Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 862

Support from Veronica

When one was in love or had a crush, they would not be able to hide the look in their eyes. As such,
when Veronica and Matthew entered, they sensed something peculiar going on. Presently, Shirley bit
her lower lip as she looked at Veronica. Smiling shyly, she murmured, “Veronica…”

“You are free to love. I’m not going to interfere.” Veronica couldn’t say too much because Skyler was
present. “I-I’d like to state that I have no intention of lying to you. Sky and I are in a trial period to see if
we’re compatible—”

Skyler cut her off in the middle of her explanation. “Nonsense! We’re compatible.” “Roni, Shirley has
been in the hidden clan for two days. Staying in the same room all the time must be boring. Would you
like to take her for a walk?” It was Matthew who made that suggestion.

He needed Veronica’s help to distract Shirley as he talked to Skyler about something vital. Meanwhile,
Veronica cooperated with him.

She took Shirley’s hand as she stated, “Let’s go. I’ll take you out for a walk.”

Shirley giggled and agreed. “Okay. I have been getting bored lately.”

She smiled openly before getting up and leaving the room with Veronica.

When they were in the corridor, Veronica asked, “Why did you suddenly agree to attempt to date him?”


Shirley was hesitant to tell Veronica what happened, as she feared that Veronica would think she was

After some thought, she mumbled, “He confessed his feelings to me. I… I was caught up in the
moment and agreed. However, we agreed to have a trial period to see if we are indeed compatible.”

“Shirley…” Veronica called out, then came to a halt before the other woman. With a solemn attitude,
she stated, “I have no objection to you dating Skyler, but you must exercise caution. I don’t want you to
get hurt, okay?”

Even Veronica couldn’t be sure of Skyler’s character because the man was a Casanova. As such,
Shirley couldn’t possibly know more than Veronica.

Furthermore, the disparity in prestige between the two was too great, not to mention that Sofia would
also get in the way.

In short, the relationship would be nothing but complicated.

“Veronica, I know you’re keeping an eye out for me.”

Shirley then bowed her head and clenched her fists together nervously. She paused for a long time and
looked around to see if anyone was nearby. After ensuring no one else was around, she began, “A-

“Come to my room to talk.”

Veronica took Shirley’s hand and led Shirley upstairs, knowing that she wanted to speak about
something in private.

Shirley sat at the table in front of the window as soon as she entered the room. Veronica then brewed a
cup of tea before sitting across from her. “Go on.”

“It’s a long story. Well… It all started last year when Skyler spent a few days at my place to escape
Sofia. Then…”

Shirley glanced at Veronica from time to time as she spoke, as if she were a child who had made a

“Sofia misunderstood us and struck me. Skyler moved in at the time because he verbally promised me
a hundred thousand in exchange for a favor. But I didn’t expect that afterward…”

Shirley told Veronica everything about herself and Skyler in detail, including being bullied at the Vincere
Games and meeting with Garrick.

Veronica frowned slightly after she patiently listened to Shirley’s statements. “How could you keep so
many secrets from me? However, Skyler was correct. Garrick is Sofia’s brother. Hence, his approach is

Veronica then proceeded to frown and contemplate the problem. “As far as I know, Skyler rarely shows
such affection for a lady. He is overly concerned with your affairs, so… I believe you two can try to be


Shirley’s eyes shone brightly and she was flushed with delight.

She expected Veronica to chastise her, but Veronica had encouraged her instead.

“I’m rooting for you because I know you like him. However, you should be aware that your disparity in
prestige is excessively high. I’m afraid your relationship will not be smooth sailing.”

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