Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 891

Don’t You Want to See Me?

“Are they Hayley’s children?” “They’ve already grown so much!” “What is Queen Tanya thinking?
What’s the purpose of inviting the previous head to join the hunting ceremony?”

“I’m not sure. Who knows what goes on in the higher-ups’ heads?”

“But when Queen Tanya rose to power, she had previously announced an amnesty for the Elrod Royal
Family. There wouldn’t be any trouble if the Elrods do not bear any intentions of rebelling, but if they

“Sigh. Who’s to say they wouldn’t?”

The crowd was in an uproar, criticizing the three figures that had appeared on the big screen. Since
Veronica was Hayley’s daughter, Hayley introduced her as ‘Veronica Elrod’. It was the same for Randy
as well. After introducing her children, Hayley returned to her seat.

The microphone was passed to Tanya before she added, “We specially invited Madam Hayley and her
children today because it’s the hunting ceremony that the hidden clan holds every ten years. It’d be a
wonderful chance for Veronica and Randy to participate and enjoy the festivities.”

“What is Queen Tanya thinking?”

“What is she doing? This is outrageous.”

“I know, right?”

“I think Madam Hayley’s children might not make it out of here alive.”

On the other hand, Veronica was quietly remaining in her seat. She did have her miniature translating
device with her, so she could understand what the others were saying.

Even if she did not have her device, she could still engage with the others in a basic conversation. She
had spent days and nights learning the hidden clan dialect and was quick to learn it because of her
remarkable memory.

When Tanya finished her speech, Eleanor stood up and spoke inspirational words to encourage and
wish the contestants of the hunting ceremony good luck.

After half an hour of the speech-giving session, everyone began to dig in. While everybody was having
their meal, the dancers and musicians entertained the crowd, creating a lively atmosphere. After dinner,
they headed back to their tents to rest.

All the participants in the hunting ceremony were to gather at the training grounds by 3.00PM to sign
the death waiver before entering the woods together.

Meanwhile, Veronica sat inside her tent, feeling energetic. Sitting beside her was Matthew, who
comforted her. “The event starts at 3.00PM, so it’d be best if you rest and conserve enough strength to
face the battle in your best condition.”

“Alright.” She nodded in agreement and lay down to rest.

Since there were numerous people there, the tents were set up quite densely, and they could hear the
sounds of people coming and going past their tents.

At that moment, a voice came from outside their tent. “Veronica, is Master Iron inside?”

When they heard the lively and energetic voice, they knew it was Eleanor.

Matthew, who was sitting on the chair, looked at Veronica before shouting at the entrance, “No.”

Yet, the tent’s drape was pulled open as soon as he said that, and a bright red-dressed Eleanor
entered. “How could you not be here when I heard your voice? Master Iron, are you that reluctant to
see me?”

A smile appeared on her charming face as if she did not mind his rejection.

“Isn’t it obvious?” While leaning against the chair, Matthew held ‘Rules of the Hunting Ceremony’ in his

“Of course, it is. It can’t be any more obvious than that.” With her scarlet lips hooked into a smile, she
looked toward the vague figure behind the partition. “But I’m here to see Goddess Veronica.”
Subsequently, she bypassed the six-panel flower-embroidered partition and saw that Veronica had sat
up from bed. “I was bored, so I came to chat with you.”

“What would you like to talk about?” Since Veronica could not sleep, she sat up after hearing Eleanor’s

However, she did not expect Eleanor to walk up to her bed and sit right at the edge before leaning
against the neatly folded covers. “Do you know that Tiffany has gone missing?”

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