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Chapter 1806 - 1806: I Will Kill Wang Yifan Today

Chapter 1806 - 1806: I Will Kill Wang Yifan Today

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The commotion soon reached the ears of Wang Yifan and the others who were having a tea party in the depths of the Startling Cloud Peak. There were not many people who could attend this tea party. There were only a few true disciples and a small number of elite disciples.
No one else was qualified, but for most people, even just eating a meal at the banquet was a considerable harvest. The first problem on the path of cultivation was eating. Those who did not know how to dine well were destined to not go far on the path of cultivation.
Wang Yifan received the news very quickly, and his expression darkened. Not only did Chu Yunfan appear, but he had killed Fu Heng. Fu Heng was his trusted subordinate. Among his many followers, he was also the one he valued the most. Now, Fu Heng was killed by Chu Yunfan.
“How dare you!” Wang Yifan said coldly.
The true disciples who were attending the meeting also quickly received the news. This news spread like wildfire. These true disciples either revealed anger on their faces or a playful smile. Not everyone welcomed Chu Yunfan’s arrival, but not everyone hated him either.
“Brother Wang, I hear that you’re in trouble. Do you need our help?” a young man in a loose white robe with a cynical expression asked.
“No need. He’s just a clown. I can handle him,” Wang Yifan said coldly.
Of course, Wang Yifan knew that this tea party was not simple. It represented the beginning of his integration into this circle. Cosmics had their own circles. There was no one who could be independent of these circles. People with such strength would naturally have people gather around them and form a social circle.
Wang Yifan didn’t have the strength to start his own circle, so he chose to join one. As a newcomer, he had to gain the recognition of others in order to join this circle. However, not everyone welcomed him. The distribution of benefits involved was a problem in itself.
“Interesting. An inner disciple challenging a true disciple? Tsk tsk, the Flying Celestials sure know how to play! ” The cynical young man smiled.
These words immediately attracted the dissatisfied gazes of the few Flying Celestial true disciples present. Among these people, there was a woman who was about 25 or 26 and wore a light yellow dress. She had a head of straight black hair, a tall figure, and a beautiful face. She was exquisite and picturesque.
She glanced at the cynical young man and said, “Ye Wuxie, you don’t have to gloat. ”
“Senior Zhantai, I’m not gloating. Actually, I think this Chu Yunfan of your sect is a genius. He sure is bold! Hahaha!” Ye Wuxie laughed.
Ye Wuxie clearly did not welcome Wang Yifan into this circle. Now that he had the chance to see Wang Yifan make a fool of himself, he would not let it go.
Wang Yifan’s expression became even uglier.
A middle-aged man with a square face and a medium build suddenly stood up. “Martial Nephew Wang, there’s no need for you to do anything. I will personally capture him and let him know the difference between a true disciple and an elite disciple.”
“All right, then I’ll have to trouble you, Martial Uncle Zhu,” Wang Yifan said. He sat steadily in the high hall and had no intention of personally attacking.
Everyone’s eyes were focused on this Martial Uncle Zhu. They secretly thought to themselves that it was obvious that he wanted to curry favor with Wang Yifan.
This senior of theirs was a generation older than them. Though they were of different ages, they were both in the Cosmos Stage. However, everyone was in their prime, and their cultivation could advance by leaps and bounds. Their current cultivation was only temporary. However, Senior Zhu was different. He was lucky enough to enter the Cosmos Stage. Moreover, he was old and had lost the potential to advance further.
At this moment, he naturally had to find a reliable backer to rely on. After all, although a Cosmic was an elder in the Flying Celestials, he was only a fringe elder. He couldn’t hold any real power or get good cultivation resources. Compared to Wang Yifan, he was far inferior.
“You will capture me?”
Suddenly, a clear voice came from afar and a figure appeared in the venue of the tea party.
“Chu Yunfan!” Wang Yifan gritted his teeth.
Compared to a year ago, Chu Yunfan looked even more arrogant. He dared to appear in front of him so casually. This was simply going to turn the sky upside down. An ant who could only hide behind Yi Yunyao to survive a year ago actually dared to look him in the eye.
Chu Yunfan swept his gaze across the garden. There were about 40 to 50 people. Among them, more than 20 were true disciples who had entered the Cosmos Stage, and the rest were elite disciples at the peak of the Abstract Interpretation Stage.
Such a lineup was not small. Among these true disciples, the Flying Celestials accounted for half, and the true disciples of the other sects accounted for half. Only the true disciples of the ten great sects could organize such a circle that spanned across the sects.
Chu Yunfan was fearless in the face of dozens of gazes. If it was an ordinary person, even an ordinary true disciple, he would not be so calm.
“You said you wanted to capture me? Are you planning to do it alone? And you that eager to jump out and be someone’s lapdog?” Chu Yunfan said without hesitation.
“You’re courting death!” Senior Zhu looked at Chu Yunfan with a fierce gaze. Although this was the truth, being exposed by Chu Yunfan in public made him furious. “Don’t even think about surviving today. I’m going to skin you alive!”
“Hmph, as an elder, you actually dare to interfere in a life-and-death battle between us disciples? I think you’re tired of living,” Chu Yunfan said bluntly.
In the Flying Celestials, the elders were also divided into ranks. Although there were elders who were extremely powerful, there were those who had barely entered the Cosmos Stage. These elders had no status in front of ordinary true disciples. They could put on airs in front of elite disciples, but in front of Chu Yunfan, it was ridiculous.
Then, Chu Yunfan glanced at everyone and said, “I’m here to fulfill the one-year agreement. Today, I will kill Wang Yifan. If any of you dare to interfere, don’t blame me for not giving you face either..”

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