Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 882


Zac started combing through the timeline of events to recall his encounters with Iron Pillar. He thought
of the night he drugged Veronica in the hotel, which was the same day someone took revenge against

Since he’s Veronica’s husband, he must have been vengeful about the fact that she was drugged. That
explains his nighttime revenge. Everything fell into place.

“No wonder I always think he looks familiar. Even his eyes carry a murderous look every time he looks
at me. No wonder… No wonder!”

Gripped by rage, Zac clenched his right fist, and one could see the bulging veins on the back of his
right hand. Even though the blood dried up, his sudden use of strength caused some bleeding again,
but it did not bother him.

“Anyone out there?” he yelled at the door. “Zac!” Hendrey immediately cut him off. “Do not act on
impulse. I know you want to kill him, but you do not have evidence proving that he was the one who
broke your hand. I think the best time to confront him is at the hunting ceremony.”

If Zac went for Matthew’s life without proving the latter’s crime, Hendrey feared that would only evoke
widespread opposition. After all, they were in the territory of the hidden clan, and they would never
overpower the locals. Even the prince of Castron had to behave here

“The hunting ceremony?” Zac’s eyes gleamed with slyness and ruthlessness, as he made his

Hendrey realized that he had redirected Zac’s attention. He added, “There’s something else. On my
way here, I got the news that Tiffany Larson is missing. I suspect that her disappearance has to do with

Matthew Kings as well.”

“What about that b*tch?” Zac loathed the woman and was merely using her because she resembled

Additionally, back when he thought Matthew was dead, he mistakenly believed that it was Tiffany’s
doing. That was another reason he decided to keep her around as a rook.

To his dismay, when Tiffany joined the hidden clan, she went against Veronica in every way possible.
She even secretly worked with Liam and Dominik Ledger, thinking that Zac was in the dark.

“Since she lost her hearing from Veronica’s slap, I gave her time to rest and recover. I didn’t know she
would go missing last night.” Hendrey stole a glance at Zac and attempted to read his mind through his

After confirming that Zac did not dwell on the matter, he went on, “Her existence must have posed a
great danger to Veronica. I bet there is a slim chance that Tiffany would come out of this unharmed. I’ve
sent some men to investigate, but there is still no news. What do you think? Should we send people to

“Forget about her. Call Xavier here. I want to discuss the hunting ceremony with him,” Zac cut Hendrey
off because he had no interest in saving Tiffany’s life. His entire focus was on taking his revenge.

“Xavier?” Hendrey seemed troubled. He stammered, not knowing what to say, “Well…”

Zac had vowed to kill Xavier last night but decided to work with him again today. Would Xavier even
agree to this? Hendrey thought that Zac must have gone mad.

“I misunderstood him yesterday, which I will apologize for. Still, you have to understand the depth of the
vendetta between him and Matthew. He will surely work with me,” Zac sounded extremely confident in


Hendrey had a gleam in his eyes, and he directed a loaded look at Zac. “Sure, I’ll give him a call now.”

After a short hesitation, he went ahead and dialed Xavier’s number. Deep down, he knew that Xavier
would work with Zac after having his family torn apart by Matthew and suffering from humiliation. Xavier
would never let this pass.

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