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The Runesmith Chapter 416: Got The Job. Updated free read Here - ScrapBook
Novel Name : The Runesmith

Chapter 416: Got The Job.

Chapter 416: Got The Job.

“Have you heard?”
“Oh? Did something happen?”
“Yes! Apparently, they are interviewing a new assistant professor!”
“An assistant professor? Is that something to get excited about? Have you been drinking those strange potions again?”
“Perhaps… but that’s not important. What is important is that they took him to that testing ground!”
“By that, you mean?”
“Yes, for the enforcement department!”
“The enforcement department? Now, that’s interesting. I wonder if he will last longer than the last assistant professor then…”
“Haha, I wonder who it is now. They probably tricked another adventurer.”
Students were chatting around with each other as the news spread of a new arrival at the institute. The two silver-badged students soon forwarded the information, and it started spreading like wildfire. The appearance of the armored individual sparked a debate about whether he would truly be able to toughen through his new and dangerous responsibilities.
Back in the magical testing chamber, the panel members exchanged some final words before the last trial. Professor Delauder still wore a skeptical expression, but he grudgingly conceded to the decision of the other two.
“Very well. Let's proceed to the final trial.”
The elderly man, seemingly the leader of the trio, stood up and gestured for Roland to follow him. The mist-haired woman and scholarly man fell in step as they made their way to a concealed door at the back of the chamber. Roland could sense the intensity of the magical aura emanating from behind that door. He was somewhat aware of what was to come next which lessened his nervousness slightly.
As the door opened, a long corridor revealed itself, adorned with enchantments and wards. The trio walked in silence, leading Roland deeper into the heart of the magical academy. Something felt off about this place; Roland sensed the influence of some type of magic. When they reached what appeared to be the exit, an old-looking door slowly swung open. Roland's face was hit by a draft, an occurrence that shouldn't have happened if they were inside the testing chamber.
‘An open space? Is this still inside the Institute?’
Before him stood a wide, open area, filled with trees and greenery. The other mages didn’t stop walking, so he continued after them without posing any questions. Once inside, he noticed another strange phenomenon. He expected this large door to be connected to a wall, but after looking back, he could tell that it was not attached to something that could hold a corridor. It was embedded in a large slab of rock that was not thicker than a meter.
‘Did we go through a teleportation gate? Or was it some other type of dimensional magic?’
Roland was well aware of these types of magic and was almost certain that the institute was filled with it. The first telltale sign was the size of the Institute from outside compared to the inside. Though he hadn't traversed much of it, there was far too much space here for no spatial magic to be at play. While spatial magic was mostly known for producing dimensional bags for adventurers, it could also be utilized to enlarge other spaces, such as the rooms within this magical academy.
That kind of spatial magic wouldn't explain what he had just experienced, as it seemed more aligned with the domain of teleportation gates. Enlarging space wouldn't facilitate the traversal of a corridor into a faraway location; for that to happen, the space would need to be made more compact to hasten the traversal process. This realization likely accounted for the strange feeling he had been feeling while going through that corridor and the large door.
Warp gates existed in this reality, a highly theoretical subject in the world he came from. In this world, they were made real with the help of dimensional magic, and perhaps it would be something he could learn himself. His eyes focused on the slab or rock the door was attached to, and he could see various enchantments over it. This was not something beyond his comprehension, falling within the category of greater and grand runes. Greater and grand runes had a similar relationship as lesser and common runes, functioning similarly but with one being many times more complex.
“Mr. Wayland, welcome to the Enforcement Department's training grounds. Here, we will evaluate your ability to handle unconventional situations and your proficiency in combat magic.”
The elderly man finally spoke, breaking the silence that had lingered since they entered this enchanting space.
“I’m sure that Professor Arion informed you about this test but, would you like me to refresh your memory?”
“Ah yes, please do.”
“Very well, for the final test, we would have you face a series of challenges. The purpose is to assess your combat abilities against various threats…”
As the old man continued to list the reasons for being here, Roland reflected on the moment Arion informed him about this opportunity. There were various types of assistant professors within the Institute, and the only option available to him was one within the Enforcement Department. In a way, he would be akin to a security officer along with being tied to the Runic Department. He was limited to this due to not having other credentials besides being a Platinum rank Adventurer. While Arion assured him that there was no danger, Roland wasn’t sure if that was the case.
