Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 886

Venomous Insects

Skyler bit her lips as a punishment, and Shirley drew a sharp breath in pain. She elucidated, “Lazlo and
I are friends. He’s been nice to me at One Piece Restaurant.”

“Excuses!” He pinned her against the door and silenced her with a kiss, not wanting to hear her

They had been so engrossed in the intimate moment that their body temperature rose. Suddenly—

Knock. Knock. Knock.

Someone knocked on the door to the living room. The duo, who were immersed in the kiss, opened
their eyes and stared at each other. Her face flushed red from the embarrassment. She shoved him
away before wiping her lips. “W-Who is it?”

“It’s me.” Veronica’s voice resounded beyond the door.

Almost instantly, Shirley’s cheeks turned crimson like a cooked shrimp. She glared at Skyler and
adjusted her clothes before opening the door. “Roni, President Kings. W-Why are you dressed like

Matthew hummed in response without further explanation. Meanwhile, Veronica noticed the red tinge
on Shirley’s cheeks and those swollen lips from all the kissing. “Matt, I told you not to come right now.
Look? We’ve ruined their moment.” Veronica blamed Matthew.

Shirley covered her face at Veronica’s teasing. “Gosh, Roni! Cut it out!”

At the same time, Skyler seated himself before a table. “Roni, say another word and Shir’s gonna dig
up a hole to bury herself.”

“Fine, fine, fine. I’ll stop.” Veronica chuckled and wrapped an arm around Shirley’s neck. “Don’t worry.
We understand.”

While they were conversing, Matthew already took a seat next to Skyler. Veronica seized the chance to
hand over something to Shirley, whispering, “Here. You might need these pills.”

“What is it?” asked Shirley in an undertone.

“Contraceptive pills.” Veronica lowered her voice. “It’s enough for two weeks. It won’t harm your body,
but it’s all right if you don’t wanna take it.”

“Aww, Roni, you’re the best!” A touched Shirley hugged Veronica.

“What are you guys talking about?” Skyler took a sip of water and raised his gaze onto them.

“Secret.” Humming proudly, Shirley stuffed the pills into her pocket before holding Veronica’s hand.
“Come to my room, Roni. I wanna talk to you.”

“Sure.” Veronica followed along, knowing that the men had something to talk over.

Matthew’s expression became serious now that there were only the two of them. “Zac found out who I
am. He’s gonna target us during the hunting ceremony for sure. So, you must join us.”

It would be safer to have a doctor along on the trip.

“I don’t mind, but can I?” Skyler was quite worried.

“Leave that to me.” Matthew’s brows furrowed as he pondered for a moment. “Remember the
underground chamber at Kings Residence?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Roni inhaled something back then. It’s colorless and tasteless. She had an awful headache, but
nothing was wrong with her after that. I haven’t been able to know what it is. I’m kinda worried.”

He thought he could get to the bottom of it after coming to the hidden clan, but there were no new
findings as of today.

He added, “But I suspect it’s a venomous insect from the hidden clan. The problem is, not many people
from the clan have seen it before. It’s difficult to come to a conclusion.”

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