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Chapter 731 - 731: A New Creation Made With Technology

Chapter 731 - 731: A New Creation Made With Technology

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Boom! Boom! Boom!
The black monitor clearly transmitted the sound that resembled a monster’s roar.
‘Oh, what is that? It looks like the Pirnaians are using it for biological experiments,’ someone thought to himself.
The next second, his answer came.
The pitch-black furnace slowly opened, and a creature that looked like a buffalo walked out!
The wild bull roared toward the sky.
The skin on his entire body was extremely tough, and it emitted a pitch-black shine.
It slowly gazed out with its scarlet eyes and made everyone’s hair stand on end! “God, what a terrifying monster. What kind of monster is this?”
Everyone was horrified. Its eyes were actually the same as those of a human.
The wild bull immediately broke free from its restraints and ran out of the laboratory!
In the next second, it raised its hooves and leaped hundreds of meters high before it landed on the ground.
With a loud bang, the ground cracked.
“Heavens! This… How is this possible?”
Wu Mo’s eyes widened like copper bells. He could hardly believe what he was seeing.
A huge wild bull managed to fly over a hundred meters with just a single leap!
It was a mockery of common sense!
‘Oh, my God. If we humans have this ability, wouldn’t we be able to fly in the sky like superheroes?’ he thought in shock.
According to his calculations, humans could even jump up to a thousand meters in the sky. They would really become those legendary heroes of legends.
“Could it be… Are the Pirnaians trying to fuse with this strange creature? Or are they trying to inject their genes into it?”
Various guesses emerged in Wu Mo’s mind.
Either way, it meant that the Pirnaians were conducting forbidden research that would shock the universe!
If their research was successful, it would spell a huge disaster for mankind.
His assistant clenched his fists, and disdain flashed in his eyes. His voice was filled with anger. “Mr. Wu, we have to stop these crazy people. They’re insane!”
Indeed, every time he saw what the Pirnaians did, it always seemed like they were against the entire universe.
Immediately after, a familiar yet hateful figure appeared within the Divine Sword’s range of detection. It was the leader of Pirna!
“It’s him! It’s that b*stard!”
Everyone remembered that the Pirnaian leader had sneakily escaped from battle. They had been worried about him.
Now that they were seeing him again, everyone was on fire. They wanted to bring him to justice immediately!
The leader seemed to be very satisfied with himself.
He sneered and glanced around.
Then, he led a team of Pirnaian researchers into the huge research center…
“What about the pangolin sample?” the towering leader spoke calmly.
His voice was soft, but it would not evade the Divine Sword’s precise detectors. They captured each movement of his lips accurately.
High-tech spaceships like the Divine Sword naturally had the technology for this.
Therefore, his voice was instantly transmitted to the command center in the distance.
Seeing this, Wu MO and the rest of his research team understood Pirna’s true intentions.
‘That’s definitely the sample of the pangolin we were tracking earlier!’ Wu MO thought to himself.
As expected, a piece of bright red flesh was placed on the operating table soon after.
It had been taken from the pangolin’s body.
“D*mn it! They’ve succeeded. Is it the legendary specimen of the Overlord class?”
An officer beside him clenched his fists tightly. His face filled with anger.
He had personally commanded an operation before to stop the Pirnaian leader’s ambitions.
However, they failed in the end.
The leader had fearlessly broken out of their encirclement and successfully taken their target.
It was a huge blow to humanity.
They did not know how important the pangolin specimen was to the Pirnaian leader.
“It’s just an ordinary sample. But are they planning to extract genes from it for genetic modification experiments?” a biologist asked in surprise.
Then, his heart dropped!
Footage from the Divine Sword clearly showed that the piece of flesh was being dissected carefully.
The genetic liquid inside was then extracted and injected into another organism.
All of a sudden, a huge tremor seemed to shake the sky and crack the earth. It swept in all directions from the research center! The scene left everyone dumbstruck and incredulous.
“This isn’t a movie set, is it?”
Everyone exchanged looks in shock as they were in deep disbelief.
All of this seemed to exceed their understanding of the real world.
“What kind of extraordinary creature is this for it to have such astonishing power?”
Then, a humanoid monster in golden armor slowly appeared on the Divine Sword’s screen.
Its body shone with a dazzling light.
The word “king” was embedded on its forehead, and it was dominant like that of a mighty tiger.
Swoosh! Swoosh!
In an instant, it spread its arms, which turned into two sharp blades.
Seeing this, everyone’s hearts beat faster, and fear, as well as shock, gripped their hearts.
Even though it looked like a humanoid tiger, it was far more powerful than ordinary wild beasts.
“Is this a new type of creature created using genetic technology? But it’s too different from the pangolin we know!” A researcher could not help but sigh.
Regular pangolins were already known as biological marvels, and the giant beast was only an enlarged version. It retained the same form but with just more needles on its body.
However, this standing tiger was on a completely different level from the primitive pangolin.
While everyone was confused, Wu MO slowly said, “They’ve used a wonderful technique. They extracted the potential genes from the pangolin and fused it with the genes of humans and tigers. The three genes have been perfectly combined.”
Wu Mo’s brows were tightly knitted, and his face was ashen.
Everyone felt as if they had been hit by a heavy hammer when they heard his explanation. They were rendered speechless.
The combination of the three genes was enough to show how advanced the Pirnaians were in the field of biotechnology.
In comparison, human research in this field was miniscule.
It was far from being comparable.
This also meant that once this technology was misused, the consequences would be immeasurable.
It would likely cross some kind of line.
However, Pirna did not care about the humans’ moral code at all.
They conducted all kinds of gene fusion experiments without restraint and explored the ultimate evolution and combination of organisms.
Now, they had successfully obtained a shocking result: By combining the potential genes of an Overlord creature, the genes of a human, and the genes of a fierce tiger, they created a humanoid tiger in golden armor. “Finally, victory is in sight.. My experiment is a success!”

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