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Chapter 1973 Supply Vehicle

Chapter 1973 Supply Vehicle

?Mission title: The remaining materials.
Mission description: You accidentally discovered the strategic materials left behind by the Holy Court when you intercepted the Holy Court's transport team. The undead front line needs these resources very much. If you can carry the resources through the layers of battle circles and escort the resources into the undead territory, you can obtain more honor points from the Quartermaster (the supply vehicle will slightly increase the strength of the faction).
Mission reward: Each vehicle filled with materials sent to the Quartermaster will receive 1,000,000 undead faction reputation points, 2,000,000 undead faction contribution points, and 1,000,000 undead faction honor points (If the supply vehicle is damaged, a portion of the reward will be obtained according to the proportion).
Failure penalty: None.
Fang Heng's eyes lit up when he saw the game notification.
So powerful?
The supply vehicle was a good thing!
A single cart could be exchanged for 1,000,000 honor points, which was equivalent to 100 King of Gods' points!
He needed King of Gods' points, evolution crystals, and survival points to modify a Licker.
He did not lack ordinary evolution crystals and survival points. He could earn millions of points by casually farming.
The main reason was that he lacked King of Gods' points.
It took 20 King of Gods' points to modify and solidify a Licker's state. It was equivalent to sending a cart of completed materials back to complete the modification of five Lickers.
It seemed that one cart could not earn much, but it could withstand the stacking of numbers.
There were at least 50 carts of materials in front of him.
Based on the 12,000 yuan cost of modifying the Licker, he would need about 2,400 carts of materials.
He could think of a way to farm it!
Li Qingran followed beside Fang Heng. Seeing the fallen Holy Paladin's corpse rapidly rot and form calluses, she could not help but sigh.
Fang Heng and she did not even have to make a move in the current battle. The summoned creatures could easily deal with it.
No wonder even Teacher Gu Luo suggested that she seek help from Fang Heng.
If it weren't for Fang Heng, she would still be fighting with the various teams of the Holy Court in the Empire's hinterland.
"Senior Qingran, you have quite a few friends on the front line of the undead camp, right?"
Li Qingran looked up at Fang Heng, who was beside the supply vehicle.
She roughly understood what Fang Heng wanted to do.
Fang Heng would most likely not give up on this batch of material rewards so easily.
However, the mission of transporting the supply vehicles was very difficult.
It wouldn't affect the real mission target, right?
Li Qingran nodded and replied, "Yes. If you need help, I can find a trusted friend to help."
Fang Heng controlled the mutated infected zombie clones that had just resurrected from the corpses to move forward. He pushed the supply vehicle with great effort toward the Lost Forest.
If they used the Lost Forest as a passage to transport the supply vehicle, it would probably take more than half a day to transport it to the undead camp. Moreover, the supply vehicle would also be bumpy on the way and suffer a lot of damage.
He was lucky to have 70% completion!
Forget it, he didn't care.
Even if it was damaged, he would still earn 50 King of Gods' points.
Many a little makes a mickle!
However, it would be too high-profile to let the zombie clones submit the mission directly.
After the supple vehicle left the Lost Forest, Li Qingran could get the players to do the last part of the journey for her.
"It's almost time. Let's go."
Watching the zombies pushing the supple vehicle into the forest, Fang Heng clapped his hands gently, wondering if he should let the zombie clones modify the areas in the forest that were particularly difficult to walk through.
After all, they would be going to the heart of the Holy Court later on, and they might be able to get more supple vehicles.
This way, with the help of the vine zombies, they could save time in transporting materials in the forest...
Li Qingran saw that Fang Heng was still thinking about something and reminded him softly, "Fang Heng, the group of players who just escaped should have returned to the nearest city to report. The Holy Court will soon send a large team to deal with us. We can't stay here any longer."
"Yes, indeed."
Fang Heng nodded.
Before he came, he had already planned this operation and took out the map to take a look.
"Let's go!"
After the Lickers gathered on the spot for a short while, they quickly ran forward along the path.
Li Qingran gazed at the location that Fang Heng had pointed out on the map and was stunned.
"A small town?"
"Yes, Chu Yan has encountered a little trouble. This time, I'm mainly going to help them solve the problem."
Fang Heng shrugged casually.
There was still a lot of time, so he should spend more time with the Holy Court.
He could also farm some honor points.
Weren't you guys messing around with the Enkama Empire's hinterland some time ago? Aren't you playing tactics here?
Now, it's time to show you the harassment tactics of the undead.
The Lickers rushed towards the heart of the Brighton Empire, its target was the nearest Brighton Empire town!
The Lickers ran at full speed and approached the town!
"Intruders! Sound the alarm!"
"Hurry up! Reporting to the mayor!"
The defensive capabilities of an Empire town were insufficient to begin with. When the guards on the city walls saw the swarm of Lickers outside the town, they were immediately shocked.
They had never seen such a scene before!
Coincidentally, the few players who were doing the mission in the town were also shocked.
When did they attack this place?
Did something happen at the front line?
Whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh!!
The Lickers quickly approached the town!
"Stay steady! Attack!"
"Don't let them get close!"
The guards on the town's outer walls forced themselves to remain calm. They continuously shot arrows and cast spells, trying to block the invasion of the Lickers.
However, most of the attacks were ignored by the Lickers. At most, they could only repel and intercept the attacks!
"Hurry up! Use your skills to attack them!"
The players on the city wall hurriedly threw their skills at the Lickers below.
However, there was no effect!
A player could only watch as the Licker was charred black after receiving his lightning spear.
However, he did not expect the Licker that was sent flying to quickly roll on the ground a few times. Its charred skin peeled off, and it pounced towards the city wall again!
What the hell was this?!
In the blink of an eye, the Lickers quickly reached the foot of the city wall!
The short city walls were unable to withstand the Lickers' attacks.
The Lickers directly climbed up the wall!
The expressions of the players on the city wall who were assisting in defending the city changed when they saw this.
So fast?
The city wall was broken through in the blink of an eye.
Most of the town's guards were soldiers from the Brighton Empire, and their strength was very average. The players had tried their best, but they couldn't think of any way to deal with the Lickers.
"What's that!"
The players soon discovered to their surprise that as the town guards fell one by one, disgusting calluses quickly condensed from the fallen corpses!
Zombies crawled out of the flesh cocoons one after another!
Such a terrifying scene caused an even greater commotion on the city wall!
More and more zombies crawled out from the flesh cocoons of the dead bodies and attacked the Holy Court's guards beside them.

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