Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 881

Still Alive

“Come in.” Hendrey heard Zac’s frail voice from the room. He entered and saw Zac lying on a high
pillow and hooked to an IV drip. Zac was pale and lost any trace of his usual vitality.

Hendrey sighed thinking about how Matthew’s deep love for Veronica pushed him to sever Zac’s hand,
simply because the latter had drugged her.

“What’s up?” Given how Hendrey showed up right after breakfast early in the morning, Zac did not
believe he was purely visiting.

With a serious face, Hendrey looked at the doctor who was sitting in the room and shifted his gaze to
Zac, dropping hints. “You can leave now. I will call you in if there’s anything,” Zac ordered the doctor to

The doctor got up and nodded curtly at Zac before closing the door behind him. Zac turned his
attention to Hendrey. “Go ahead. What happened?”

Hendrey took a few steps forward and stood by the bed. He glanced at Zac’s severed hand with a
frown and asked hesitantly, “Have we found the person behind this?”

The severed hand was Zac’s Achilles’ heel, and his expression tanked after he heard Hendrey’s
question. A storm was brewing in his clear blue eyes.

“What f*cking nonsense! If I knew who was behind this act, would I still be lying here?”

In his anger, he grabbed the bolster beside him and threw it at Hendrey.

His sudden action jerked the IV drip and caused a backflow of blood. Pain arose from the needle
inserted in his hand. Helpless, he lifted his right hand and pulled out the needle using his mouth.

When the needle was pulled out, blood started trickling out from it. Zac habitually lifted his left hand to
press against the wound, only to be reminded of the cruel reality of his bandaged stump.

In that instant, his expression fell, and a murderous gleam appeared in his eyes. He was burning with

“Go! Look into it! You must get the person behind this! I will tear them into pieces!” His tone gradually
increased until it became a roar.

Hendrey looked down, his eyes sparkling. “I think I know… the identity of the perpetrator.”

“And who is that?” Zac stared at him eagerly, as though he wanted to get his hands on that scoundrel
and tear them apart immediately.

“It’s Matthew Kings!” Hendrey announced slowly and firmly.

Zac, who had high hopes, looked incensed now because he felt like he was fooled. “What do you
mean? Are you using a dead man to fool me when you can’t find the perpetrator? Do I look like an idiot
to you?”

“Prince Zac, please calm down,” Hendrey comforted him and added, “My guess is that Matthew Kings
is still alive. The funeral at Bloomstead could have been staged.”

“Staged?” Zac became interested in the theory and sat up in his bed.

“You must have noticed Veronica’s bodyguard named Iron Pillar. Right?”

“Yes, he’s always with her.”

“Indeed. He sticks around her all the time. Although he looks different from Matthew, I suspect he must
be masking his appearance.”

He was struck by another thought and wondered aloud, “Prince Zac, have you seen how Veronica
looked before this? When she first arrived at Bloomstead, she was always wearing makeup to confuse
everyone else, including Matthew.”

Zac had heard about this and came to a realization. “Are you saying that Matthew Kings faked his
death and assumed another identity to sneak into the hidden clan so that he could protect her?”

“Yes.” That was exactly Hendrey’s assumption.

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