Novel Name : Kids from One Alpha

Chapter 5

: Logan and Holly

As Logan headed back to his office, he couldn‘t shake the feeling that he had met Serena before.
Something about her scent, the way she moved, was familiar to him. He couldn‘t place it though, and
the more he tried, the more confused he became. She had acted strangely around him too. He could
easily write that off as her nerves in regards to being back in a pack and meeting the Alpha right away.
It felt like something more to him, though. He considered that they might have encountered each other
as children at a Federation event. That seemed most likely, but he didn‘t know why he couldn‘t place it!
Logan reached his office. Holly was waiting for him. She was sitting on the edge of his desk, wearing a
short skirt, legs crossed so he could see their full length. A tight shirt outlining her ample breasts. The
thoughts that plagued him vanished, and Logan smirked at her. Holly was the daughter of the deposed
Alpha from Moonshine. She‘d come to Night Sky for refuge after the pack had been usurped by the
illegitimate Alpha that now ruled. “I missed you this morning,” Holly said, leaning back on his desk and
resting her hands behind her for support. Logan cocked his head to the side, taking in the fullness of
her body and the enticing way she stretched in front of him. “The new doctor arrived,” Logan said,
moving around his desk and sitting down. Holly sat up, twisting so she could still look at him without
getting off the desk. “It isn‘t the Alpha‘s duty to greet incoming pack members upon their arrival,” she
said, creasing her brow. Logan looked up, the concern on Holly‘s face causing him to sigh and set his
pen down. “This was a unique situation,” he said. “She‘s been living without a pack for over five years.”
“She?” Holly asked, jumping off the desk. She glared at Logan, crossing her arms fiercely across her
chest. “I thought the new doctor was a man!” Logan cleared his throat. “Why does that matter?” he
asked, leaning back in his desk chair and crossing his arms. Holly sneered at him fiercely. “It is just a
little odd that my mate snuck off early in the morning to meet another female,” she said bitterly. Logan
sighed again. Holly wasn‘t his official mate. He thought that they could be, but he hadn‘t made her his
mate because he had his doubts. As small as they were, they were still there. Still, Holly always called
him her mate, and ke let her. “You make it sound like I was being unfaithful,” Logan said calmly,
keeping his temper from boiling over. Holly was intense sometimes, and if he wasn‘t careful, he‘d end

up in a screaming match with her…again. At least they had passion. “I don‘t know what you were
doing!” Holly snapped, putting her hands on her hips. “How do you think it looks to a new female pack
member if the Alpha shows up on her doorstep? She‘s probably already smitten with you. That is
disrespectful to your actual mate!” “Holly,” Logan said sharply, sitting up. He felt his temper rising, but
he was determined to keep himself under control. “The fact that she is female has nothing to do with
why I wanted to speak with her. She‘s a new doctor, a new pack member, and has been living among
humans for years. That‘s all.”

Holly scoffed, turning her nose up in the air. Logan resting his elbows on his desk, chin in his propped-
up hands. “Come on,” he pleaded. “Don‘t be that way.” “Be what way!?” Holly nearly screamed. Logan
suppressed his eyeroll as to not incite her anger further. He swallowed the growl that rose on his lips.

Logan stood up, walking around the desk. He put his hands on Holly‘s shoulders. As Alpha, he could
put her in her place if he needed to. He didn‘t want to hurt her or disrespect her though. Holly refused
to look at him for a moment. “I‘m sorry,” he said. “I should have told you where I was going, or at least
left a note.” Finally, Holly‘s bright eyes flitted to his face. “I‘m still mad at you,” she said, pouting
adorably. Logan smirked. He cared about her more than he‘d ever cared about anyone, and they had a
lot of good times. He wasn‘t fully ready to commit to her as his mate, though. “I know,” he said, bringing
a hand to her face. He took her chin between his thumb and forefinger. “I know just the remedy for
that.” Holly smiled up at him, closing her eyes. Logan leaned in to kiss her. Logan! A voice through the
mental link that bound him to the pack stopped him in his tracks. Pulling away from Holly, Logan let his
hand drop from her face. The voice was that of his Beta, Carson, and it was filled with panic and pain.
What is it? Logan asked back, turning away from Holly slightly. “Logan!” Holly snapped. “What the
hell?” Logan held his hand up to her to silence her complaints. He tapped the side of the head, and she
shut her mouth.

Convoy was attacked, Carson said. Logan could practically hear his grunts and pain through the link,
even though that wasn‘t something conveyed well through telepathy.

Where are you, what‘s going on? Logan asked, becoming the serious, professional Alpha.

On the way back to Night Sky, convoy attacked, many injured, Carson relayed. Logan growled. On my
way, Logan said. He turned to his office door and strode away from Holly “Logan!” she called after him.
“What is going on?” “Holly,” he said, turning back to her, clenching his hands at his sides. “I don‘t have
time to explain.” Holly‘s jaw dropped open, but Logan couldn‘t placate her. He had pack members that
needed him! As Alpha, he was supposed to protect them! He left Holly in his office. She gaped after
him, too stunned to do anything. As jealous as she‘d been acting, Logan knew she understood his
responsibilities to the pack and wouldn‘t stand in his way. He regretted snapping at her, but if there
were injured wolves, he didn‘t have time to explain things and keep her happy. The pack came first,
always! Where are you, I‘m on my way, Logan sent back. Northern border, Carson told him. Logan
grunted to himself and then expanded his voice to other pack members. Relief and security to the
northern border, emergency rescue in progress! His voice boomed through the mental link, calling as
many pack members to act as he could reach. The authority in his voice was irrefutable, and no one
would dare disobey him! Logan picked up his own pace, running in the direction where he‘d find
Carson and the others. He had the sickening feeling that his Beta was injured too, and he couldn‘t
stomach the thought! Carson was a good friend and vital to the pack! Adriana, Logan reached out to
the doctor. Get to the medical facility, and call in that new doctor. All hands needed. Adriana didn‘t
answer, nor did she question his demands. She was a medical professional, getting called in for
emergencies was a part of her job description. Logan imagined that she was too busy prepping the
emergency medical equipment to respond, as she should be! On his way to the attack site, Logan kept
thinking about what had gone wrong. They‘d taken all the precautions they were supposed to. Nothing
had gone wrong on the last several convoy trips. This was bad! No, Logan shook his head. He should
have done more! He should have been prepared for any outcome, including an attack. It didn‘t matter
how careful they were or what back trails and covert roads they followed. There was always a risk, and
Logan had let himself become complacent! Immediately, Logan suspected Moonshine involvement.

They were the closest pack who had any cause to attack Night Sky, but it still didn‘t make any sense.
He tortured himself with all the thoughts of what he

could have done differently to prevent this catastrophe. He tortured himself with the stomach–churning
thought that Carson could be in serious trouble.

He tried to block the flood of images in his mind that showed him Carson bitten, bloodied, and in
agonizing, pain. Wounded mortally and gasping for breath! It was a horrible thought, but Logan couldn‘t
shake it! He knew he likely imagined the pain and panic in Carson‘s mental voice, but that just let his
imagination fill in the gaps in ways he didn‘t like. Growling to himself, Logan began to run faster. He
would get there long before anyone else made it. It gave him some comfort to know he wasn‘t far away,
but what could he do on his one once he was there!? He knew he would lose his temper entirely if his
Beta was seriously injured!

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