Novel Name : What If I Can’t Die?

Chapter 676 - Chapter 676: Finding a Loophole and Condensing a Fake

Chapter 676 - Chapter 676: Finding a Loophole and Condensing a Fake

Chapter 676: Finding a Loophole and Condensing a Fake
Spirit Root (1)
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When he arrived at the Cao family, he would give the jade pendant to Chen Ziqi and consider leaving the Chen family.
Night quickly arrived. Everyone ate some dry food and rested in batches. Chen Ziqi and Cao Wenhong were whispering, most of them saying sweet nothings.
Song Shi and the others did not need to keep watch at night. All of them leaned against their bulls to sleep and were not afraid of the smell of the bulls.
Lying on the ground, the cultivation technique in Song Shi’s body began to circulate. To him, as long as he wanted to cultivate, he could lie, sit, or stand. At most, there would be a difference in speed.
The surrounding Spiritual Qi gathered towards Song Shi, but the people close to him did not notice it at all.
This was because they had not reached the Connate realm or had a spirit root and Spirit Body. They could not sense the energy in the void at all.
As Song Shi cultivated, he looked at the night sky. He was thinking about something.
If this was a fake world, then how did Spiritual Qi come about? Was it all his imagination?
Even if it was an illusion, this Spiritual Qi also followed some rules. It also meant that the cultivation system of this world followed some rules.
It would be fine if these rules were normal, but it would be interesting if they were evolved from the Law of Reincarnation.
On the one hand, this meant that Celestial Venerable Reincarnation was very powerful and had already grasped various Laws, evolving into worlds that were close to reality.
On the other hand, if he mastered some secrets, he might be able to change his current cultivation method of taking one step at a time and quickly obtain strength like cheating.
It was like he had broken the program of the world in front of him and casually modified some data. These data were his cultivation level and so on.
Thinking of this, his pupils constricted.
If he could cheat by modifying the rules of this world, did that mean that his Life and Death System was also secretly modifying the rules of the universe? It could directly give him strength and even allow him to revive again and again.
Song Shi was a little excited. He did not expect to be trapped here and be able to comprehend some useful things.
If he could cheat in the current Reincarnation World, he might be able to study the Life and Death System and continue to cheat after he went out.
There were still restrictions on the Life and Death System’s cheating, but he could activate it however he wanted, which made it much more convenient.
“This comprehension is valuable, very valuable.”
Song Shi closed his eyes and continued to sense the rules of this world.
According to Wuyou, the living beings in this world were really transformed from souls. The others should be fake and transformed from Celestial Venerable Reincarnation.
A real and fake world would definitely cause the rules of heaven and earth to be imperfect. In other words, there would be more loopholes. As long as he caught a useful loophole and used it, he would be able to take off.
If not for the fact that he only had consciousness and did not have a Primordial Spirit, it would be difficult for him to control the rules. Otherwise, in his peak state, he could easily find the loopholes in the rules of heaven and earth and make use of them. Now, he could only spend time and use some tricks to achieve it.
“There’s a cultivation system in this world. There’s a set of cultivation advancement rules. Come from a place I’m familiar with.”
Song Shi began to analyze the essence of cultivation. Cultivation required essence, energy, and spirit to combine with the natural energy outside to increase one’s strength through constant quantitative and qualitative changes.
He pondered over the basic resources for cultivation and finally found the easiest way to cheat, which was to simulate a spirit root.
The spirit root was a basic cultivation talent that could allow one to directly attain Qi Refinement and Soul Transformation. The starting point was much higher than refining essence into Qi. If he had a spirit root in his body, with his experience, it would not be a problem for him to reach the Foundation Establishment realm in a year.
“In the end, a spirit root is a body that is an affinity with a certain Spiritual Qi of Heaven and Earth and possesses a little Law Power.”
Song Shi thought to himself, “A spirit root is essentially equivalent to a Law fragment. The stronger the power of the Law, the better the spirit root. I’ll use Genuine Qi to simulate this Law Power.”
The Yin-Yang Genuine Qi in his body changed and fused with his Origin, emitting a special fluctuation. All kinds of fluctuations kept adjusting, and finally, the surrounding Spiritual Qi began to automatically approach him.
“Hehe, as expected, the rules of this world are not perfect enough. It’s not difficult to get a fake spirit root.”
Song Shi mocked in his heart and continued to adjust his Genuine Qi. He fused the Dao of Runes with his body’s Origin to simulate the spirit root, or more accurately, the simulation Law.
Runes and Array Formations were things that were compatible with the rules of heaven and earth and were closest to Laws. He did not need to condense true Laws. He only needed to follow the rules of this world to achieve the effect of a spirit root.
As he explored, the night passed quickly. When the sky was slightly bright,
Guard Liu began to call out, “Everyone, get up. Eat something and set off.”
Song Shi opened his eyes and sensed his cultivation. Under the effect of the fake spirit root, the effect of one night’s cultivation was equivalent to half a month.
“This is only equivalent to a low-grade spirit root. When I continue to improve and reach the top-grade spirit root in the future, my speed can more than double.”
Song Shi chuckled. “This is just a loophole. There are other things we can try.”
His expression became better and better. If he had not controlled his aura, his current temperament would definitely be extremely outstanding.
Song Shi did not eat much when he got up to feed the cows. He was already at the Connate realm and could abstain from eating for a short period of time. Of course, he was not interested in eating dry food. It was not bad to eat more wild animals.
However, the escort team had already explicitly forbidden him from hunting. They said that blood could not be seen on the big day, so he could not be bothered to trouble them.
In two days, he would leave this team and have a good meal.
The guards and servants were fetching water from the stream at the side. Old Wang handed Song Shi a water bottle. “Brother Song, do you want some?”
“No, I’m not thirsty.”
Song Shi did not drink raw water. This was his habit.
“It’s good to be young. You look like you have more endurance than us.”
Old Wang took a sip. “Damn it, look at me. I’m still tired after sleeping for the entire night. I’m really becoming more and more useless as I age.”
“Now that you mention it, I feel a little tired too.”
He frowned. “There should be a drug in the water. The enemy actually chose to attack at this time.”
Song Shi did not expect this, nor did the others.
It was already dawn after a night. Most of everyone’s vigilance had dissipated, but someone had seized the opportunity to scheme against them.
Old Wang was the first to fall. Then, the others also acted like they were drunk.
“Oh no!”
The other guards cried out in surprise, but their bodies went limp. They could not stand steadily and fell to the ground.
Guard Liu’s expression was ugly. He propped himself up with a knife and reminded, “Damn it, someone drugged the stream. Young Master and Madam, be careful! ”
Chen Ziqi and Cao Wenhong were also affected. One of them was holding the bridal sedan chair while the other was holding the horse. Their expressions were a little chaotic.
“If I don’t drug the stream, how can I deal with so many of you?”
A smug voice came from the upper reaches of the stream. When Song Shi heard it, his gaze turned cold.
“As expected, sneak attacks save the most energy. The most simple and unpretentious method is to drug them.”
Song Shi muttered, “Only then would you dare to attack..”

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