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Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 3344: Natural talent Updated free read Here - ScrapBook
Novel Name : Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Chapter 3344: Natural talent

Chapter 3344: Natural talent
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Xuanyuan Dingguo had said that the Imperial Prince who had come to visit this time was in the Enlightenment Tier. Thus, since Young Master Hu was in the Inscription Tier, he definitely couldn’t be that Imperial Prince.
Moreover, the snake woman herself had already said that Young Master Hu’s father was a Great General, a Mystery Realm Tier elite.
What was Mystery Realm Tier?
Ling Han didn’t know. In any case, he had heard about the Core Formation Tier, and compared with the Mystery Realm Tier, he did not know which was stronger.
It could not be helped. He knew absolutely nothing about the distribution of cultivation levels above Enlightenment.
Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, “Young Master Hu, right? Come, suppress your cultivation level to the same level. If you can defeat me, I’ll be losing myself to you. On the other hand, if Young Master Hu loses, you can also become my servant.”
“How dare you!” Not only did the snake woman rebuke him harshly, the other cloaked figures also shouted angrily.
This human was really outrageously bold. He actually dared to say that he wanted Young Master Hu to become his slave.
“What is it? Are you the only ones who can spout nonsense?” Ling Han asked with a smile. “Young Master Hu, do you dare?”
Young Master Hu did not speak, and merely acted as if he had not heard.
“Impudence, you think you are worthy of exchanging blows with Young Master Hu!” The snake woman attacked, every strike swift and fierce.
Ling Han scoffed, “If you can’t beat me, then you can’t. Don’t be pretentious!”
“Human, don’t seek your own death!” The snake woman was furious, and shua, shua, shua, she drew closer with every strike.
Ling Han activated the Shuttle Steps and didn’t face the snake woman head-on.
The power of Third Extreme was too strong. It was extremely unwise to fight head-on, but power was only a part of battle prowess. Though it was very important, speed, technique, and instant reaction were all closely related.
Shua, shua, the snake woman’s two swords missed. Ling Han was just about to counterattack, when he saw a cold light flash, and another flash of sword light actually slashed over.
Ling Han was shocked, and hurriedly greeted it with the broken sword.
Ding, a crisp sound rang out, and a massive force spread out. His figure was immediately shaken to the point of swaying, but this was not the end. The fourth flash of sword light had already slashed over.
Ling Han was helpless, and could only wrap the energy of Stone around his fists, and greet the incoming attack.
Shua! Ling Han was instantly sent flying by this strike, and a bloody gash appeared on his hand. Blood continued to flow down his arm.
He stood still, and looked at the snake woman, revealing an astounded expression.
That was because the present snake woman shockingly had four arms, each holding a sword that was flickering with cold light.
No wonder he had been hit. As it turned out, this woman actually had four arms. Now that two more had suddenly appeared in battle, it naturally would have extraordinary effects.
The snake woman was also slightly surprised. She had suddenly used this move, and it had actually only wounded Ling Han’s hand?
This was far from the effects that she had expected.
“Too bad there are too many sharp angles!” The snake woman shook her head, “Though having some strength and talent, you are facing me!”
She opened her mouth and stuck out her long tongue. This scene was very captivating, but when he saw that there was still green gas diffusing from her tongue, this was a little terrifying.
Furthermore, this gas was still spreading out, diffusing around her, turning into a mist.
Ling Han frowned. Though she was very far away, he could already smell a disgusting smell, which made him feel like he was about to pass out.
‘There’s poison!’
Snakes naturally had strong poison.
Ling Han hurriedly held his breath, then ingested a Hundred Neutralization Pill.
He had to end the battle quickly. This poison was very strong, and even the Hundred Neutralization Pill might not be able to last for too long.
“Brat, how are you going to fight me?” The snake woman was proud, “My power is stronger than yours, and the difference in speed is about the same, and in terms of natural talent, humans are no match for us Demon Race.”
