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Chapter 1434: A Sudden Change in the War

Chapter 1434: A Sudden Change in the War

Huangfu Yupo stood in the fortress with a gloomy expression.
The Huangfu Family’s several Mystic Comprehending State elders were not as harmonious as they seemed on the surface. Especially after the original crown prince Huangfu Liushui accidentally died and lost his position as crown prince, the conflicts among the Mystic Comprehending State elders intensified.
Several elders of the Mystic Comprehending State secretly supported one or several direct descendants of the Huangfu Family who were expected to become the crown prince. The succession of power was bound to be accompanied by struggles.
Huangfu Zhantian supported Huangfu Jiangu; since she was Zhao Qianying’s master, she naturally supported Zhao Qianying.
However, at this moment, Demon Emperor suddenly agreed to Huangfu Jiangu joining the Blood Lion Legion. This was somewhat beyond her expectations. Could it be that Sir Demon Emperor had any deep meaning in this move?
Just when Huangfu Yupo was thinking about this matter, a purple light flashed on her body, and a communication disk array with complex purple patterns flew out. After a tremor, a row of small characters appeared on it.
Huangfu Yupo glanced at these small words, and she was astounded.
She flew into a building in the center of the fortress and quickly walked into a hall. She shot several purple lights into the surrounding space.
Dense purple filaments appeared in the entire hall. They intertwined into a layer of invisible enchantment that enveloped the entire hall.
After doing this, Huangfu Yupo released a disk array into mid-air.
A huge purple array unfolded from the disk array. Soon, the entire hall was filled with purple light.
Huangfu Yupo chanted while making several gestures. After a moment, several figures emerged from the purple circle.
One of them was Huangfu Yong, and the others were Huangfu Zhantian, a silver-haired middle-aged man, and 3 strange figures.
A purple-robed young man with purple eyes and sword-shaped eyebrows. His appearance was quite handsome.
A burly man wearing green armor with shining eyes.
The last person was an old woman with white hair and wrinkles on her face.
Including Huangfu Yupo, there were exactly 6 people.
The six people were none other than the current commanders of the 6 legions of the Huangfu Family.
“The situation is urgent. It’s too late for the elders to rush back to Imperial City.” Seeing the 6 people gathered together, Huangfu Yong said with a gloomy face.
Huangfu Yupo and others looked at each other without speaking.
In a secret room of the Demon Emperor Palace, Huangfu Yong was sitting in a wide purple chair. A purple array also appeared in front of him. In the array were Huangfu Yupo and 5 other people.
“According to the latest news, more than 10 states to the west, north, and east of our Central Imperial are attacked by the Liu Family’s army simultaneously. The troops originally deployed on the borders of the battle line have been almost defeated.” Huangfu Yong said with an ugly face.
After hearing this, the 6 people were dumbstruck.
“How is that possible!? According to the intel, the Liu Family’s combat strength on the front line is almost the same as ours, even if they suddenly receive reinforcements. Fortresses near the border have strong military formations, which can resist the enemy for 10 days. How could it be easily breached?” Huangfu Zhantian said in disbelief.
“Suddenly, there were many giant demon corpses dozens of meters tall in the Liu Family army. Their auras reach above the Celestial State, and their whole bodies are like steel, almost invincible. They are very difficult to deal with. The Liu Family used these demon corpses to breach our defense line in a short time.” Huangfu Yong said as he cast a water mirror in mid-air.
In the water mirror, dozens of huge demon corpses were besieging a fortress.
Inside the fortress, the defenders of the Central Imperial launched intensive attacks, but they could only deal some minor damages to force them back a few backs. They couldn’t deal any effective damage at all.
The corrosive liquid sprayed from the mouths of these demon corpses and the light beam attacks caused considerable damage to the protective barrier. Under the siege, the barrier outside the fortress was forcibly torn apart by dozens of demon corpses.
Seeing this scene, the 6 people were astounded. Although they couldn’t sense the demon corpse’s strength through the water mirror, judging from the image, those demon corpses were probably stronger than the Celestial State.
Huangfu Yupo was even more shocked to see tall demon corpses.
“The border defenders suffered heavy losses and have now retreated to some cities in the nearby states. If there are no more reinforcements, Yi State, Li State, Jin State and other states will probably be captured by the Liu Family!” Huangfu Yong said with a very ugly face.
If these dozen states were lost so quickly, it would cause a huge blow to the prestige of the Central Imperial. The tribute ceremony that had just been successfully held would also lose its meaning.
“Sir Demon Emperor, these demon corpses are exactly the same as the demon corpses I encountered in Demon Abyss.” Huangfu Yupo suddenly interrupted.
Then she briefly described the situation of the demon corpse she encountered in the cemetery outside Inner Abyss.
When Huangfu Zhantian and others heard this, they were shocked again.
“I have already guessed this. I’m afraid that these demon corpses were summoned from Demon Abyss by the Liu Family through some means.” Demon Emperor said in a deep voice.
Everyone present looked very solemn. The Liu Family’s unexpected move completely disrupted the Huangfu Family’s originally complacent and coordinated arrangements. Their situation became precarious.
“Sir Demon Emperor, given the current situation, should we readjust our 6 legions before going to war?” After a moment, Huangfu Zhantian asked cautiously.
“According to the intelligence from the front line, the areas where these demon corpses appear are mainly concentrated in the 4 states, which are Yi State, Yin State, Jin State, and Chi State. Blood Lion Legion, Greedy Wolf Legion, Quwu Legion, Wind Breaker Legion will be immediately dispatched to assist these 4 states. The remaining 2 legions will rush to the Liu Family’s base camp in Li State now. Since the Liu Family is deploying in several states, Li State must be empty in defense now. As for the Alliance, some of them will go to reinforce the other affected states while some will be mobilized to other front lines according to the situation!” Huangfu Yong returned to his usual deep expression as he decisively gave the order.
“As Your Majesty commands!” Huangfu Yupo and the other 5 people responded quickly.
“Time is pressing. You all should rush to the front line immediately. Elder Yupo will stay for a while.” Huangfu Yong said.
Huangfu Zhantian and others responded and disappeared. Only Huangfu Yupo remained.
“Elder Yupo, do you understand why I keep you?” Huangfu Yong said.
“I don’t know.” Huangfu Yupo shook her head.
“Elder Yupo, your Blood Lion Legion will rush to Yin State. It is an important transportation node in the north. Once it is lost, the cities in the north will soon be divided and defeated one by one by the Liu Family, so this place must not be lost!” Demon Emperor looked very cautious. After a moment of silence, he stood up and took a few steps with his hands behind him. A hint of determination flashed in his eyes.
“As Your Majesty commands!” Huangfu Yupo said.
“I have another purpose for you to go to Yin State. It is the closest to Han State. Among the 6 legion commanders, you are the only one who has seen those demon corpses in Demon Abyss. After you arrive at Yin State, find a way to investigate the source of those demons. I received an intel that a few years ago, the canyon leading to the Demon Abyss in Han State was shrouded in a white mist. I’m afraid this was caused by the Liu Family.” Huangfu Yong said in a deep voice.
“Yes, I will definitely live up to your expectations.” Huangfu Yupo said.

