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Naruto System in One Piece Naruto System In One Piece Chapter 490 Updated free read Here - ScrapBook
Novel Name : Naruto System in One Piece

Naruto System In One Piece Chapter 490

Naruto System In One Piece Chapter 490

“White Blade!”
As soon as White Blade was cast, Kidomaru was split into two from the middle like firewood.
Although he was shocked, after Kidomaru died, Neji was relieved.
Because Neji had almost used up all his chakra, and his right shoulder was also injured. Just like before, Leiyin sent a signal to Konoha Ninjas, telling Neji to wait for rescue in the same place, while he went to chase after Shikamaru and others.
In front of them, three people were shuttling through the forest.
Kiba, who was at the front, stuck out his nose and sniffed before turning around and saying, “We’re catching up.”
“There are still two enemies, and we have three, three against two. If it goes smoothly, we might be able to snatch Sasuke back when we encounter enemies.”
“Okay, then we will bring him back.”
“No, we are four against two.” said Kiba.
As soon as he finished speaking, Akamaru began to bark in his arms.
“I know, I was wrong. Sorry, it’s four against two.”
“Later, we will use our new ultimate move to get rid of Akamaru!” said Kiba while holding Akamaru in his arms.
Akamaru barked, “Woof!”
“By the way, if you need me, I can use my shadow clone. You can rest assured.”
“It’s very reliable. However, we still have to act according to the battle plan, understand?”
“Got it.”
In the secret base of Otogakure.
A series of painful cries came from a bathroom.
The shower fell on Orochimaru, washing the blood off his hands.
This was the aftereffect of having his hands sealed by the 3rd Hokage.
He stood outside the bathroom, thinking about something.
“Has Sasuke not arrived yet?” Orochimaru knocked on the partition.
“Orochimaru-sama, I have already prepared a few bodies for you. Moreover, if you need them, I can offer them.”
“It must be assistant’s body. I have been waiting for him for more than a day or two!” Orochimaru said confidently.
“But the situation is urgent. The technique cast by the 3rd Hokage has already exceeded our imagination. If we don’t hurry up and reincarnate, everything will be over. Can this work?”
Orochimaru let out another painful wail.
“I have already selected all the elites that I need. Next, please leave it to me. Also, I will also arrange things for Sasuke. Let’s use Kimimaro first.”
As if he did not listen to Kabuto’s words, Orochimaru looked at him with resentment.
In the forest outside the Land of Fire.
The wooden barrel on Tayuya’s back made a “ka” sound.
“Is that enough?”
“No, that’s not right. It shouldn’t be that time yet. However…”
Right after Tayuya finished speaking, three figures appeared in the air.
“We’ve finally caught up.”
It was Naruto and the other two.
“Don’t be complacent, I’ll take care of you right now!”
Sakon shouted. His ten fingers intertwined and formed a seal.
“I’m coming!”
Naruto rushed forward, but Sakon suddenly waved his fist.
Sakon’s fist brought up countless afterimages and fist winds, and Naruto summoned a shadow clone to help him complete the spiral pill.
He directly smashed towards Sakon who was coming towards him. Unexpectedly, Sakon suddenly grabbed his wrist, and the spiral pill disappeared.
“As long as you grab your hand, you won’t be able to make a move.” Sakon said with a sinister smile.
“Damn it, take advantage of now, Kiba!”
“Got it!”
Kiba turned into a whirlwind and rushed towards the left.
“You want to play with us? It’s not that easy!”
Sakin said, and with a flash, he flash and Kiba’s attacked was missed.
Unexpectedly, at this time, Tayuya was also bound by Shikamaru.
At this time, Kiba was ready to attack Tayuya.
“Tayuya, what are you staring at!”
Although Sakon complained, he flew forward and grabbed Tayuya.
However, the wooden barrel Tayuya was carried suddenly fell down.
“Looks like it is as I thought. There is no tacit understanding between the two of you. It is not a good thing that your individual ability is too outstanding.”
Naruto held the bucket firmly in his hand.
“In comparison, we are much more united. It is exactly the same as our previous plan.”
“You bastards, how dare you touch Tayuya!”
“Naruto, Shikamaru, run!” Kiba shouted, and Naruto picked up the bucket and turned to leave.
A curse mark appeared on Sakon’s face, and he rushed forward.
Sakon’s speed was shockingly fast, and he caught up with Naruto at a glance.
At this time, a figure suddenly appeared, and with lightning speed, he sent Sakon flying with a punch.

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