“... and that’s about it, if what Professor Arion said was true, then I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. Well then, we shall be off and observe how you do.”
The old man finished explaining, and soon the trio retreated back through the door they had all come through. To Roland’s surprise, the moment the door closed behind the three mages, it vanished from within the stone slab. It confirmed his previous deduction of it being a teleportation gate. However, now there was no exit through which he could retreat. While he was sure that he would be saved if things went wrong, accidents happened.
‘I hope Arion doesn’t have actual enemies here…’
When he considered that his friend was getting his budget cut, someone who was against him regaining it would profit from him failing this battle trial. Roland took a deep breath, calming his nerves as he faced the open training grounds. The lush environment seemed peaceful, but he knew the challenges ahead would test his magical and combat abilities. The enchantments in the air hinted at the various obstacles he might encounter.
He started walking forward, exploring the surroundings. The trees and plants were real, not magical constructs. However, one peculiar thing that he noticed was the fake sky above him. Without his various skills, he would have been fooled, but upon further examination, it revealed itself as an intricate illusion. This place resembled a dungeon with wide-open biomes, and considering he was in a very old magical institute, the mages here could have figured out ways of creating dungeon-like areas.
As he delved deeper into the trial grounds, he stumbled upon a clearing where a group of magical beasts awaited him. Their appearance resembled monstrous dogs, their forms covered in dark crimson fur, with flames escaping from within their nostrils. There was a whole pack of them and gave him more than enough time to examine one of his foes.
Hell Hound L 105
‘ I wasn’t expecting something like a Hell Hound and certainly not in a forest area, are they fine with this place burning down? or perhaps that is what they were going for… ’
He recalled being able to turn Agni into a Hell Hound puppy at one point. After looking at the large group of these creatures, he was glad that he decided to go with the ruby wolf forms instead. These creatures were not pretty, and they could spit flames similar to the salamander monsters within the Albrook dungeon. Roland had used a concealment spell, and for the time being, had not been discovered. He was aware that he wouldn’t only be judged for his combat abilities but also for how he handled the situation. It was always better to sneak up on unforeseen enemies, as now he could quickly dispatch them from a safe distance.
‘The highest one is only level one hundred twenty; this shouldn’t be hard.’On his back was his large tower shield and access to many of his items. However, for this, he hoped to rely on his magical hammer that was in the process of accumulating mana. Its length expanded as he intended to use it more as a mage staff. Just like in the past, he used his helmet to lock onto the monsters' mana fingerprints, and after they were all memorized, it was time for a star shower.
The monsters looked up to see a large orb of glowing light, the radiance acting as another distraction as the spell charged. Soon, the orb exploded into many tiny streaks of radiant blue mana. Each was guided by the mana signature of a monster and descended at an astonishing speed. Before the monsters could even start running, the bolts of magical energy shredded them to pieces.
The once-lush clearing was now scattered with the fiery remains of the Hell Hounds. Roland observed the aftermath, his magical prowess evident in the destruction he had wrought upon the magical beasts. However, this wasn’t over yet, as he expected that tier 2 creatures were not something a Platinum rank adventurer would be tested for. The moment the lesser versions were gone, the true opponent revealed itself. From the depths of the magical forest emerged a creature that surpassed the Hell Hounds in both size and ferocity.
Orthrus L 160
The Orthrus, a two-headed hound with dark, mottled fur, glared at the remains of its pack with its multiple eyes. Each head snarled, revealing sharp teeth, and the air around it seemed to ripple with an ominous aura. Its size was comparable to Agni’s, but it lacked his magical capabilities and intelligence. The moment it saw the dead bodies, it went into a frenzy. The two heads were now spitting fire everywhere, creating a fiery inferno that Roland was trying to avoid.
He knew what the mages were going for with this area and opponent. The trees and grass were starting to get engulfed in flames, creating a lot of smoke. It would be a lot harder to continue battling in this heated-up environment. At least that was probably what the other mages were thinking. For Roland, who had spent many years inside a volcanic dungeon, the temperature felt just right.
Roland knew that it was better for mages to face monsters from a distance. Even though he could charge the creature down, it was better to hide his superior physique. He was playing the role of a rune mage who liked using heavy armor as a magic tool. Instead of getting physical, it was better for his creations to do most of the work. Thus, after placing his shield down, he activated his floating runic bits, which quickly flew up into the air to grab the monster’s attention.