Her four arms shook, and the four swords were all enshrouded in grey energy. “You humans need to cultivate your Spiritual Power, and you need a Spirit Diagram to be able to communicate with high-level energy, but we Demon Race are different. As our cultivation level increases, our natural talent forms on its own!”
“And for someone like me who possesses the bloodline of an ancient—”
She paused, and her whole body was filled with green mist, “The poisonous Qi enshrouds the area, and it is all my territory. How could you defeat me in my territory?”
Hearing these words, everyone looked envious.
As it turned out, the Demon Race actually had such a powerful advantage in terms of battle?
How could a human at the same cultivation level defeat her?
A human couldn’t even defeat someone at the same cultivation level, what more when his cultivation level was suppressed?
“All right, then let’s end this quickly!” Ling Han held his breath. Boom, his blood and Qi boiled, and his power instantly increased greatly.
Peng, he exerted force with both feet, and charged towards the snake woman.
The snake woman sneered, and did not even bother to boil her blood and Qi. In her eyes, it was already very humiliating for her as an Extreme Bone Tier cultivator to battle a Blood Transformation Tier cultivator, so what need was there for her to explode?
The two of them clashed again, and the snake woman couldn’t help but pale.
Ling Han’s power was actually not inferior to her!
Just how powerful was this human’s mystical power? Moreover, the extent of its power was far too astonishing.
She did not dare to be careless, and also began to explode.
The eruption of Demonic Beasts was different from humans. Although it couldn’t be maintained for a long time, it could be stopped midway and allowed to continue erupting in the future.
The two of them exchanged another blow, and Ling Han was sent flying. However, the gap between them wasn’t as wide as he had imagined.
Ling Han retreated out of the poisonous green mist, and said, “No wonder Demonic Beasts at the same cultivation level are more powerful than humans. As it turned out, Demonic Beasts are more skilled in Body Arts, so they have thick hides and endless power.”
“So what?” the snake woman said coldly.
Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, “This means that the explosive power of Demonic Beasts will also be considerably weaker.”
Humans cultivated mystical power, and Body Arts was only supplementary, taking up a very small portion of their power. Thus, once they exploded, their power could more than double. However, Demonic Beasts’ strength was in Body Arts. This allowed Demonic Beasts to possess a powerful stamina, but when they needed to explode, the weaknesses of Body Arts would be exposed. “So what?” the snake woman said in disdain. “Even if your blood and Qi boils, your power is only on par with mine. Even if I can only burst out with double my power, it would still be no problem for me to crush you.”
“He!” Ling Han smiled faintly. Peng, his figure darted out, and charged towards the snake woman.
He couldn’t stop his blood and Qi in the midst of boiling, so how could he waste precious time on bickering?
The snake woman was surprised. ‘Don’t you know that your strength is inferior to mine, yet still dare to attack me head-on? Are you complaining that you’re not losing fast enough?’
She was confident in her own strength, and Ling Han had taken the initiative to charge into the poisonous mist. This was her home ground.
How could she not dare to fight under such conditions?
She slashed out with her sword, and the sword light was baleful and menacing. Ding!
Ling Han slashed out with the broken sword, but the difference in power was too great. He was instantly shaken so much that he stumbled. He immediately shot out another punch, which was entwined with the energy of Stone. Demonic Monkey Fists was used, firing Frequency Attack with thirty layers.
Pu, pu, pu, pu! The snake woman brandished her swords, but it was all blocked by Ling Han. Frequency Attack meant to fight a stronger opponent while he himself was weak, and with the protection of the Energy of Stone, Ling Han was capable of grabbing a sharp weapon with his bare hands.
The snake woman was terrified beyond belief. Why had her attack completely crumbled in front of Ling Han?Please visit fr𝐞𝐞wn.𝒸o𝔪 website to read fastest update
She hurriedly retreated.
However, Ling Han’s speed wasn’t any slower than hers, so how could she throw him off her tail?
Peng, it was only a single punch, and the snake woman was sent flying..

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