Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 879

I Should Go A Little Harder

Veronica had assumed the worst-case scenario and she didn’t want Matthew to risk his life for her.
Pinching her fair cheek, Matthew teased, “Just look on the bright side, alright? What is it? Do you have
doubts about what I’m capable of?”

“I believe in you, but there are also people who are even more capable than you. We have no idea how
Master Crayson and the others sealed Tiffany’s memory. All we can do is wait and see for ourselves
during the hunting ceremony. It’s only then that we can see her in person and learn what the hidden
clan is capable of doing with their secret skill.”

Veronica was worried about their current situation. “Matt, I’m homesick. I miss my parents and our
children. And I miss Twilight Condominium too.”

Her real home was Bloomstead. All her family was in Bloomstead while she was forced to be in the
hidden clan. She spent every day in fear and it was utterly exhausting.

“You need to get some rest. I promise we’ll be leaving this place within one month. You can treat this
period as a vacation. After all, we’re bound to go home.”

Matthew then pinned her to the bed and looked down at her before pressing a kiss onto her lips. “Roni,
I missed you.”

The kiss was chaste at first, but it brought a magical effect on easing her worries. Veronica eventually
gave in to Matthew’s kiss, which turned passionate as their lips connected.

She reciprocated the kiss with abandon and her worries faded away as their bodies aligned. The pair
were always committed to every task on their hands. They would devote themselves to it, even if it was
only lovemaking.

And it was their way of committing to their love for each other. Veronica woke up early the next
morning. Matthew hadn’t left last night. Instead, he stayed with her all night.

It was the first time she woke up to him lying next to her since they came to the hidden clan. As her
bleary eyes fluttered open, she was met by the man’s handsome face, which had the familiar features
she had been longing for.

“When did you remove the make-up? Why did you stay? What if they came back and found you?” Even
though she was urging him to go, her behavior suggested otherwise as she wrapped her arms around
his waist and stealthily pecked him on the lips.

Propping his elbow on the pillow, Matthew rested his head on his palm as he watched the woman in his
arms. He took his time to enjoy the beautiful morning and their married life.

He would never expect her to initiate a kiss as soon as she woke up.

A faint smile ghosted his face, but his black eyes were burning with lust.

Wrapping his slender arms around her waist, he leaned forward and kissed her back. He nibbled her
red lips as he purred, “Such a foolish move to arouse me this early in the morning.”

Matthew had been restraining himself, but her making the first move was another thing altogether.

His words pulled her back to her senses. Bracing her hands against his chest, she shook her head.
“That’s enough. Master Crayson and the others might already be up. I don’t want them to discover us.”

“So what? We’re husband and wife. There’s no way we’re having a secret rendezvous when we want
to make love.”

As his identity was exposed, Matthew was becoming increasingly brazen.

Meanwhile, Veronica couldn’t help but sigh in resignation at that.

She turned her gaze to the scenery outside and listened to the cuckoo tweeting on the branch. The sun
was shining down brightly, enveloping a big tree outside the window in its beams of sunlight.

The beautiful morning gave her the false impression that everything was at peace until a slap startled

Matthew had spanked her without warning. Gasping in pain, she frowned at him. “Why did you do

“You deserve the punishment. How dare you get distracted when I’m next to you? You had it coming.”

It was presumptuous of him to do it, blaming her when he was the one who started it.

Veronica wasn’t letting him get away with it. Thus, she raised her hand and struck out at him for

However, her attack missed its target as Matthew extended his arm to grasp her wrist and pinned her
to the bed. He smiled smugly as he murmured, “Roni, is that a challenge?”

“You started it.”

“It seems like I should go a little harder on you. Perhaps another way of punishment will teach you a
lesson this time.”

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