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The Steward Demonic Emperor Chapter 1252: History Updated free read Here - ScrapBook
Novel Name : The Steward Demonic Emperor

Chapter 1252: History

Chapter 1252: History

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Taking a deep breath to calm down, Zhuo Fan’s gaze went cold.
He Xiaofeng waved him off with scorn, “Go tell the Demonic Emperor to stop and change his aide, or the first replacement might just be his, ha-ha-ha…”
“Saint, are you trying to get me fired?”
“No, I just dislike mavericks.”
“Then you shouldn’t complain when I overstep.”
He Xiaofeng taunted, “You’re threatening me now? Ha-ha, with what?”
Zhuo Fan smirked, “Oh, I don’t know, Qingcheng?”
“Chu Qingcheng?”
He Xiaofeng laughed harder, “Her? Save it. No girl can ever affect me. Actually, I’m going to threaten you with her. Your defiant nature would’ve gotten you killed by now, even if you were one of the Eight Emperors. You’re only breathing because I don’t want her to know. Once I take her to the Sacred Mountains, you best watch out, ha-ha-ha!”
Chu Qingcheng was furious.
[This was his plan all along. And I almost trusted him!]
Zhuo Fan looked back with a smile, “Saint sir, you’re too scornful of me. As a puny cultivator, I didn’t get into the Demonic Emperor’s good graces by luck alone. You think I’m like you, gambling with a girl’s feelings? Too risky.”
“Well, do you have anything else?”
“Of course…” Zhuo Fan snickered, “The reason why you must have Chu Qingcheng.”
He Xiaofeng shook and grew heavy. The Enchanting Empress panicked, “Zhuo Fan, you can’t spout nonsense. Lord Saint came from the Sacred Mountains for the first time. He passed by the Ruby Cloud Sect, found Qingcheng stunning, and was drawn to her. A gentleman and a lady would make for a great couple, that’s why he wanted to take her.”
“Yeah, it’s that simple!” He Xiaofeng added.
Zhuo Fan beamed, “Let’s be honest here, since there’s only three of us. That’s an excuse for everyone else, to hide the truth and a terrible secret about Qingcheng’s history.”
“History?” The two cried out, with He Xiaofeng looking hateful, “W-what do you know?”
“I know something, but enough, he-he…”
Zhuo Fan gave a sneaky smile, “A hundred years ago, the sky changed, an omen of great significance. It happened to be Qingcheng’s birth nearby Ruby Cloud Sect. The Enchanting Empress went over at once and knew the girl was special, covered in a prismatic glow, taking her for a disciple. Since it was too important, she silenced everyone that knew anything about her, including her parents.”
Chu Qingcheng held her mouth, unable to believe her ears. The Enchanting Empress grew dark, cursing, “Zhuo Fan, stop vilifying!”
“Enchanting Empress, why so nervous? Allow me to finish first.”
Zhuo Fan continued, “The Enchanting Empress sneaked Qingcheng into the sect to raise her, telling only her backer, the 6th Sacred Mountain’s lord. The lord knew taking the girl would draw unneeded attention. So he set it up for his son to marry her a hundred years later. That would get the girl on the mountain with none the wiser. A perfect match between a gentleman and a lady, no, ha-ha-ha…”
He Xiaofeng’s face twitched and barked, “Rubbish! Why would we do this to Qingcheng?”
“Because you found an ancient and scary record. That she is related to a Sovereign path!” Zhuo Fan shouted.
He Xiaofeng pointed at him in shock, “H-how do you know that?”
“The Sacred Mountains aren’t the only ones with ancient records.”
“No, impossible! We only found bits and pieces in our ancient records, yet your Luo clan under the Demonic Emperor has…”
“Young master He!”
The Enchanting Empress’ sharp voice stopped him, but it was too late.
Zhuo Fan taunted, “What did I tell you? The Sacred Mountains’ entitled princelings have nothing to them other than their huge backers. That sentence proves everything! Try denying it now!”
“You bastard! You goaded me!” He Xiaofeng was outraged and filled with bloodthirst, “Chu Qingcheng can’t protect you anymore, you know too much!”
Zhuo Fan didn’t care he was about to attack, “My man-child of a prince, this is your fault. Knowing things doesn’t mean death. Try anything and tomorrow, all of the Sacred Domain will hear about this. Everyone will be fighting over Chu Qingcheng. What worth would the 6th Sacred Mountain be then? Did you forget about the rest of the mountains? Ha-ha-ha, a bunch of decrepit old fools stuck at peak Sainthood will be sure to go crazy at the mere hope of reaching the Sovereign Stage.”
He Xiaofeng shuddered, glaring at Zhuo Fan with loathing.
The Enchanting Empress was grave, though amazed at the same time.
She cowered before the Saints like all the other Eight Emperors, but this kid went and toyed with him.
But having leverage on a Saint could burn him to ashes at some point.
[He’s playing with his life.]
It would keep him safe for now, but disaster would come in the end. The 6th Sacred Mountain would not forget this, destroying him and the Luo clan to hide this secret.
The Enchanting Empress continued, “I’ve been cautious to not let anything leak when I did it. How did you find out?”
The Enchanting Empress just admitted to everything. Chu Qingcheng was about to cry in shock, but Li Jingtian held her mouth, with faint sobs sounding as tears streamed down.
Her master killed her parents.
“You weren’t too careful. Someone played dead and escaped. Qingcheng asked me to help her find her history, so I did.” Zhuo Fan smirked.
He had not the slightest clue, just guesswork. But this proved enough for the two to buy it and admit to everything. Now he could go after Qingcheng’s sect without issues.
The Enchanting Empress frowned, “No, I made sure nobody escaped! There’s no way that happened!”
“Are you sure? Why else would he know so much?”
He Xiaofeng cursed, “What do you want to keep silent?”
Zhuo Fan shrugged, “I’ll tell you when I figure it out. But, I hope nothing bad will happen to the Luo clan and the Demonic Emperor due to the Sacred Mountains’ decision.”
Zhuo Fan left then, laughing just before exiting.
[You’re nothing but an idiot Saint! You’re not even close to challenging me!]
“Damn it!”
He Xiaofeng crushed the table, “I’m the young lord of the 6th Sacred Mountain, yet I can’t even touch that blasted bug!”
“This kid is truly frightening.”
The Enchanting Empress sighed, waiting for He Xiaofeng to calm down before smiling, “He’s only clever, while beneath you in every other way.”
He Xiaofeng’s face twitched, with blood leaking from his mouth.
[Curses, he is nothing compared to me at all! Is that how you intend to flatter me…]
“Master! This is bad!”
A disciple burst in, “Master, our sisters have suffered an attack and fifty people are unconscious!”
“Fifty people unconscious without any sign of who did it? They must be incredible. Search the sect!”
The disciple rushed out, just as another entered, “Master, senior aunt Mei was found unconscious and junior sister Qingcheng is missing!”
He Xiaofeng roared, “Chu Qingcheng is my sweetheart, raised for a hundred years for me alone! I won’t have this! I will slaughter any that had a part in this!”
He Xiaofeng vanished before anyone could stop him…

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