Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 894

Surrounded by Danger

Although Tanya emphasized that friendship came before the competition, the prize of getting promoted
to ministry still fired the participants’ urge to win.

One could not possibly return from the hunt uninjured at this point. “I give up. My dad has nothing but
riches, so I have no interest in becoming a minister.”

“Hey, how about you participate in my place? You’ll get to be a minister if you win and make our family
proud.” “I’d rather drop out of this competition.”

“Hahaha! It’s better if you all drop out. I’ll have a larger chance of winning then.” “The rules are getting

“I’d better give it my all. I might catch Princess Eleanor’s attention if I win. Then, I’ll be promoted to a
higher position. Just thinking about it makes me happy. Hahaha!”

“Such wishful thinking. Not bad.”

The chatters continued.

Since there was a change in the rules, over a hundred people dropped out of the competition. Later, all
the participants had to collect their numbers before entering the arena, and the computer would
randomly distribute them into groups.

“Now, let’s start sorting into groups. Whoever gets their number called out, please head to the stage to
get your equipment before heading into the mountains,” Tanya instructed.

With a frown, Veronica stood beside Matthew and commented, “This hunting ceremony is different from
what I imagined.” She was worried.

He assured her, “Don’t worry. I’ll meet up with you as quickly as I can.”

“Alright, but you have to be extra careful.” As she looked at him affectionately, her eyes were also filled
with reluctance and worry. She was afraid he would encounter danger.

Amongst the thousands of participants, Zac, Troy, Hendrey, Xavier, and Antheena were standing

Antheena asked, “What are we going to do now that they’ve changed the rules?”

Zac answered, “The new rules make it easier for us to do away with Matthew and Veronica.”

Xavier added, “But it also makes us easy targets for them!”

Hendrey commented, “Now, no one can be sure who’s getting hunted.”

After snorting, Zac looked at his stunted left arm. “No matter what, Matthew Kings must die here.” He
came and participated with unhealed injuries just so that he could get revenge.

Although it was named a hunting ceremony, the participants seemed more like prey than hunters.

An animal appeared on the big screen, and it was a white bird that resembled a phoenix, representing
the hidden clan’s spirit animal.

According to legend, the bird was on the brink of extinction, so one would have to head deep into the
mountains to locate it. More importantly, the bird had quick reflexes and speed, so it was highly difficult
to capture it. However, the participants of this year’s hunting ceremony did not sign up to find the bird.

Grabbing Xavier’s hand, Antheena stammered, “I-I’m a little worried about this.”

With a cold expression, he told her, “You should drop out. This is not for you.”

Since this event was extremely dangerous, he did not want her to participate.

“Are you worried I would hurt Veronica, or are you worried about me?” Antheena asked sarcastically.

Ever since the incident at Primrose Hill, where Xavier risked his life to protect Veronica, Antheena had
been harboring hatred inside her.

Although they had done the deed that night at the hotel, when she went to Zac’s place, she watched
the security footage Veronica provided and discovered that Veronica and Xavier had met each other
late at night. In the end, Antheena could not keep her jealousy under control.

Therefore, she had one simple goal while joining the hunting ceremony—to abolish Veronica in her
hands! Once Veronica is dead, Xavier will be all mine.

“Of course, I’m worried about you!” Xavier frowned and reprimanded, “Veronica is stronger than you,
and we’re going to be randomly distributed into groups now. Who will be there to protect you?”

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