In a secret room in the fortress of the Blood Lion Legion, 12 yellow beads were forming a strange formation in mid-air.
Each yellow bead seemed somewhat transparent. The scenery of mountains and rivers was even more lifelike. The sound of flowing water could seem to be heard.
Liu Ming sat cross-legged with his eyes closed as if he was comprehending something with his mind. His hands were changing gestures from time to time. The 12 Mountain River Pearls in mid-air also changed formation according to his gestures.
Liu Ming was now at the Celestial State later stage. If he wanted to step into the Mystic Comprehending State, he must have an understanding of law power. The Mountain River Pearl was the magic weapon he was most familiar with. All 12 Mountain River Pearls had complete domain power after upgrading, so now understanding the law in Mountain River Pearl was one of his training.
At this moment, there was a loud buzzing sound coming from his waist.
Liu Ming took out a communication disk array. A line of small words emerged on it.
He glanced at it, then he put away the disk array and rushed out of the room.
In the meeting hall of the Blood Lion Legion’s fortress.
Huangfu Yupo sat on the main seat. On the left side of the chair, sat a red-haired young man, Huangfu Jiangu. On the right side, sat a pretty girl in a purple dress, Zhao Qianying.
Most of the other seats were occupied by the brigade commanders of the Blood Lion Legion.
When Liu Ming entered the door, he glanced around the room. When he set his gaze on Zhao Qianying, he couldn’t help but be startled. At this time, Zhao Qianying also happened to look over at him.
Their eyes met. Liu Ming’s mind was shaken, and his steps couldn’t help but slow down.
A hint of embarrassment flashed in his eyes, and he quickly turned away. Zhao Qianying’s face blushed slightly, and she quickly turned her head away too.
Liu Ming found an inconspicuous seat to sit down. When he looked at Huangfu Yupo, he was shocked slightly.
Huangfu Yupo was frowning tightly with a gloomy face at this moment, which was a stark contrast to her usual calm appearance.
“Did something change in the war?”
Liu Ming murmured in his mind, but he could only wait quietly.
Huangfu Jiangu remained calm as he watched the change of expressions of Liu Ming and Zhao Qianying, but an imperceptible cold intent flashed through his eyes.
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