Iron Pillar! Let go of Roni! She is

As soon as Mateo spoke, he threw a punch at Matthew. Noticing that, Matthew grabbed onto his fist
with one hand and punched his right eye while exclaiming, “I should tell you that she is my wife!”

After they had come to the territory of the hidden clan, many of them seemed interested in Veronica,
and Matthew had been putting up with it. Mateo was so brazen that he announced that Veronica was
his and even claimed that her husband was ‘dead’, which made Matthew feel horrible. He had been
holding it in to conceal his identity, but this time around, he had had enough.

“Ouch!” Mateo fell onto the ground after he took the blow. As he endured the pain, he covered his eyes
with his hand and yelled at Matthew, “Iron Pillar, are you trying to dig your own grave? How dare you
force a kiss on Roni and even hit me!”

Seeing how humiliated Mateo was, Veronica glared at Matthew and grumbled,” What are you doing?”
Matthew ignored her and tightened his grip around her waist to pull her closer.

“Hey, get your hands off her! Don’t touch Roni!” Just then, Mateo got up from the ground and started
grabbing Matthew, but before he could do so, Matthew managed to seize his arm. He tried to wrench
himself free but to no avail.

“W-What are you trying to do?” Mateo was exasperated.

With that, Matthew raised his brows and smirked. “Let me reintroduce myself. I’m Matthew Kings, and
this lady right here is…” He paused while looking at Veronica lovingly. “She is my wife, Veronica

“D-Did you just say that you’re Matthew Kings?” Mateo was wide-eyed, and his jaw dropped as he
froze on the spot after hearing the revelation.

Seeing that, Matthew let go of his arm and pinched Veronica’s cheek. “I was bothered by what I saw.
What can I do?”

At that, the embarrassed Veronica held her forehead and responded, “You’ve acted too rashly. Even
though…” She then looked over at Mateo guiltily while covering half of her face and whispered, “Even
though you can’t stand it anymore, you shouldn’t have hit him.”

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