Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 883

His New Appearance

At Mountainside Gardens, Veronica went to the study to continue learning after breakfast. Soon,
Matthew joined her. She looked up at him and frowned. “You… Crayson and the others are coming
back soon. Would it be bad to show up like this in front of them?”

Last night, Matthew had taken off the makeup. Just now, Veronica thought that he was taking a long
time to put on his makeup, but she was shocked to see him showing up without his mask.

“Hendrey found out my identity at the entrance of One Piece Restaurant last night. What’s the point of
hiding the truth?” He was dressed in a black suit, his hair slick and shiny. He was back to the cold but
handsome man from before, and she was slightly bewitched by his appearance.

“True.” She walked to him, held his hands, and scanned him from head to toe. “You look better and
cooler as you.” Ever since joining the hidden clan, Matthew had been going around as Iron Pillar, an
awkward sight she was not used to.

“Is it so?” He withdrew his hand and circled an arm around her waist. Then, he leaned over and gave
her a peck on the forehead and the lips.

The unannounced intimacy made her blush. Suddenly, a thought came into her mind, and she pushed
him away. “Since Hendrey knows your identity now, he will surely inform Zac. Zac would know that it
was you who cut his hand off. But why hasn’t he come for you?”

Knowing how vindictive Zac was, she wondered why he had not made any move after having his hand

“I got it now…” she blurted out her thoughts without waiting for his reply, “It’s the hunting ceremony! He
must be waiting to attack you at the ceremony without anyone knowing! Even if he kills you in the

public eye, he could blame it on the event itself. Once you sign the waiver for death, you leave your
safety in the hands of God.”

Her bright face looked grim and clouded with worries. He smiled at her. “I should not call myself his
opponent if I was that weak.”

“But he has the backing of the entire Castron!”

“I will not kill him. Do not worry.” He held her hand. “Let’s go to your lessons.” He changed the topic of
the conversation to ease her worries.

Veronica spent the entire day learning with him on the second floor. At 6.00PM, Crayson, Mateo, and
Destiny finally showed up in the backyard looking exhausted.

She had no idea how long it would take for them to practice the memory seal, a secret skill of the
hidden clan. However, she did not ask them.

When she went to the first floor with Matthew, the three of them, along with Madam Dorothy and the
new cook, all looked astonished.

Crayson and Destiny gave no comments on Matthew’s bold move of showing his real face. On the
contrary, Mateo rolled his eyes at Matthew. “You liar!”

After that, he headed for his bedroom, apparently not in the mood for dinner.

Veronica exchanged looks with Matthew, but both were silent.

“Crayson, where did you all go today?” She changed the topic of the conversation. “I did not see you
around throughout the day.”

Despite their curiosity about Matthew’s new appearance, the maid and the cook were too timid to ask
questions. They retreated to the kitchen to have their meals.

The rest went to the dining hall. Looking spent, Crayson still put on a cheery face and explained, “We
went to see Madam Hayley.”

“Yes, that’s right. We had a discussion on the hunting ceremony,” Destiny chimed in.

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