Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 866

Sowing Discord

Only Xavier was calm as he glanced at Veronica, then allowed his gaze to fall on Matthew. The two
exchanged glances for a moment. It was just a glance, but Veronica could already feel the aura of fury
surrounding Xavier.

Zac gradually calmed down and the silence took over the living room once again. Tanya assumed a
queen-like behavior as she questioned, “Xavier, Prince Zac was ambushed last night. Did you do it?”

“My wife and I were sleeping in the hotel all night,” Xavier responded honestly. Antheena nodded at
that. “That’s right.” Last night, she had the time of her life with Xavier and it was the most blissful night
she had experienced.

In the end, she was so exhausted that she drowsily fell asleep. Before dawn even arrived, those people
had shown up to capture them.

Antheena and Xavier were both bewildered through it all, and they finally understood what was going
on when someone mentioned what happened to Zac.

It seemed that calamity could befall anyone even if they were at home. “Antheena, Xavier is your
husband. Your testimony is not solid evidence.” Tanya maintained a just and fair attitude.

“There’s a surveillance camera in the hotel. It can prove that we never left the hotel,” Antheena said

Eleanor spoke up. “The surveillance camera of the hotel was aimed at the main entrance. With Xavier’s
skills, he can scale walls and run on the rooftops, so he could have left the hotel easily.”

Even though Eleanor knew that this incident had nothing to do with Xavier, she still intended to defend
Matthew. To her, getting Xavier to take the blame was the best way.

“Princess Eleanor, do you mean that I have no way to prove myself?” Xavier had a cold look in his eyes
as he spoke each word clearly. “Unless someone else agrees to testify for you,” Eleanor said.

“You’re being unreasonable!” Antheena was so furious that her eyes reddened. “Xavier holds no
grudges against Zac, so why are you attacking him?”

“It’s very simple.” Eleanor lazily leaned against the chair, her body tilting slightly as she placed her
elbow on the handle. Supporting her chin with one hand, she casually lifted the other hand.

Her long and slender finger pointed past everyone at Victoria. “Because… Prince Zac is bad news to
Veronica. Last night at the Elysium Hotel, Zac tried to do something to her. It was Xavier who hurried
there in time, defeated Prince Zac, and left with Veronica in his arms.”

Eleanor was killing two birds with one stone. Firstly, she had exposed Zac’s shameless antics.
Secondly, she had also ruined Veronica’s reputation on purpose. Thirdly, she had sowed discord
between Xavier and Antheena.

After all, it was true that Xavier had beaten Zac at the Elysium Hotel last night. When Zac heard
Eleanor’s words, his expression fell and he turned pale. He felt that Eleanor was causing trouble on

Sadly, he still hadn’t found any evidence. As such, he could only swallow his accusations reluctantly.
Antheena frowned as a look of surprise appeared on her face. She turned around and asked Xavier, “Is
it true?”

“Yes.” Xavier stood upright. He didn’t look listless like a criminal simply because of the cuffs on his
hands and feet. His answer was firm and resolute. Antheena’s heart was broken in that instant.

She couldn’t help but look toward Veronica. She was mad but more than that, she was jealous. What
gives Veronica the right to do that?

Why? Why will Xavier willingly do so much for Veronica?

“See, even Xavier himself has admitted it.” Eleanor continued to pour salt on the wound. “Even though
it is true that you have married Xavier, everyone knows that he likes Veronica. Veronica fell into the
prince’s trap and that triggered Xavier, so that was why he acted that way.

There’s enough evidence now, so how are you going to deny it any further?” She sighed before she
prompted, “Antheena, you don’t have to be so sad about it. Xavier knew Veronica early on and they
were truly quite close to each other. I think they’re just friends, though. Don’t think too much about it.”

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