Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 888

Trouble Defending Yourself

Even though Crayson knew this hunting ceremony would be full of danger, he had to bite the bullet and
allow Veronica to attend the event.

After all, she would have to compete for the position of head of the clan in the future. If she failed to
emerge as the winner in this event, then it was likely that she would not be able to garner support from
the public in the future.

With a somber expression, he sat back on the chair and heaved a sigh. “You have to win in this event!”
Crayson spoke commandingly, and there was a firm look in his eyes.

At that point, Veronica furrowed her brows slightly. “What if I lose?” Bam! Just then, he banged the
table angrily, and his expression darkened significantly. “You don’t have a choice! You can only win!”

Veronica was startled by his sudden bang on the table. She clearly expressed displeasure on her face
and remained silent.

Meanwhile, Crayson continued to instruct her on the things to watch out for before departing. Destiny
and Mateo entered the car along with them too.

Mateo was the driver while Destiny took the front passenger seat. The other three took the back seat
as they left in the car toward the location of the hunting ceremony.

Everyone was exceptionally silent throughout the journey.

Mateo was fuming silently at the others because of Matthew, so Mateo refused to speak to them.

Meanwhile, Destiny and Crayson maintained their silence too.

Perhaps it was because the two of them were extremely worried about the dangers they would face at
the hunting ceremony, so they were preoccupied with their thoughts. Naturally, neither of them was in
the mood for idle chatter.

Veronica leaned against Matthew in the car, and they held hands openly in public. From time to time,
they would turn to look at each other, and their eyes would meet, but neither of them said anything.

Three hours later, they arrived at the place where the hunting ceremony was located.

The parking lot of the chosen location was filled with SUVs; there were more than a hundred in various
colors, and it felt as if they were at an automotive exhibition.

Of course, there were a large number of people who came on horse rides.

Not too far from the location was a large racecourse, and each horse was labeled with the respective
numbers representing their owners. This was for the crowd to distinguish their respective racehorses.

The five of them got out of the car, and as soon as they walked out of the parking lot, they bumped into
Hayley, Randy, and Lamia.

Previously, Veronica had gone to Hayley’s house and bumped into Randy and the girl known as Lamia
there. However, Veronica had not encountered Lamia again after that, so she nearly forgot such a


As soon as Randy saw Veronica, he glared at her angrily before turning on his back to run off.

Lamia immediately yelled out, “Randy, don’t run! This place is quite dangerous because of its uneven

Hayley immediately instructed Lamia, “Keep close to Randy today, and don’t let him run off by himself.”

“Sure, Aunt Hayley.” Lamia nodded and greeted Veronica and the gang before running after Randy.

“Veronica, this outfit suits you.”

Hayley studied the traditional hidden clan outfit and the silver hat distinctive to the hidden clan Veronica
was wearing. The silver hat was adorned with silver tassels all over. Veronica also wore a silver
necklace with an intricate design on her neck, and she looked exactly like a lady from the hidden clan.

She didn’t look out of place at all, and the outfit she had on even seemed to be tailored to perfection for
her; she looked stunning to the point that one couldn’t even take their eyes off her.

“Yup,” Veronica replied perfunctorily and didn’t bother to elaborate.

“I’ll head up the mountain first.”

Mateo mentioned this to Veronica and then left immediately.

The hunting ceremony would be held over the next few days, so they also brought their luggage in the
car. There were porters assigned to send their luggage to the tents on the top of the mountain.

The entire mountain was packed with people milling around here and there.

Matthew had also resumed his position as Iron Pillar, so he naturally kept a distance from Veronica.

Veronica and Matthew walked in front, Destiny walked behind them in the middle, and Crayson ended
up walking behind them with Hayley.

Hayley’s bodyguards trailed along behind them.

As soon as Hayley noticed that Matthew and Veronica had gone further, Hayley asked Crayson, “How
far along have you planned the matter?”

The two of them spoke in a very low voice that was only audible to themselves.

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