Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 877

Underground Palace

The following night, Tiffany, who was under house arrest, was lying on the bed. As her gaze landed on
the medicine on the nightstand, resentment gradually replaced the tears that brimmed in her eyes.

She clenched her fair hands together as her body shook in anger. “Veronica Murphy, I’ll kill you! I really
will!” Every bad thing that happened to Tiffany started with Veronica. As such, she could only feel
satisfied once Veronica was dead.

That night, Tiffany tossed and turned on her bed but couldn’t fall asleep. Pictures of the ways to kill
Veronica were running through her mind. The whole night, she kept wondering about the quickest and
most effective way to kill someone.

As she went over the plan in her mind, a hint of fragrance reached her. The next second, her head
grew heavy and she finally fell asleep. She had no idea what happened after she passed out.

After a long time, Tiffany stirred awake. As her eyes fluttered open, she was met with the sight of
Crayson and Mateo. “W-What are you doing here?”

A little alarmed by their presence, she struggled to get up from the bed. It was only then that she
realized her limbs were bound tightly and she could not move an inch.

She was frightened. She scanned her surroundings involuntarily, only to find herself in a massive
underground palace.

Even though the lights around them illuminated the place, she couldn’t see any walls around her other
than a few pillars that served the purpose of supporting the dome.

The lights surrounding her came from the ancient bronze figures. The figures were each holding a pole,
whereby a lantern hung at the tip of it.

The mix of ancient and modern art added to the mystery of the underground palace.

And it was this very mystery that unnerved her from time to time.

“Hey, I’m talking to you. Why did you kidnap me?”

Tiffany shot the question at Crayson. However, he only cast an indifferent glance at her before
returning to the discussion. He was talking to Mateo in the hidden tongue as they fiddled with the pots
on the table. However, Tiffany couldn’t understand a word they were saying.

Before this, she used a translating device to understand the language. As such, she couldn’t
understand a thing without the device right now.

It was a terrible feeling and the helplessness was driving her crazy.

“Master Crayson, you better let me go, or else that man will come after you!” She tried to struggle out of
her constraints, but it was futile. “And there are Floch and Rachel. They will not let you off the hook!”

The mention of Floch and Rachel caught Crayson’s attention as he paused the discussion. He turned
around to look at the woman, and his glassy eyes were filled with an icy look as he growled, “Is that
so? They should come after me, then. At least it saves me a trip to go looking for them.”

The couple used to address him as ‘Mr. Crayson’ in the past. However, Tiffany had turned the former
mentor and students against each other.

Even though Crayson resented her to his bones, he didn’t bother to pay her any attention.

“A-Are you not afraid of them? What about Dawson? Aren’t you wary of him?” Tiffany told him the
identity of the mysterious person behind all this.

However, she had no idea about Dawson’s true identity. It was just that she had once stumbled upon
Hendrey and Xavier’s conversation. The two mentioned Dawson at that time, and she had a feeling
that there was more going on with Dawson.

After that, she once asked Hendrey about Dawson, but Hendrey refused to tell her anything.

As such, Tiffany guessed that Dawson was the person pulling the strings, but she wasn’t a hundred
percent sure about it.

At this critical moment, she had no choice but to use Dawson’s name to intimidate Crayson in hopes
that it would work.

“I’m also expecting him.” Crayson sneered, not visibly affected by her words. Instead, a look of disdain
crossed his face.

At that moment, someone pushed the thick door open and it made a creaking sound as if the gears
started rotating again after being in disuse for years.

Tiffany couldn’t move in her restraints, so she could only lift her head and look in the direction of the
entrance. What she saw was a group of people from the hidden clan who were wearing black clothes
with blue accents and black headscarves.

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