The flying cubes aimed and started shooting bolts of cold magical energy onto the monster. They collided with one of the heads, which became frosted over. The Orthrus roared in pain as the icy magic took effect. Its movements slowed, and the flames it emitted flickered as the cold magic suppressed its fiery nature. Yet, the monster was not easily frozen and soon flames gathered over its body to combat the chilling effect his creations had produced.
While the floating devices could not harm the creature, they were capable of keeping it busy. They served as a distraction that Roland used to unleash a series of freezing wind spells that engulfed the area. More steam was produced in the process, making it even harder for the creature to detect his hidden form. As the cold winds enveloped the Orthrus, Roland circled around, positioning himself strategically to avoid the fiery chaos it was creating in a rage-filled response. He continued to cast spells, utilizing his knowledge to exploit the creature’s weaknesses, and slowly but surely, the monster began to waver.
The Orthrus fought valiantly, but Roland’s calculated approach and strategic use of magic proved to be too much for the magical beast. As the freezing winds and icicles continued to assail the monster, its movements became sluggish, and the fire within its dual heads dimmed. Soon, its feet were glued to the ground, which became frozen over, and it was finally time for the final blow.
Seizing the opportunity, Roland used his magical hammer-staff, now fully charged with his mana. Its enchantments shimmered with power as he produced a gigantic storm of frozen particles. The spell was called glacier storm, and it produced large razor-sharp icicles that rained down on the weakened monster. With its flames doused and trapped in a never-ending cold storm, the Orthrus faltered. Its robust body became riddled with cuts and holes until it was finally dead.
The flaming forest clearing was now a scene of frozen destruction. The Orthrus lay defeated, its once-menacing heads now frozen in a perpetual snarl. Roland, still concealed by his magic, observed the aftermath. He looked at the defeated beast, wondering if another one would soon show up. Luckily, before he could decide on his next step, the voice of the main Professor echoed through the area.
“Good, that’s enough. You certainly lived up to Professor Arion's recommendation, return to the entrance and we shall take care of the formalities.”
With the command to return, Roland dispelled his concealment magic and made his way back to the entrance. The magical forest, now a mix of charred and frozen terrain, showed the impact of the battle that had unfolded. As he approached the teleportation gate, the door reappeared, and the elderly man, along with a familiar floating black cat awaited him.
“You handled that well, Mr. Wayland, or should I say, Assistant Professor Wayland! Your magical and combat abilities are commendable.”
“See! I told you that this was a waste of everyone's time, Master Rathos!”
“Yes, you did but we do have procedures we need to follow.”
“Bah, next time just ignore what Delauder says… Even after all of this, he still didn’t want to allow my friend into the Institute.”
“Professor Delauder has his reasons, just as you have yours. Nevertheless, we have voted and he has passed, so let us change the subject.”
Roland didn’t expect Arion to show up to greet him. From the conversation the two were having, the man who forced him into answering all sorts of questions still didn’t want him to pass. Luckily, he was still chosen as the new Assistant Professor. It was probable that the bluish woman mage had voted in his favor, and perhaps later he needed to give her his thanks.
“I’m sure that you are already aware of all of our procedures, first you need to receive your emblem. Professor Arion has agreed to guide you, just hand this letter over once you reach the exchange office.”
“Thank you.”
Roland accepted a letter that had the seal of the Institute on it. There was a faint mana pattern on it and it was the evidence of him passing the test. As he looked over it, the old man named Master Rathos continued to talk and left him on a concerning matter.
“Now then, I still need to take care of a few things, so I will excuse myself. Please get yourself acquainted with the Institute, we might need your services soon.”
“What did he mean by that?”
After the man vanished into one of the many magical doors, Roland quickly turned to the floating feline.
“Oh, I wonder what…”
Instead of a reply, Arion turned his feline head to the side. Roland wanted to get a response, but he knew that it would probably just raise his blood pressure if he knew the truth. Now that he was part of both the Runic Department and the Enforcement Department, his way to the grand library was open. After picking up his assistant professor emblem, he would be able to freely traverse the various magical pathways. It was best to start his research early, as for some reason, he had the suspicion that if he didn’t leave soon, then he would become entangled in something annoying…

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