Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 873

Honey Trap

“So!” Veronica abruptly raised her voice and went on, “Don’t suggest such things to me again.” She
was aware that the hidden clan had a more open-minded culture. Hence, she was able to not take
Eleanor’s words to heart.

If someone from the country heard that, Eleanor would definitely be labeled as a flirt based solely on
her words. Hey, I’m just kidding! Don’t take it seriously!”

Sensing that Veronica seemed to be offended, Eleanor quickly smiled sweetly and changed the subject
of the conversation. “I didn’t know you well previously, and it was only later that I learned that you are
highly skilled! When are you available for us to have a match and learn from each other?”

Eleanor knew that knowing the enemy well would help her survive future battles. And she could only
know Veronica’s true abilities by competing with her.

With that, Eleanor’s winning chances in their future confrontations would greatly increase. To that,
Veronica merely replied humbly, “They’re all fancy moves, Princess Eleanor, and are not worthy of your

Half an hour later, they arrived at One Piece Restaurant. While Matthew showed Eleanor around,
Skyler and Shirley walked out. Veronica then introduced them both to Eleanor, and they all casually
chatted for a while.

“Birds of a feather flock together, as the saying goes, and I’m seeing it in real life right now. Indeed,
friends of a handsome man are also attractive,” Eleanor complimented Skyler without hesitation. “Your
girlfriend is also lovely, like a sweet little lady.”

Her compliments made Shirley blush while remaining silent. In response, Skyler said friendly, “I’ve
heard your name for a long time, Princess Eleanor, and today I finally get to meet you in person. You
are indeed stunning.”

“You have such a way with words, Mr. Robins.” Eleanor curved her lips slightly, cast a casual glance at
Matthew, and continued, “How nice if my master was like you.”

Matthew, on the other hand, simply held Veronica’s hand in his and did not even take a look at Eleanor.
Seeing that, Skyler looked at both of them profoundly and did not say anything else.

They then walked around One Piece Restaurant for a while before heading to the attic on the highest
floor, where they sat and drank tea while enjoying the breeze.

As Eleanor stood by the window, looking out at the hidden clan’s huge city, the smile on her face
gradually faded. Her hands were on the railings, and she looked afar, appearing as if burdened by

Matthew can open his One Piece Restaurant at the hidden clan’s place in such a short period and at a
perfect location in the city. This shows that his abilities and financial resources are not to be
underestimated. It would be terrifying to be his foe.

At this point, Shirley and Veronica walked out as well. They stood on the balcony, enjoying their
peaceful night while basking in the warm breeze and overlooking the bustling city.

Meanwhile, Skyler was sitting right next to Matthew in the room. He patted Matthew on the shoulder
and said in a hushed tone, “Matt, it seems like you are still as charming as ever! Princess Eleanor is
drawn to you even when you have only recently arrived at the hidden clan. She is indeed beautiful,
enchanting yet not flirtatious; what good fortune you have!”

Matthew was sipping his tea and simply cast a cold glance at Skyler. “You can court her if you are
interested. If you succeed, the entire hidden clan will be yours.”

“Well, I am not the person she likes!” Skyler then stood in front of Matthew and said, his tone even
lower this time, “Since she likes you so much, why don’t you consider using a honey trap? Any
problems can be solved quickly once you infiltrate the enemy. I’m sure Roni will accept it for the sake of
the situation as a whole.”

Then, he spread out his hands, saying, “When that happens, you will have the best of both worlds: the
beauty and the hidden clan’s kingdom. Isn’t that perfect, Matt?”

If given serious thought, Skyler’s half-kidding suggestion was undeniably a good strategy.

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