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I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head Chapter 2060: Killing Arcanes Like Killing Ants Updated free read Here - ScrapBook
Novel Name : I Have the Alchemy Emperor in My Head

Chapter 2060: Killing Arcanes Like Killing Ants

Chapter 2060: Killing Arcanes Like Killing Ants
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation
After hearing this, many people recalled the legends about the Heavenly Punishment Army. They were an extremely terrifying group.
They did not just have many people, but over countless years, they had created a terrifying reputation that could even stop a child from crying.
It was said that only those who had reached the Arcana Stage were qualified to join the Heavenly Punishment Army. Those who were lower than that stage were only candidates.
Every Heavenly Punishment Army member had extremely powerful strength. They were in charge of hunting down the best of traitors toward Grand Xia, as well as dealing with some experts who had infiltrated Zhongzhou City.
Just like the experts of the foreign races today, their levels were already high enough for the Heavenly Punishment Army to personally take action.
They were very mysterious. There were even rumors that many sect leaders had actually joined the Heavenly Punishment Army, but they were tight-lipped about some of the things.
Chu Yunfan was not in anyone’s sight before, yet he suddenly appeared. It was difficult for people not to think of that mysterious army.
It seemed that he had come specifically to deal with these foreign races, so it was inevitable that these people would think too much.
“That’s impossible. Every single member of the Heavenly Punishment Army wears a uniform. They’re different from him!”
However, some insiders soon denied that Chu Yunfan was a member of the Heavenly Punishment Army. Every time the army went out, they would wear a fixed uniform. If they didn’t wear it, then they weren’t part of the army.
Many people had seen that uniform before, but no one dared to imitate it. Otherwise, it would be blasphemous to the Heavenly Punishment Army, and it would cause them to pursue the culprit relentlessly.
After denying the possibility that Chu Yunfan was part of the army, everyone was even more confused. Where did this Chu Yunfan come from?
At the same time, Chu Yunfan looked coldly at the foreign experts. He locked his next target on a man with disheveled hair.
It was a middle-aged man who had an extremely valiant aura. There was actually wind surrounding him, making him look like the legendary storm god.
Seeing Chu Yunfan’s gaze locked onto him, the middle-aged man immediately became nervous. The speed at which Chu Yunfan killed the marine folk expert was too fast. It was appalling.
“Human, are you treating us like air? You want to deal with so many of us alone?” The man with disheveled hair suddenly became agitated, wanting the others to join forces to deal with Chu Yunfan.
However, these foreign experts weren’t fooled. They had already been at odds with each other for a long time. However, they maintained a consensus on the matter of killing Chu Hongcai today. Naturally, they weren’t willing to take the risk for him.
At this moment, Chu Yunfan attacked again. The spear in his hand instantly tore out a blue lightning bolt that traversed the sky. In an instant, it aimed directly in front of the man.
“Not good! Roar!”
The man let out an angry roar and formed a wind shield in front of him. However, before the shield could display its full effect, it shattered under the spear.
Immediately after, everyone saw the blue spear pierce through his chest in an instant.
The man struggled with the spear inside him for a moment before he stopped moving.
After being pierced, all of his vitality was sucked away. At this moment, he finally revealed his true form. He was actually from the Winged Tiger Tribe.
Only then did everyone come to a realization. Ten years ago, Chu Yunfan had once killed a prodigy from the Winged Tiger Tribe. He had also eliminated a number of experts from that same tribe afterward.
Even though the tribe was the demon race’s royal tribe and had many experts, it had almost been ruined by Chu Yunfan alone.
Although they weren’t Arcanes, they were the backbone and hope of the Winged Tigers. However, they were all buried in Chu Yunfan’s hands.
It could be said that it caused a break and a vacuum session in the tribe.
There was no doubt about how much they hated Chu Yunfan.
This time, in order to kill Chu Hongcai, their Arcane had even come personally. Who would have thought that before he could kill Chu Hongcai and rebuild the Winged Tigers’ dignity, he would die on the spot?
At this moment, another female expert among the foreign experts roared. Her eyes were filled with tears as she rushed toward Chu Yunfan. “Are you going to watch him kill people?!” She also released terrifying wind and a strong demonic aura swept across the sky.
Everyone immediately judged that she was exactly the same as the man from just now. She was actually another Winged Tiger.
This time, the tribe actually had sent two experts. Moreover, they seemed to be husband and wife. Now that her husband had been killed, the remaining female expert was enraged. Chu Yunfan said coldly, “Hmph!’
The long spear in his hand shot out. In an instant, it was like a blue lightning bolt. The void was distorted by the pressure, and it made a terrifying sound as it formed a strong wind.
The spear’s energy rippled out like a violent storm as it went toward the female expert.
The female Winged Tiger transformed into her original form in midair. She wanted to pounce on Chu Yunfan, but she was pierced through by the spear first. The terrifying lightning energy shattered all her internal organs and cut off all her vitality.
In Zhongzhou City, everyone was horrified. This scene was really frightening. Chu Yunfan killed people like he was killing ants. No matter what kind of expert they were, they seemed to be unable to survive one move in front of him and were directly pierced through by a spear.Please visit fr𝐞𝐞wn.𝒸o𝔪 website to read fastest update
It was a simple spear, but it contained such terrifying power!
“How is this possible? This is terrifying!’
“Let’s not talk about the marine folk. The Winged Tigers are the masters of the wind element. Their speed has always been unparalleled in the world and they have never lost to anyone, However, when they faced this man’s attack, they couldn’t even react in time and were directly killed!”
“So what if they can react? They wouldn’t be able to block it either. The two sides aren’t on the same level at all!”
“Just who is this person?”

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